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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Good News!!1! Sat 29th May 2010 1:48pm

Category: Raider

I have some great, amazing, terrific news for you all!
I am working on Raider again!!!1!1
I bet you're all giddily orgasming in your favourite pair of pantaloons at the mere mention of that heart-stoppingly fun game, and you're GLAD that I'm not focusing every waking moment of my life on MARDEK 3 because you all love Raider so much!!

Uh, anyway, though, I probably AM going to get back to Raider... But before sending me a slew of angry death threats, please listen to my reasons for this.

I'm certainly not giving up or ignoring MARDEK 3 so close to its supposed release or anything. I'm still working on it, but what I still need to do on it is relatively trivial and tedious; I can easily finish all that needs doing before sponsors decide on something, or even if I don't finish everything on my To Do List thing, I could essentially release it as it is now and it'd be fine. So consider it 'finished' but I want to 'polish' it more; that's all that the progress bar shows.

The main reason it's not been released yet is because the sponsorship process takes a while. I've been essentially sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for decent offers (when I've already worked as much as I can bear on the game that day, anyway), so I think I may as well use my time productively while I wait.

I've still not decided on whether or not to charge a fee; I probably don't want to for multiple reasons, so let's hope I don't 'have' to. I'll wait for word from sponsor-type people before making an educated decision.

So let me repeat: MARDEK 3 is 'finished' and it's just a matter of time decided by people other than me before it's out. I am not delaying it or giving up on it at all.

Now that that's out of the way, uh... Raider. Yes. That lovely, charming platformer that you all adore with all your hearts; my greatest masterpiece that people are neverendingly BEGGING me to release the remaining episodes of! Oh, how many emails I get saying "forget about that stupid MADRAK 3 thing or whatever, and give me more Raider or I swear I'll slit your throat off". Oh, how many.

I explained my plans for what I want to do with it in news posts a while ago, but since I can't expect everyone to have read them, I'll go over it again.
Since the first two were essentially failures, I don't want to go down the same path three more times like I originally intended to.
Instead, I'll have one big game with all five 'episodes' combined... And I'll be doing away with the nefarious precision-related difficulty in favour of more *fun*. I want it to be a game that people can enjoy, rather than one that they'd love to hate or hate to love or whatever.
I also want to keep on board the old, surely deranged masochists who liked the first two; that is, I want this to appeal to people who never liked the other two as well as people who for some unfathomable reason did.
Ideally I'd make it challenging but still fun, rather than simperingly easy. I don't want a complete change of concept, but rather 'improvements'; I'll be using the existing engine for the sake of speed anyway rather than rewriting a new game from scratch.

There are several major changes:

  • Instead of there being five huge levels, one per chapter, there are now five 'zones', each with several shorter levels each. This means that you can approach the game in manageable chunks rather than having to devote too much time to go from start to finish. Hopefully this will increase the appeal for casual players and reduce the stress of dying.

  • These levels are marked by nodes on an old-fashioned 'node map' so common to console platform games in the good old days, which are appealing to me. Something like this: [LINK]

  • Some levels would have multiple exits; that is, exploring a 'zone' isn't necessarily about just going through levels in a linear order. You could, for example, go through level 2 to get to level 3, but rather than level 3 leading directly to level 4, it contains a switch which floods level 2 with water, and using that water, you could swim to previously inaccessible parts of level 2 and find the second exit which leads to level 4. I've seen this in other games like WarioLand (one of my favourite platformers ever for some reason), and I find it very appealing.

  • As well as the zones, there'll be a 'world map' of sorts, consisting of a sort of grid representing space, that you navigate in your spaceship. It uses the same sort of perspective as my RPGs. You'll be able to manually fly between different sectors and fine different zones, but also optional levels on asteroids, perhaps floating space stations with shops, things like that. It'll add a hopefully interesting exploration element to the game.

