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Elemental Dragon: Air

Elemental Dragon: Water

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Added 10 years ago

Elemental Dragon: Earth

The air elemental dragon. It's windy.
It represents the thunderstorm aspect of air; its violent and powerful side. Fitting, I thought, for a dragon.

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Spiritlord`s Avatar
Rating Orb Spiritlord 15 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 71C 6F
7 years ago | (2)
This is my favourite of your elemental dragons! They are all brilliant, but this is the best!
monkeyarms532`s Avatar
Rating Orb monkeyarms532 22 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 16C 2F
7 years ago | (1)
All of your Elemental Dragons are amazing. Your pictures have a great lifelike quality to them. It would be awesome if these creations were actually alive.
ChapterXIII`s Avatar
Rating Orb ChapterXIII 17 Malaysia Phlegmatic 18C 5F
7 years ago | (1)
OMG!!!!!ITS QUETZALCOATL!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!(faints) Diablos,forgive me but i preferred feathered serpents to winged daemons
sleestak`s Avatar
Rating Orb sleestak 13 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 25C 1F
7 years ago | (5)
it looks so awesome i just cant say how awesome it is
ezza205`s Avatar
Rating Orb ezza205 17 United States Phlegmatic 12C 5F
8 years ago | (3)
all i have to say is WOW. i though that when i saw the fire dragon i had seen it all, but this is just so epic it is not explanatory.50/10
Darkling1212`s Avatar
Rating Orb Darkling1212 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 15C 6F
8 years ago | (1)
It takes the fun in lightning and molds it in the form of a powerful dragon.Great artwork.It is all powerful and bright and devastating as lightning.
Norashlow`s Avatar
Rating Orb Norashlow 20 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 6C 1F
8 years ago | (1)
The composition is nice, I dig how the dragon's slender figure guides the eye.

I like the colors you've chosen, very pleasing choice of yellows and whites with the splash of orange-browns and a a darker muted background.

Lastly, I think the translucency of the dragon also seems fitting to the wind theme. The feathery and loose line work completes it- in my opinion.
yomusashi`s Avatar
Rating Orb yomusashi 13 Argentina SanguinePhlegmatic 3C 1F
8 years ago | (2)
yay! You draw great! It sure looks agressive, but also appears happy.
Ben1005`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ben1005 11 United States CholericMelancholic 236C 218F
8 years ago | (1)
I just noticed that this image is in the right shape to make a Yu-Gi-Oh card out of it on YCM(Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker),only it would look better without the border.
sleestak`s Avatar
Rating Orb sleestak 13 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 25C 1F
8 years ago | (1)
best elemant dragon ever! except maybe light, ether, or fire. (i know thats a lot but they are so cool)
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