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Arkus Zei 'Redesign'


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Added 8 years ago

Mardek Portrait Thing

This is no great masterpiece and I'm sure any artist worth their salt will notice glaring errors with it; it was just a ten-minute sketchy thing to show off how Arkus looks in this new version of Raider, just for the sake of interest.
I intend to hopefully do some, uh, 'better' concept art for the game at some point... maybe. Why? I don't know, actually... o_O

(I really need to work on my people drawing skills!)

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megabdi`s Avatar
Rating Orb megabdi 14 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric 379C 47F
7 years ago | (1)
I like this piece of art. It's simple and smoother looking than the previous design.
Fendar`s Avatar
Rating Orb Fendar 29 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 48C 1F
7 years ago | (2)
I like this drawing because It's very simple and you don't need many materials to make you're drawing "one of a kind".
WiiPlayer113`s Avatar
Rating Orb WiiPlayer113 16 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 7C 7F
7 years ago | (1)
Wow! Brilliant artwork Pseudo! Well, I may be a bit biased because Arkus Zei is my favorite character in all of the games you have developed. For only ten minutes, you did an amazing job. I can't see any major flaws with it, but then again, I am not a trained artist. I do think he could use some footwear so when he jumps on enemies it does not hurt him as much. The point of this artwork was to see what he would look like in future Raider games, you did a great job of showing us and I am now more excited for more Raider games than I was before. I can't wait to see more artwork of him. Hopefully it will come soon, as this art was added 7 months ago. You need more confidence in your work because it is very good.
Unregisterd`s Avatar
Rating Orb Unregisterd 14 United States CholericPhlegmatic 46C 11F
7 years ago | (1)
Hello WiiPlayer...
Arkus Zei is a 'Cyrian', which supposedly breath through their toes [LINK] . Thus wearing footwear would be the human equivalent to clogging up one's throat, effectively choking and possibly suffocating him.
neomatt1395`s Avatar
Rating Orb neomatt1395 15 United States CholericMelancholic 11C 0F
7 years ago | (4)
for a sketch its awesome if i wanted to make something like that i would have to seriously focus
Chopsticks`s Avatar
Rating Orb Chopsticks 12 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 5C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
I think it is a good picture because I'm not an "artist worth their salt". As said in the box below your picture it was a " ten-minute sketchy thing ". If its just that then it shouldn't be the best drawing in the world but it is very good for 10 mins. I for one, in ten minutes could draw a castle made of 1 square and 2 rectangles with a stick figure holding a sword, which really isn't a sword but a cross held upside down.
Spartan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Spartan 15 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 24C 12F
7 years ago | (2)
Yes i think this picture could use a little touch up. Though i like were you are going with his new design and i think you could make a real intimidating character out of him.
ezza205`s Avatar
Rating Orb ezza205 17 United States Phlegmatic 12C 5F
7 years ago | (3)
Stop being so harsh on yourself. I love it and i can't see anything wrong with it. Everyone else is saying it's great, and it is. You should be proud of yourself, not putting yourself down with "it could have been better" and "I suck at drawing"s. I can't draw as good as you and im sure more than 3/4 of the people who are members of Fig Hunter can't draw nearly as good as you.
Interation`s Avatar
Rating Orb Interation 15 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric 116C 56F
8 years ago | (2)
Most people think that there are things wrong with this, and everyone says something different. You also seem to think there is something wrong with it but I think it is better than before and can't find any faults. I still wish I could draw as well as you too.
Raider Zero fan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Raider Zero fan 15 United States CholericSanguine 498C 371F
8 years ago | (4)
No offense, but his head, particularly the nose, looks like it got stuck in a press. I'm not so sure about the ring of fabric around his neck either, but the chaps look cool. I would suggest maybe a belt or bandolier with pouches on it, and a scabbard and holster (I doubt he'd simply stick a live firearm in his belt! XD)
Raider Zero fan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Raider Zero fan 15 United States CholericSanguine 498C 371F
8 years ago | (4)
Oh yes, and more defined digits would be nice. I'm not sure, but those sausages look like they could barely (or maybe couldn't) fit through a trigger guard, or operate a keyboard with any degree of accuracy.
link2mm`s Avatar
Rating Orb link2mm 15 United States MelancholicCholeric 20C 3F
8 years ago | (3)
hmm... to me the new design looks ok, for a sketch, but one thing i noticed is that his face looks more hawk-like than the normal dragon-like thingy you usually have. Is it supposed to look like that or is it just a "flaw" in the drawing?
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