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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Progress Update! Sun 9th May 2010 2:16pm

Category: MARDEK

I've been narrowing down the options for what to do with MARDEK 3. Primarily:

� The idea of premium content in-game is probably no longer valid; it wouldn't work (this is stuff like items and quests for sale).

� File size is no longer an issue.

I am still considering the idea of a demo and full version, but I'm also considering just releasing it for free; I don't know which would be best. If the demo/full version thing wouldn't get me significantly more money, then I'd just release it for free to please fans and attract new ones.

I've been talking to people in this field who know what they're talking about, so with their help, I can hopefully find the best option that can please the fans yet get me the sort of earnings the game would deserve...

Also, since the game is up for sponsor viewing now, the potential for theft exists. Already some person attempted to upload a stolen version of it to Newgrounds (thankfully this attempt was a failure), and some screenshots that were for sponsors' eyes only were leaked too.
If you see 'MARDEK 3' released anywhere before I announce its release here, please do what you can to get it removed. If the game is played before I can secure a sponsorship, my earnings could be severely reduced and if get nothing for my work, why would I bother doing chapter 4?

I thought I might have something else to mention, but I'm unsure... If I think of anything, I'll edit this!

EDIT: Something else I'd want to mention is the format that the 'full version' would take. Has anyone ever played any *Flash games* - not downloadable games - that offer full versions for sale, and bought one? What format do they come in? Since Flash is natively in the embeddable .swf rather than .exe format, I was wondering whether the game would be a download or not. It's possible to *convert* .swfs to .exe format, so maybe they do that.
But if it was an .exe, as someone bought it, they could just offer it up via p2p networks or upload it to a site, and everyone could get it for free.
Instead, it might be better to have the full version playable only from a browser via the internet, and only when logged in with an account that you paid to (sort of like... you could pay to enable 'MARDEK 3 privileges' for your Fig Hunter account or something). There are ways to keep your save games so that you could use them from different computers as long as you went to the same website, but would this be too much of an inconvenience? I mean, Flash games work like that *anyway*, usually, and require you to go online to play them, and the circumstances in which someone would wish to play the game offline wouldn't be too common, would they? Easy to imagine, yes, but common? Hmm.


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Silavong`s Avatar
Rating Orb Silavong 20 United States CholericSanguine 31C 12F
8 years ago | (1)
um that sinister design dude was doing great but then he tried to sell one of his flash game and when he had 2000 fan he soon had only 200 fans and second people on the computer are people below the age of 21 so i dont know what you should do
trickmind`s Avatar
Rating Orb trickmind 15 New Zealand 14C 0F
8 years ago | (3)
pay for it?! well....I wasn't expecting it I mean your games are worked hard for and I think that there worth adleast afew bucks but mind you i'm really young right now (10 not lieing!) and my parents are very frightened of how sometimes you pay for a site with membership or somethin and it makes you constintly pay so I don't think I could perswade them I sopose your a bit surprised about having such a young fan but i"m not THAT young right?but if you make a fee for this game I don't think ill be a costomer (sorry!)you pal trickmind.
markdey`s Avatar
Rating Orb markdey 33 United States 5C 2F
8 years ago | (3)
Please do not release Mardek 3 for free unless you want to have fans that will support you with words only. As for the demo / full format, yes - I've played Robokill 1 & 2 and bought them after getting hooked on the demo.
Triplefox`s Avatar
Rating Orb Triplefox 24 United States 1C 0F
8 years ago | (7)
I felt the need to sign up and remark since I'm right on the verge of releasing a substantial Flash game(titled "Deep Sea Descent", a 10 month effort) myself. I went through all the options, read everything I could on the subject, and came up with this strategy: 1/2 of the content is free, the other half(and token bonus features) is unlocked via some payment. But I also wanted to grab portal traffic and maximize user convenience, so I implemented this via GamerSafe, so that the entire process can take place without the user ever leaving the portals, and with all the save data being saved within GamerSafe as well; I lose 30%, but I would have to lose at least 15% for a decent payment processing service, and I think the traffic/convenience elements are more important. I made sure to cram the filesize under 10mb to ease portal distribution. (If you were starting Mardek now it would be pretty viable to write MIDI playback code with Flash 10's new features - but it is what it is, I suppose) Finally, I went ahead and got the game up on FGL, waited it out for two and a half weeks, and got zero bids, which I think is more reflective of what sponsors are looking for, and my ability to market specifically to them, than the game itself. (I sought out lots of feedback, and it's definitely got an audience) So I am now proceeding on to a self-distributed release in the next few days. I don't know what price I'll end up with, because I'm just going to change it a lot in the first few days and see how the sales respond.