  • Sometimes, you may even need to leave a zone before finishing it. For example, you may find that level 4 of zone 1 is not possible to beat because it's full of ghosts which your weapons can't harm, but an NPC may tell you that there's a blaster somewhere on some asteroid that can harm ghosts, so you'd have to set off through space to find it, then return. I like things like this myself, so hopefully others would find it exciting rather than tedious.

  • There may even be *space battles* in the space grid mode thing. You could encounter ships of other pirates or 'police' or something, which you'd have turn-based combat against, possibly in a tactical format like Final Fantasy Tactics, the old FHO demo thing, etc. I don't know for sure about this though; I don't want to get the game too bogged down so that I spend too long on it; I've learned that that's a big mistake.
    If I did, though, you'd probably be able to upgrade your ship's parts or something.

  • I'm probably going to re-introduce RPG-like mechanics like in Raider Zero... sort of. Or maybe more like in Zelda games, where you have a certain number of 'hearts' (or green bars in this), which increase after beating bosses, finding 'pieces of heart', etc.

  • You'd also be able to get new armour, swords and blasters. Everyone loves upgrades! Perhaps they'd have 'elemental' affinities too, like a fire sword that melts ice, or the aforementioned ghost-disrupting blaster.

  • On the Zelda theme, I may introduce some kind of puzzle-related tools which you'd be able to use to unlock new places or move in different ways. This would add more opportunities for secret exits in levels and would hopefully add more interest to the game. Hopefully!
    Again, though, I don't want to add too many features or else the game will take too long to make, and I want to get it done quickly (in a month or two).

  • I want to give Arkus far more interesting movement capabilities. Currently you can move, jump, shoot, slash, climb ladders, and that's about it.
    I want to add abilities that make it *fun* just to *move around*, and which make movement feel more fluid and so on. I don't want people to have to struggle with 'the controls', and no more ladder jumping absurdity either!

The last point is something that I want to work on first. I'm going to make and upload a demo thing which would just be Arkus in a room, which you can move around in but with no particular purpose, and then I want to tweak it based on player feedback to the point where it's interesting and enjoyable just to move around.
I'd add new moves and tweak old ones. I'd change how jumping feels (smoother, more air time, etc), how walking works (perhaps less 'solid' and more 'fluid'), and things like that.
I'd need ideas for new moves that aren't too complex though, which would have some conceivable use (that is, no backflips 'because they're cool'; it'd take ages to do and serve no obstacle-related purpose).
Currently I have in mind the basic double jump, as well as a wall jump/slide like in the Megaman X games (that is, jumping at a wall would cause you to start gradually sliding down the wall, giving you an opportunity to jump off).
These new abilities may or may not end up being available from the start; I may end up making them acquirable from bosses or something.

(Hmm, or maybe bosses will give 'magic spells' or weapons, like the wraith giving a lightning one which could be used for puzzles as well as combat.)

So yes. Raider. Hopefully I can turn it from some gruelling wreck into a genuinely enjoyable game, with your feedback, people!

Keep in mind that while I appreciate all feedback, just because you have an idea doesn't mean it's a good one. It may be too difficult to implement (which is usually the case; you can think of something easily but it could take days to code), or it might just not fit the style I want from the game. So if I 'ignore' or refuse your suggestions, please don't take it personally! D:

I'll get to working on that simple 'room' thing now and then I'll upload it and link to it from here. I'll then continue to update it as I make changes, and I'll list the changes here.

EDIT: Here's the 'room' to play around in: [LINK]
You can also explore space (though there's nothing to find) and see what I mean by the 'zone maps' thing.

EDIT: Significant updates!
I've been redoing much of the movement code from scratch. Because of this, you currently can't use the sword, blaster, ladders, signs, etc in the demo thing, and you can't duck either.
I have, however, hopefully made jumping nicer, and added some new manoeuvres!
You can:

  • Run using the SHIFT key!
  • Double jump!
  • Execute *wall jumps* by timing a jump as you briefly 'cling' onto a wall.

