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About Fig Hunter dot com

This site was originally made to display the creative works of Pseudolonewolf: his games, music, drawings, etc.
This particular human being is a 22-year-old melancholic male from Britain, with long girly hair, ghostly pale skin and a ridiculous clump of hair erupting from his chin. Fascinating, surely.
Since its creation in 2004, the site has grown a community with a distinct feel. Here, much of what's common on the internet is discouraged; brevity, inanity, and bad grammar are unwelcome.
As such, it's ideal for 'intellectual' types who feel like they don't fit in to other such forums, perhaps. The forums aren't just for talking about games, but for anything that may come to mind (but preferably 'deeper' topics instead of things like 'lol who leiks caek lol').