I am not alone in the general idea of this strategy. See "Captain Forever", "Robokill", and "VVVVVV" for examples of Flash games that are profitably proceeding to a web-payment or downloadable model. I think it could be a really big and largely untapped market. You are welcome to watch what happens to me in the next few weeks, I'll probably blog about it or something.
FrayedKnot`s Avatar
Rating Orb FrayedKnot 40 United Kingdom 7C 1F
8 years ago | (8)
My kids sometimes play a demo version of something and then nag us to be allowed to buy the full version, and on (very rare) occasions we give in and buy it for them. Price is always about $20. They also sometimes are allowed to subscribe to sites like Moshi Monsters or Club Penguin, though if there's no educational value at all - Club Penguin seems to exist only to sell yet more rubbish in the Disney Store - they pay from their pocket money. So, unless M3 is filled with 'Crack the Code' puzzles or similar, they'd be paying for it themselves.
lurkerabove`s Avatar
Rating Orb lurkerabove 47 Austria SanguinePhlegmatic 1C 0F
8 years ago | (5)
I want to point out, that many people who liked MARDEK 2 very much are actually not able to play a game on because game sites are often blocked by internet monitoring software at their workplace. I would very much like to pay 20 - 100 bucks for a downloadable version (.exe file) so that I can play it without being monitored at my PC at work or at my PC at home.

To prevent that somebody offers ilegal downloads of such an exe file, pseudo could add a number generator in the exe code that creates a number fron the current date from a secret formula and this number (and laso the number for the next day :-) would only be available on to paying users.

Pseudolonewolf, what do you think?
Tenente`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tenente 15 United States MelancholicCholeric 1C 0F
8 years ago | (7)
Simply put, no, I wouldn't pay. While in many ways Mardek is really worth at least some money, and years of work to produce games for us the consumers shouldn't go unrewarded by any means, I'd really honestly just rather save that money to be eventually used towards something else. I play Flash games BECAUSE they're free in the first place... because they're good, convenient fun. That's what I believe Flash games are to most gamers; easily accesible, hassle free sources of entertainment. Those qualities are what make Flash games such a great medium of movies and games to so many, and it'd be a shame if one of the most unique and genuine of that line of entertainment lost some of the attributes that make it great.
Dispis`s Avatar
Rating Orb Dispis 15 Sweden Sanguine 21C 2F
8 years ago | (10)
*warning* This comment may come off as nagging, selfish, and the writer pleads you to not throw bricks at him. You have been warned.
I really should have wrote this before, but I decided to wait awhile. However, I've changed my mind, and I'd like you(the reader, not just Psuedo) to think about one thing. We've been waiting a long time. The creator said he was planning a 6 week break at around 84% of the games completion, and we(I at least) told ourselves, sure, he needs a break. note that he broke his time limit here, saying it was to be released around the start of February. We (I) waited a while longer, eagerly reading each update. After around one month, Psuedo wants to go and be with his lovely girlfriend for another while, and I say sure, he's been working hard. Unfortunately, the news about a demo version, and a version one must pay for will have to be the final straw(if it happens, that is). I love the first and 2nd, but if I have to pay for a game that isn't expanding at least monthly, then its not worth it. If this post was offensive to anyone, in whatever way, I apologize.
Chocobo_Fan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Chocobo_Fan 14 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 399C 539F
8 years ago | (6)
As has been mentioned many times before, Mardek 3 will contain 45+ hours of quality entertainment. Now, how much do you pay for console games that often boast only a little more than that, and probably of lower quality as well? Somewhere in the range of 40-60 dollars, correct? Do those games allow you to play a free demo beforehand? Not very often, no. While I can't say this for certain since I'm not a beta tester, I think that, judging from chapters 1 and 2, it is well worth the money. And also, you're only going to have to pay maybe $5, tops, if it's a choose-your-price thing. I think you can spare $5 for this.

