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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar God's Plan and Prayer Thu 16th Sep 2010 4:29pm

Category: Religion

The whole religion topic has been making me sort of sick recently. I spend a lot of time reading about it and could say it's one of my primary hobbies, reading all the details and debates from both sides, but recently it's been wearying. I've been through this before though, and my interest was renewed later anyway.

Though I've mostly been avoiding the comments on the religion-related poll for this reason, I feel the need or desire to write a blog post about something religion-related that's been on my mind recently.

It's the idea of 'God's Plan', which is something I'm not too fond of.

God's Plan
There is supposedly this omniscient, omnipotent, personal god who has a Plan for us all, and this is what gives us purpose and gives our lives meaning somehow, and it seems to the theist mind to explain many otherwise unexplainable atrocities; though an occurence doesn't seem like a very nice thing to us, it's *part of God's plan* so it must be leading to something later!
People die because it's part of 'God's plan' for the rest of us to have something to feel sad about, and other such things...

Why does an omnipotent God need to *plan* for anything anyway? Why can't he just cause whatever he's planning for to happen, if he's all-powerful and exists outside time?
And if we need to have evil and difficulties for life to be meaningful, what sort of place is Heaven? Which people would happily spend eternity in...

Traits of God
If you are a believer, you will probably agree to the following:
1. God is omnipotent; he can do anything.
2. He's also omniscient; he knows all and sees all, often to the point where he is 'outside time'.
3. He has a Plan for us all which gives us purpose and such.
4. He gave us *free will*, and evil exists because some people 'choose to be evil'.
5. God listens to *prayers*, and has the power to grant what the person praying for is asking (though 'sometimes' the answer is no).
6. God is perfect and unchanging; he is the same now as he always was (especially if he exists beyond time).

Prayer is a very strange thing indeed... Since I've never done it with sincerity (I have gone through the motions back when I was in Christian schools and they ritualistically made us do so), I've never been sure how someone can do it yet feel secure about their sanity.

It's a strange thing from a logical standpoint though. Someone who prays presumably expects their wish to be granted, otherwise why would they pray?

There are difficulties with accepting all of these ideas, which I will mention here:

1. Can the actions of people affect God's plan?
If they can, then what sort of 'plan' is it, exactly? Isn't God meant to be omnipotent and omniscient? Shouldn't he know exactly what's going to happen in our lives, and wouldn't he have planned for it all? Isn't that the whole *point* of God's Plan anyway?
If our actions can alter God's plan, it wasn't much of a plan at all, and he's not perfect, all-powerful or unchanging.
Failing to plan for something suggests a lack of omnipotence, or changing because of man's actions suggests that man is more powerful than God.

If man's actions *can't* affect God's perfect plan that's he's got set out for us, then what's free will, exactly? How can we have free will while not having the ability to change what's been pre-ordained? We're just running along tracks if God has such a Plan, and have no free reign of our own. He knows exactly what we'll do and when and how, and even why, so I'd not call that free will, especially if he's the one who set it up for some higher Purpose or Meaning.

2. Does God ever intervene?
Does he alter events, cause miracles, etc? I've been told that God keeps his presence secret because he is a 'hidden God' and because appearing would force us to believe in him, 'removing our free will', which sounds like rationalising to me, excuses. Especially since he didn't care much about the 'free will' of the countless people he appeared to in the Bible.

If God DOES intervene ever, if he has the power to, then sometimes he is interfering with our free will. But if he has the capacity to do so, ever, then why doesn't he stop various atrocities? Why did he value Hitler's 'free will' above the lives of millions? (If you'd play the 'Satan did it' card, is Satan more powerful than God?)
If God has the power to intervene and doesn't, then he is not very Good. If he lacks the ability to intervene due to free will, he's not omnipotent.
Either way, he seems a neglectful father.

If God DOES NOT intervene, then either he's unable or unwilling; either lacking in omnipotence or admirable morality.
And if this is the case, why pray?

3. Does praying alter God's plan?
This is sort of similar to the first point, but subtly different.

If prayer DOES affect God's plan, again, it wasn't much of a plan, and God either isn't omnipotent or isn't omniscient. If you have to tell him about a problem for him to fix it, was he unaware of it in the first place? Or simply unwilling to fix it?
Either way, if you can change his Plan through prayer, then you have power over God rather than the reverse, and it would suggest a God that isn't unchanging.

If prayer DOESN'T affect God's plan, then why pray? Either he was or was not going to do whatever you asked for *anyway*, and you didn't need to ask explicitly because he already knows what you were thinking. You don't need to perform some action to show your piety because he can read your mind and see your future anyway.

I am curious then how theists can believe in the notion of 'God's Plan' AND the effectiveness of prayer *at the same time*...


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TyRex`s Avatar
Rating Orb TyRex 18 United States SanguineCholeric 9C 8F
7 years ago | (7)
Prayer is not about getting what you want. Prayer is about showing one's obedience, reverence, and trust in God. Prayer is about humbling oneself before the creator of the universe. Prayer is about finalizing one's ideas into words and tangible ideas before God. Prayer is about building a relationship with God. Prayer is about giving praise to God. The Bible states that prayers are answered affirmatively if they are in accordance with God's will (a.k.a. God's plan).

