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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar CS5 and Unreliable Armatures Wed 15th Sep 2010 1:56pm

Category: Flash

I've recently switched over from Flash CS3 to CS5. One of the exciting new features in CS4 and CS5 was the Inverse Kinematics Bone Tool thing, which allows you to animate in a completely different way to how I'm used to.

I don't even know how many people on this site have ever used Flash, or how many even know what it *is*, so perhaps here isn't the best place to rant and ramble about this, but oh well.

Anyway, without getting into technical details, I'll just say that for the last two or three days I've been trying to get this skeleton armature thing working for animations, and it's really snazzy and works okay and everything... or so it seems, until I've animated for a while, only to notice that all the MovieClips that make up the body have shifted by a few pixels, and all their pivot points are messed up, ruining all my work.
It's a huge shame... and it means I'll likely have to go back to animating the way I'm used to. Sigh!

I don't suppose anyone here has ever effectively and successfully used armatures for relatively complex characters in Flash, like, say, a humanoid figure? It'd be very interesting indeed if anyone has, and there's some way to get around the problems I'm encountering.

For now, I'm not sure what to do... I want to work on Chimaera, but the next step involves animating, and I'm not sure whether to scrap the bones thing and go with what's comfortable, or wait a while and see if anyone has anything worthwhile to say about the bones...
I've been searching on Google about it for hours though with no luck, which is partly why I'm writing this at all.


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Enzan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Enzan 21 Canada CholericPhlegmatic 7C 1F
7 years ago | (1)
I don't have the faintest idea how to work Flash, and hate the system itself (though not the things you make with it), but as fellow Gentlemen Creating Excellent Things With Flash, you might get in contact with Andrew Hussie at
Smurfton`s Avatar
Rating Orb Smurfton 22 United States CholericMelancholic 53C 2F
7 years ago | (2)
I've used flash before, and it is very irritating, but what I think that you need to do, Psuedolonewolf, is this:
Most times, when I had issues with turning limbs I discovered that if you go within the movie clip and ask for a shape change animation (been a while, I cannot remember the name) then it turns. I think that should work. Outside of the movie clip, make it move to wherever you want it to with the motion animation.

But what do I know... I've only made simple minute long movies, not games. Good luck, I hope this helps.
Xerxu`s Avatar
Rating Orb Xerxu 18 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 5C 1F
7 years ago | (6)
Huh, I've always thought Flash animation was done with bones. Well I'm not sure how armatures work in 2D since I've only animated stuff in 3D. Response to your Kongregate thread: Have you tried making the root bone a seperate bone? as in a bone that lies horizontally on the ground and the torso bone is connected to it. That way you can move the rig using the root bone and it won't conflict with other bones. As for the other problems...I have no idea, sorry. There's nothing wrong with the way you animated before. If you get the bones to work for you, then that's great, if not, work with what you're familiar with.
Undefined`s Avatar
Rating Orb Undefined 18 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 9C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
I've used Flash a bit, and in using bone animation I just had a lot of problems in general... So much, in fact, that I ended up downgrading from CS4 back to CS3, just due to the simplicity with the menus. While the bone animation looked very intriguing to me... I didn't see any potential for success, and I don't think I've ever seen any movies or games that used it. If you can get it to work and look good, maybe taking less time, more power to you, but the way your graphics look now are perfectly acceptable.
EmperorHiccup`s Avatar
Rating Orb EmperorHiccup 16 United States Phlegmatic 27C 32F
7 years ago | (7)
I don't have much experience with Flash, but if you can get this new animation system to actually work I say go for it. If it's frustrating, your old animation style still looked nice, I don't think anyone would complain if you couldn't figure out how to get this new stuff to work.
Kataphrakt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Kataphrakt 19 Germany MelancholicPhlegmatic 2C 0F
7 years ago | (7)
The site apparently put the ")" in the hyperlink, so that it doesn't function anymore.
Here is the fixed link: [LINK]
Kataphrakt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Kataphrakt 19 Germany MelancholicPhlegmatic 2C 0F
7 years ago | (9)
I can't help you with this problem, but you could make a topic in the programming-forums of Kongregate ([LINK]

There are a lot of programmers and developers, one may be able to help you.
qwmp147`s Avatar
Rating Orb qwmp147 13 United Kingdom Choleric 14C 0F
7 years ago | (23)
1st comment! The chimera demo Is great fun but, I think first you should work on the other areas of the game before you start worrying about all that techy complicated bony stuff i didn't get A word of!
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