(I'm sorry if I came off as rude or offensive, I wasn't trying to be. Many other people have expressed this opinion and I am just proposing a counter-argument)
Dispis`s Avatar
Rating Orb Dispis 15 Sweden Sanguine 21C 2F
8 years ago | (8)
(sort of) This post is probably offensive and will make the writer look like a cheap bastard. Remember that he doesn't have any money at all before you bash him on the head. You have been warned.
To be completely honest, I sort of hate console games, unless they tend to be huge, high quality, and even then I usually try to borrow them off of friends(I know I'm cheap, thank you very much). Even so, I'm not putting Mardek or ANY of Psuedos games in the same category as a console game, mainly because its on the net. Its great and all, but still. Either way, I'm comparing it to other ON LINE games: take Dragon fable or (heaven forbid) 'world of warcraft'.
They're expanding all the time(ok around each month), and in Df's case, theres a free play as well. I can promise that there are more such on line games that follow those rules. Another argument could be the quality story, as well as the battle system, rpg thing, ect. If I wanted a good story, I'd buy a book, but since I can PLAY a story for free, it's great. If I wanted a good/OK battle system and rpg game, I have an emulator(Pokemon). Since I look like a cheap asshole, which I might be, I'm going to point out the fact that some people won't care about psuedo and if he does charge money for it, they'll most likely rip the game, put it on some site, and get cash off of adverts. Other people see it, Psuedo gets no money, and some jackass gets ad cash. Also, I'd be kinda freaked out if no one would argue my point O.o so critics should always exist.
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Tritous`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tritous 23 United Kingdom MelancholicCholeric 109C 48F
8 years ago | (3)
simply put I think if you try to do premium content, it wont sell. These days it just doesn't work unless it's some massive game site which locks you in then.

As for downloadable: while I'm not sure how it's done (never worked in flash myself) I know you can get executable flash files which are in all effects a flash file and a portable flash runtime. The alternative is to just give out the flash anyway, since all browsers run flash. Sometimes when I want to play an online embedded flash game offline I'll just pull out the direct file link for the flash object from the source code and save that url in my bookmarks. That way I get a resizable (since the flash object will fit the whole browser window) flash game without links i can accidently click and lose my game, with much much faster loading, and smoother running.

Just like most internet browsers (I use chrome for reference) can actually be used to directly open image files or video files, they can directly open flash files, it just doesn't have the sizes bound as they are set by the embedding frame normally
jackelina`s Avatar
Rating Orb jackelina 15 United Kingdom PhlegmaticSanguine 44C 3F
8 years ago | (4)
I've two very off topic things to say. Has there always been a shadow behind the text, and whats up with the annoying scroll bars appearing all over everyones comments?
On the topic, I agree with the idea of a 'limited' version on a number of websites, and a full version only playable on That way, people that might not of known about the site might give it a try.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
8 years ago | (6)
I added shadows to the text yesterday as a bit of an experiment, but I have no idea why scrollbars would suddenly appear. What browser are you using, and what's your screen resolution?
Fenxor`s Avatar
Rating Orb Fenxor 22 United States CholericSanguine 24C 0F
8 years ago | (5)
I'm getting the scroll bars as well.