These things all still need tweaking to perfection; I am aware of many movement issues at the moment. I'll continue to update the demo as I make progress.

ANOTHER EDTI: Some silliness with a 'blur' thing that is unlikely to remain in the current state its in in the final version (I may use it for some purpose, but currently it's just there because it was trivial to do and I was curious about watching the trajectory of jumps and so on). I've also fixed some bugs... and added a long area to sprint around in. It's amusing to jump over a HUGE chasm with a sprinted double jump that you'd have had no hope of surpassing in the old version! It gives the potential for such 'fun' levels, hopefully!

YET ANOTHER EDIT: I've changed Arkus' sprite! Gasp!
There are also other minor changes. Now, if you wall cling on a an 'edge' rather than a 'wall', and jump off, you jump up and onto the ledge rather than horizontally away.
I've also added water, but it doesn't work yet.

AND ANOTHER: Slopes! Such a minor thing that players probably wouldn't care much about (they're very 'background'), yet they took the better part of a day to get them functioning at all, then even longer ironing out problems, and I still don't think I've eliminated them all...
I added these because I'm aware that wall clinging would be a pain; with a lot more (ungrabbable) slopes in levels, this annoyance would hopefully be lessened or removed. It also adds more interest and was an interesting technical experiment for me (I've wondered for a while if I had it in me to get slopes working in a game that's coded around square blocks).
You can also shoot and use your sword now, sort of, though it's ridiculous and very sloppily added; I'll refine it so it's actually *sensible* tomorrow, probably.


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Rob`s Avatar
Rating Orb Rob 19 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 62C 7F
8 years ago | (3)
Hey, now that the weapons are online, what would you think of adding some smashable targets to the rooms? If you could add some moving targets too, that'd be cool. Sort of like "break the targets" in Super Smash. Or would that detract from the fact that we're supposed to be having fun just moving around?
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
8 years ago | (2)
There's no specific reason why I haven't done that yet; I'm just adding things gradually as I feel in the mood to, and haven't got to that yet...
Rob`s Avatar
Rating Orb Rob 19 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 62C 7F
8 years ago | (1)
Well, I certainly look forward to you getting in the mood. To do the targets thing.

While I'm having ideas, what would you think of allowing Arkus to shoot while clinging to a wall? Currently, he just shoots into the wall, but it would be kind of nice if for that split second while you're clinging you could get a shot off before you fall or jump.
Also! Noticed a small glitch: If you are crouching and press the sword button, Arkus stands up and swings, which is fine and all but during that brief second he has no legs.

Tama Yoshi`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tama Yoshi 18 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric 68C 33F
8 years ago | (2)
Analysing it, I questionned myself wether the wall clinging was really all that bad. It's only that it is most of the time "undesired"... Then again, you can't really help it.

ButI asked myself the question: What is the big difference between Raider's wall-jumping and New Super Mario bros. wii's walljumping. I think this is the answer: In raider, the character STOPS right as he clings to a wall. In mario games, you slide down. I'm not perfectly sure wether the walljumping is automatic either... Stuff to experiment I suppose :/
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
8 years ago | (2)
I've already experimented with sliding and requiring the opposite arrow key and things like that, and in my opinion this version works a lot smoother - even if it may not be the same as some other games that people are used to - once you've tried it for more than a few seconds. I think in itself wall jumping is not necessarily an easy manoeuvre to execute, so whatever control scheme I use there'd probably be complaints in some for or another.
The current one is designed such that *you do not use the arrow keys*; I hope you read that on the sign. It makes it extremely easy to jump up huge 'chimneys' using A alone, and you barely even have to time it either; just 'mash' it repeatedly and it works. With other systems I've tried and in other games, you have to actually alternate between the arrow keys and effectively have *less* time to get it right; frustration is increased and accuracy is decreased, at least in my opinion.

