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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Sun 29th Aug 2010 4:37pm

Category: Weekly Updates

I have a few things to report this week!

First of all, I managed to finally get around to checking my emails! I think I'm recovering from some recent deep emotional stress, at long last.
So I'm hoping to get back to work soon...

A few of the emails were from members here who couldn't log on, due to the password field being too small. I've since fixed that, which I thought I should point out here just to be clear about it.

Recently I've not been doing any work on games... I feel like I need a break or something. However, my motivation's come back somewhat, and I've started working on something I've been intending to do for years.

Those of you who are fond of the music in the Final Fantasy games may be aware of the 'Piano Collections' that exist: piano arrangements of various melodies from various Final Fantasy games. I think there was a separate Piano Collection for each of the games from number IV until number XIII, excluding XII for some reason.
I find these piano collections very interesting, and have for years. I've attempted to play many of the pieces from them myself on my piano.
I rather like how they're arrangements of the 'essence' of the piece they're based on, rather than just copy-and-pasted notes which sound exactly like the original piece.

For a long time, I've wanted to do not dissimilar Piano Arrangements of music from my games, but never thought I had the skill...
Recently, however, I've been trying, and I'm pleased with the results so far. I've only done four tracks, from MARDEK 1 - Main Theme, Mighty Heroes, Casual Battle and Goznor - and I seem to be getting more used to arranging with each one.
I've also been learning more about musical theory stuff that I was sorely lacking in knowledge of the usage of before. Things like proper harmonising, chord progressions, etc. So maybe these piano versions sound nicer than the original music... More harmonically pleasing. Perhaps!

I want to show off what I've done so you can see what I intend to do with the rest, but I also want to *sell* the MARDEK Piano Collections at some point.
I've been composing them specifically to be playing them, and playing through them myself repeatedly to fix tiny details and make sure nothing's impossible to play.
They're meant for pianists of about an intermediate skill level, since that's about where I am, and I imagine there'd be more interested amateur players than virtuosos so it's not wise to make them too hard to play... Making them too easy to play would result in boring music though, probably.

So what I want to do is use the Bandcamp site to sell the Piano Collections as albums, one Piano Collection thing for each MARDEK chapter. I'll only choose a selection of the pieces from each chapter rather than every piece, for the sake of practicality, and I'll put a lot of attention into making them sound appealing in themselves rather than just being exactly the same as the pieces they're based on, so that even people who bought the original soundtracks might be interested in buying them.
I'd also include pdf files of the sheet music, which you'd get by purchasing the album.

I'm hoping this could work out well... But would anyone be interested?

Hmm... I wanted to link to examples, but I don't know how I could without giving away for free what I eventually want to see. Maybe I'll just wait until I've done all the Piano Collections for chapter 1, then show them off all at once when they're for sale? Hmm...
The pieces I've chosen for the first collection are as follows:

- Main Theme
- Mighty Heroes
- Casual Battle
- Goznor
- Enki
- Belfan Overworld (maybe)
- Governance de Magi (maybe)

These are the ones I thought could be most easily arranged, but if there are others people would be more desperately interested in, I'd consider changing the list (keep in mind I've already done the first four though).
Remember however that just because a piece is appealing in the game doesn't mean it'd transfer well to an easy-to-play piano solo.

Also, if anyone knows anything much about soundfonts, and knows of a really great free piano one, I'd be interested to hear about it!

In other news, as some of you already know, my girlfriend and I are in a rather painful long-distance relationship, and only get to see eachother twice a year through several-weeks-long trips.
We've been planning another one of these trips, which will commence just less than a month from now, and I'll be gone for five weeks... But I may have the internet for most of that time. I don't know, can't be sure.
I'm excited about it, and I'm hoping that I can use the opportunity to relieve a lot of the stress that's built up over the course of this year...
Her and I have also been talking somewhat about the possibility of working together on games... So maybe we'll create something together during those weeks. I can't be sure yet if anything will become of that though.

Anyway, that's it for this week, I think!


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AHOOV`s Avatar
Rating Orb AHOOV 0 United States Melancholic 14C 6F
7 years ago | (4)
Hey Pseudolonewolf! i was just on and they have an article on flash games to play over labor day, and Mardek was one of them! See for yourself:

Merkile`s Avatar
Rating Orb Merkile 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 1C 1F
7 years ago | (5)
I'd definitely be interested in buying the piano versions of your soundtracks, I've loved the music from Mardek 2 the most out of both of them, so far.

You've got most of my favorites up there already in the list, but I wouldn't complain if you'd include The Hymn of YALORT, Sorrow and the Canonia Theme.