I am running Firefox 3.6 on a Mac OS X Leopard laptop, screen resolution 1280 x 800. I don't the scroll bars on every comment, but it seems like they are on a lot of them. I also noticed that when I scroll down the page, even if there isn't a scroll bar on the comment that the text box moves a little.

From a software developer, my guess would be that when you added shadowing to the text it made all the comment boxes slightly bigger, which made them not quite fit in the size that you originally intended. Just a guess that might help you figure it out. Let me know if there is any more info I could give to help you with that.
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vinnie879`s Avatar
Rating Orb vinnie879 19 Netherlands MelancholicCholeric 79C 0F
8 years ago | (6)
i think the scrollbars appeared becuase of the big chain comments, there seem to be alot.
Wiz Zumwalt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Wiz Zumwalt 32 Hungary SanguineMelancholic 247C 40F
8 years ago | (7)
I get them too, on Firefox 3.6.3. Apparently the height and width of the space containing the comment text box is 1px less than required.
The only comments without vertical scrollbars are short, 1-2 line ones where the avatar and the "Reply" link forces the box to be taller than the text. A few also have horizontal scrollbars that scroll by 1px (I guess that's when the poster happens to use words that fill the width of the box to the exact pixel before wrapping).
Eleanor Rigby`s Avatar
Rating Orb E Eleanor Rigby 15 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 1184C 365F
8 years ago | (5)
I haven't got a single scroll bar on my screen, and I'm using Google Chrome with a mid-sized resolution (1280 by 800, I think).
SCIFIGUY55`s Avatar
Rating Orb SCIFIGUY55 22 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 21C 2F
8 years ago | (4)
I am getting the scroll bars in Firefox 3.6.3 but Google Chrome does not seem to be getting the scroll bars. I am running Windows with a 1024x768 screen resolution.
jackelina`s Avatar
Rating Orb jackelina 15 United Kingdom PhlegmaticSanguine 44C 3F
8 years ago | (3)
By the amount of replies, I'm assuming that it's firefox's fault. The shadows are a nice touch, by the way.
aturtledoesbite`s Avatar
Rating Orb aturtledoesbite 15 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 132C 35F
8 years ago | (2)
I'm using Google Chrome, at an odd-shaped screen resolution (I have no clue what it is), and I haven't seen a scroll bar yet. I may try Firefox to see if I see any. Maybe even Internet Explorer.
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Tritous`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tritous 23 United Kingdom MelancholicCholeric 109C 48F
8 years ago | (5)
while I agree this site should get traffic, i believe if it's only on this site pseudo wont get his sponsorship money. I may not agree with paying for the game, but I absolutely agree Pseudo is entitled to payment through sponsorship for his work
Hrothgar`s Avatar
Rating Orb Hrothgar 24 United States 12C 14F
8 years ago | (4)
In response to your edit at the end, with the question that asks if anyone has played a demo game, then bought the full version, the answer is yes. while the game I bought wasn't a flash game, it still came in the demo-full format.
These games are shareware. The best example of shareware that I can think of is Spiderware software (yes Spiderware is supposed to be spelled like that. It's the name of the company.). You are allowed to download a portion of the game, then purchase the full version at a later date. True, the games I mention are older, such as Exile II: Crystal Souls. But in reality, those who scorn older games based on the fact that they are old are missing out on quite a lot. They would be missing out on the original Zelda, Final Fantasy, Doom, and all those great games that paved the way for things like Twilight Princess, World of Warcraft, and HALO.
My point is, is that there are a lot of games that give out the demo, then charge you for the full game. The original Diablo did that. (you were allowed to install a "spawn" version of the game, which only allowed one character and five levels.) I think that you would actually turn quite a profit from using this technique. you would be baiting everyone with your demo, then hook them in when they can't go any further into the game.
Just my opinion of the facts at hand.
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