If you try just using A without any arrow involvement, it becomes satisfyingly fluent and easy. You've got far longer than you'd ever *need* to execute the move (it's about a quarter of a second, and anyone with response times slower than that is probably handicapped), and you don't have to worry about controlling yourself much at all.
Tama Yoshi`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tama Yoshi 18 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric 68C 33F
8 years ago | (0)
Allow me to explain more precisely how I believe the wall jumping should be executed.

The problem, here, is that Arkus clinges to the wall and, also, jumps off of it a few frames later. The first is a problem because it forces the player to detach itself from the wall in order not to walljump, which is annoying. The other one is also annoying because that it only leaves a small moment to the player to walljump properly (this problem was pretty similar in Super Metroid, I thought it was annoying).

Now, I believe that how it should be, is that Arkus should NOT clinge to the wall at all. I would make it so that the player has to press both the opposite direction arrow and the jump button more or less consecutively (that, you can probably figure out which is best). So when the player is next to a wall and those keys are pressed, make a wall jump.

Now, my problem is that I have noticed that when I go and switch to press the opposite arrow to jump again, I tend to go away from the wall, thus decreasing my chances of succeeding in walljumping again dramatically. I am not sure if this is exactly the problem, though. If it is, then I would suggest changing the friction applyed to the character (or more precisely, make him accelerate-decelerate more slowly. In SMW, it takes approximately 2.5 seconds to attain full speed while running... And it takes about 0.2 second the brake)
Aenoth`s Avatar
Rating Orb Aenoth 15 SanguineMelancholic 19C 1F
8 years ago | (2)
Hmm.....Luckily, before "sending you a slew of angry death threats", I've managed to read through the whole post (whew).Anyways, those "several major changes" may attract those stubborn platformer-disliking players (which I am) to atleast try it.I mean, I tried the TESTVERSION and got back into playing Raider 1.Seriously.

And to the "demo thing"...Is it only me, or does the walking look a little....dumb?The running looks good, but walking....In the old version, Arkus atleast moved his arms.Now, when the arms are somehow.....stationary?Stationary, it looks weird.Atleast to me.
Ewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ewolf 16 United Kingdom SanguineCholeric 88C 2F
8 years ago | (3)
I've found a fun glitch. At the waters surface, cling onto a wall so that you are slightly submerged. Then push away from the wall, without jumping and Arkus will skip along the water, making himself look pretty stupid... This gravity defing glitch MIGHT me delibrate, but if it is, then it'srather silly.
I thought I should point it out,
supersolrock123`s Avatar
Rating Orb supersolrock123 15 United Kingdom 10C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
or you could just repeatedly jump on top of the water wich is what i did
supersolrock123`s Avatar
Rating Orb supersolrock123 15 United Kingdom 10C 0F
8 years ago | (4)
why dont you have a dive attack where you press down+s (i think thats the attack button correct me if im wrong) and he pulls out his sword and dived towards the enemys really fast, could also be used for puzzles where for example, spiked walls are contracting in on arkus and he needs to get to the bottom ASAP, could also be useful for speed running.
UncleRex`s Avatar
Rating Orb UncleRex 65 Mongolia Phlegmatic 123C 42F
8 years ago | (3)
Or, to make it simpler: how about if make it so that when you press the "attack with sword button" whilst in mid-air, Arkus whips out his sword and attacks whatever is directly below him, with SPEED and... lust... o_O
UncleRex`s Avatar
Rating Orb UncleRex 65 Mongolia Phlegmatic 123C 42F
8 years ago | (2)
if you* make it... (we need to be able to edit these things..)
DeNovo`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β DeNovo 24 United States MelancholicSanguine 244C 201F
8 years ago | (3)
Hey, I just tried out the swimming, and it's neat! I hope you don't load the waters with tough monsters, though, because that would be very difficult to survive! Something like situations where there's fire above the water due to an oil fire, or maybe a live current that goes off every 10 seconds so you have to swim from dry zone to dry zone would be fun, though!