Enjoy your time with Firequill.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (3)
I don't think I can adequately convert the Hymn of YALORT to a piano version thing, based on experiences I've had trying to adapt it before. It's one of the first pieces I ever composed, ever, so it's rather simple and, well, difficult to elaborate on somehow.
I'll be including Sorrow and the Canonia music in the chapter 2 Piano Collections, probably; the list here is just for chapter 1 so far.
Khanster0001`s Avatar
Rating Orb Khanster0001 15 United Kingdom MelancholicSanguine 40C 17F
7 years ago | (10)
Pseudolonewolf what game are you working on now? It seems unclear to me.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (9)
I am not always working on a game, and in this case I didn't announce anything since I'm not focused on any one thing. I've sort of lost direction since MARDEK 3 and I've been focusing on other things.
I'll write more about this tomorrow; I'll probably have made a decision by then.
Khanster0001`s Avatar
Rating Orb Khanster0001 15 United Kingdom MelancholicSanguine 40C 17F
7 years ago | (8)
Okay just a bit excited abput the forthcoming games in progress!
Minnakht`s Avatar
Rating Orb Minnakht 16 Poland PhlegmaticSanguine 121C 84F
7 years ago | (6)
Well, I can't say I didn't expect that. MARDEK 3 seemed to be such a huge thing, it completely obstructed the further view of the future... and even though after three years in development it has been worth the wait, I completely understand that, well, you have no idea what to do now that it's done. You know you should start working on MARDEK 4 sometime, but not yet... currently you are catching your breath after creating that humongous masterpiece of a Flash game.
Pino`s Avatar
Rating Orb Pino 20 Belgium MelancholicSanguine 2C 0F
7 years ago | (8)
So you're saying you made all the music pieces without any musical theory knowledge whatsoever? Or are you a completely self-taught artist? Cause there are some amazing pieces of music you've made there. I wonder, if you're still not sure what pieces to fit in the album, if you could fit in the piece heard in Soothwood. I completely love it and I think it would sound great on piano.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (6)
I didn't have no theory knowledge *whatsoever*, but my knowledge was/is sorely lacking. I compose in sheet music format and know the names of notes and how to read music and so on, but what I struggle with is knowing about the mathematics of harmony and so on; when to use which chords where. I'm improving with this, learning more, though.
But yes, I'm mainly self-taught; apart from a handful of piano lessons at least half a decade ago, I've never been formally taught; I was never involved in anything Music-related at school or anything.

I don't think I'll do the Woods/Forest/Whatever music from Soothwood just because I didn't much like that track, sorry... But then again, I've not made much progress recently because I've been stuck on one track, so maybe I'll consider other alternatives, including that one. Hmm.
Figmaster`s Avatar
Rating Orb Figmaster 17 Canada PhlegmaticMelancholic 1C 2F
7 years ago | (13)
I'm not trying to nag you or anything, but are you planning on finishing the mardek walkthrough before your trip? I'm just wondering because you've made no mention of it since you released the new site.
bellcat`s Avatar
Rating Orb bellcat 19 United States CholericPhlegmatic 11C 0F
7 years ago | (8)
I know it wouldn't be easy, but I would love to have music for Mereador's theme. Even if you don't want to bother arranging it for piano, could you at least transcribe the orchestration?
shadowgokustar`s Avatar
Rating Orb shadowgokustar 16 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 134C 38F
7 years ago | (7)
-- Heh, you know what's weird? I've been humming my own mixed versions of the Mardek music and Raider music! I seem to find that the Raider in-game and theme music go well with the Mardek battle music, the Mardek theme music, and the governance de Magi music.
Minnakht`s Avatar
Rating Orb Minnakht 16 Poland PhlegmaticSanguine 121C 84F
7 years ago | (9)
Well, when as when, but now that you're done with MARDEK 3 is when you really are deserving- I mean, you always are deserving of such trips to meet your girlfriend, but now is even more deserving. In every book, there is that time... the plot ends, whatever had to be resolved is resolved, the main hero, Sam Vimes for example, is sitting with a mug of tea on some armchair, happy that all's done, as it means weeks of life boring enough to not write about, life in which plot is not interested, yet it's still beautiful...

...of course, there comes a time when another book has to start, but I won't be asking when is that meant to be.

As for anything related to music, I am completely lost, so I won't comment on that. As long as it helps you earn what could sometime in the future be a living, it's fine.
Zeddicus101`s Avatar
Rating Orb Zeddicus101 19 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 3C 0F
7 years ago | (10)
Yes! Mardek's soundtrack definitely needs to be piano-fied! Although knowing me, I probably wouldn't end up buying it (sorry, I'm just too cheap; but if I were at all prone to buying music I definitely would). And I'm by no means any sort of expert on soundfonts, but I did recently spend a few days looking for a good piano one myself, and I settled on SGM V2.01; the piano part seems pretty soft compared to the other instruments, but alone I think it sounds really excellent.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (9)
That's actually the one I've been using, since I've seen it suggested or spoken highly of elsewhere. It does seem a bit quiet and soft throughout though, even when it's meant to be loud, so I'm unsure how I feel about it... But I suppose it'll be adequate for the time being. It's better than the other ones I have, anyway.
Magus9`s Avatar
Rating Orb Magus9 13 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 4C 12F
7 years ago | (12)
I WILL buy your music. I love playing the piano and it would be very fun to try playing MARDEK themes on the piano. How much do you think each chapter will cost. I will probably buy them regardless, buy an estimate would be greatly appreciated.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (9)
It's likely that they'll cost somewhere between $5 and $10, which would include however many tracks there were (maybe around 6 to 10?), as well as the pdf sheet music for those tracks.
flamezlord`s Avatar
Rating Orb flamezlord 18 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 27C 42F
7 years ago | (9)
Really? That seems highly inexpensive to me. I don't know about piano music, but the guitar tabs I've brought have been about $20-25 for 12-14 songs. If you're also including the actual songs, $5 would feel like you're giving it away. I can't speak for everyone, but a $20-25 price range is perfectly fine by me (maybe not for 6 songs, but if you could fit 10 songs in). Granted, you most likely know these things better than me, but I'd recommend asking people what they're willing to pay.
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