I noticed your fix for jumping while moving on slopes was to remove horizontal velocity entirely, and that's fine, it's not noticeable unless you were running along at top speed and felt like jumping (you lose your fancy trail and noticeably slow down), but this being the case, I can see how trying to time a long jump that requires a running start would be very confusing as all of the running done to speed up is lost if the jump happens on a slope. So if you keep it this way, you'll make the jumps shorter when they start off of slopes, right? I'm still a little curious as to why that ended up being the right fix, too, but we can talk about that when you get tired of adding cool things. XD
evilchaosdoom`s Avatar
Rating Orb evilchaosdoom 16 New Zealand SanguinePhlegmatic 13C 0F
8 years ago | (6)
Ok so I have been playing a lot of RAIDER TESTVERSION and searching for 2d platform games like Raider with Wall jump to compare with now there are not many new games like Raider and certainly not any games with as many features
the most similar game I found is Mega Man X but it is quite old and not as good as Raider I found same games with a good Wall jump but not like Raider so it looks like Raider is a one of a kind

I have made a list

(Jumping) Brilliant it Jumps smoothly and is not glitchy A++

(Double Jump) Brilliant as above you may want to put Double Jump after Wall jump so you donít have to Double Jump before you Wall jump A+

(Walking) Good. You need to walk and you can Brilliant can feel slow after running lots A+

(Running) the Running very good but you may want to do something with its controls otherwise after you get run you will just hold down shift for the rest of the game
Maybe you have to wait for it to charged up or Maybe you have to Walk for so long?

(Swimming) umÖ.next

(Slopes) ok Slopes are not common but Raider is one of a kind
Walking on the Slopes is fine Running is not I donít know what to do about it though? Maybe you could jump a bit like of a ramp?

Ok Last but not least
(Wall jump)

1 Allows the player to reach areas which were previously inaccessible (i.e. too high).
2 Some games allow the player to repeatedly wall jump up a single wall or to "bounce" 3between two walls in a narrow corridor. This can be used to climb walls or shafts
4 Can save time by jumping up walls rather than awkwardly jumping on platforms or other objects.
5 Can be used to avoid enemy attacks.
6 Can be used to access areas without their respective items.
7 In some games, can save a character from falling down a hole.

Question do you think its best to make it we slide down walls

Answer Good Question evilchaosdoom! Well slideing down walls is good for stopping your fall without hurting yourself. So if you get hurt bye falling than yes

Sorry for my bad spelling its 5.50am and I am going to bed
Ferhargo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ferhargo 14 United States 29C 2F
8 years ago | (4)
I think that there should be a room full of just slopes, large slopes, short slopes, slopes that go like ////////, in a larger room that the one availible. The one that is there (to to the furthest right area you can, then drop down) seems to be more vertically that horizontally oriented, and I rather want one where I can run and keep running up and down slopes without having to stop, change direction, run back, stop, direction change, etc. frequently. The room we have show how the slopes work with jumping, now I want one that effectively shows how slopes work with sprinting and walking. Though, as you said, that one room took most of a day to get all of the glitches and bugs out of it, and what I'm suggesting would be larger that that, so it would take you a day or more to make. I can see how you might not want to spend your time doing that.
Ferhargo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ferhargo 14 United States 29C 2F
8 years ago | (3)
Sorry about the slashes, I meant to make right slash, left slash, right slash, left slash to resemble the little hill things at the bottom of the existing slope room, but this seems to only accept / slashes.
Avarion`s Avatar
Rating Orb Avarion 23 United Kingdom PhlegmaticSanguine 87C 9F
8 years ago | (4)
I've found a small glitch when firing your blaster... If you enter the test level and fire without moving from the spot, Arkus appears to fire behind him which seems to make one of the firing animations appear out of nowhere just behing Arkus and it seems to stay there permanently until you go onto a different screen.
Avarion`s Avatar
Rating Orb Avarion 23 United Kingdom PhlegmaticSanguine 87C 9F
8 years ago | (3)
Having checked on the latest version, this glitch appears to have been fixed. Thanks!
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