Prayers do not alter God's plan, they are a part of it! In other words, God's plan includes everything -- including prayer. Pseudo, you are right when you say that God isn't constrained by time (it's a big reason why God never changes), however you misunderstand the vast implications of that.

Yet none of this denies the fact that we all very clearly have free will. God knows what we are going to do and allows it. And the final bottom line in all of this is that we are the ones making the decisions.

And on a separate thought, how can anyone absolutely say that God never intervenes? Isn't it just as likely that He intervenes often, and we simply don't know it because to us they never happened? And even if He had intervened during the holocaust and caused it to never happen, wouldn't people still complain about God never intervening and give some other example of evil instead? One cannot make a claim based on a premise that is not supportable for either side in a discussion rooted in rationality.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (3)
If God had *visibly* intervened whenever there was a significant evil in the world, in such a way that it would be undeniable that it was God (making holy light appear from Heaven or whatever), then it wouldn't even be a matter of debate; we'd all know that God did it. This wouldn't take away our 'free will' to worship him; people don't HAVE to agree with and praise politicians just because they exist. Some people might simply prefer Hell to Heaven; God's existence being made clear wouldn't take this away.
It'd be more admirable, too, if a God did intervene with such things. It's like a father allowing his children to play how they want rather than having his hands on their shoulders all the time, but if they start to do something really stupid, like setting fire to the curtains or something, or bullying their siblings, then he might say 'hey, hey, hey! Stop that!' and discipline them there and then so they know what they did wrong. This is how children grow up to be good people, right?
God obviously doesn't do these things, which leads me to believe that he's not there, or he's not as Christians like to think he is, and that their rationalisations for this apparent nonexistence is just hand waving, trying to fit a square peg in a round hole.

It's also interesting that Christians generally tend to have entirely different responses to this prayer thing, entirely different ideas of what prayer is and isn't. To me it suggests that the scripture isn't clear enough for any obvious answer to be used by everyone, and that the beliefs themselves are chosen based on preference or even invented and altered ad hoc when faced with specific questions about them...

What exactly are the 'vast implications' of God being outside time?
And why is it that he freely smote cities for being full of sinners, ordered genocides, helped armies win battles (unless the enemy had iron chariots!!), appeared to prophets, etc, etc, in the Old Testament and yet doesn't appear at all now even though he's 'unchanging'?
Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (1)
Sorry, I know there's a new blog but I have to say, very good job pseudo, I always wanted to know how the Christians (those who bash science anyway,) were to explain that one away. I do not see any way for them to do it.
longrunner90`s Avatar
Rating Orb longrunner90 20 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 20C 16F
7 years ago | (3)
Interesting, so that is suppose to be how a God acts. I never knew that because I'm not omnipotent and omniscient. Pseudo, to say that you know how a God should act is requesting idol worship. In other words, you don't believe in God, but want to be treated like one. Anyway now to your question. Why is God not as "visible" as he use to be? How do you know He doesn't? We now use science to write off all disasters, psychology to explain how people act, and just discount God as if He doesn't even exist. Maybe He has sent prophets that people declare are crazy and therefore ignore them (Remember Jonah from the Bible, those people didn't listen to him). Maybe God helped Joan of Ark win battles or Patton or Foch. This all could be forms of intervention, but you'll just write this off. I thing I want you to think about though is this. Can you see a mental disability? No, but you can see the effects. Up until the 20th century no one understood why these people acted differently, but by studying the effects we discovered there was more than meets the eye. Anyway, have a nice day.
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myperson54`s Avatar
Rating Orb myperson54 14 Canada CholericSanguine 59C 11F
7 years ago | (1)
Pseudo, God NEVER smote cities just because they were full of sinners. (Except for the city of Sodom, and he saved a man and his children.) Look at Nineveh, God sent Jonah to prophecy and the whole city was saved, even after Jonah was sure they would kill him.

On a separate note, you seem to know what you're talking about, and you are making good points. Please, be open to accept what people have to say.
longrunner90`s Avatar
Rating Orb longrunner90 20 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 20C 16F
7 years ago | (4)
Alright, I shall try to clarify these questions from the Christian perspective, but no promises (I speak for no other religions but my own). First and foremost, I need to address whether or not God has a plan. The answer is yes, but think of it as an outline. I'll give you an example, for my history of methods class I have to make a lesson plan for the entire year, but it only has to incorporate the basic ideas I wish to get across. He knows what is going to happen, but it is up to us to fill in the blanks. Now, is it possible for people to alter God's plan? The simple answer is no. God, before man existed, was confronted with a choice that has ultimately given freewill to all people. An angel named Lucifer wished to control God and seek power. Now God easily could have destroyed this disobedient angel, but instead granted him the ability to rule over his own realm. If you guessed the answer was Hell, you would be right. God still loved Lucifer (Satan), but gave him domain over the realm. So, back to the question. Can humans change God's plan? No, but Satan can.

Does God intervene and answer our prayers? Yes, he does. Think about it like this. If you see someone struggling you want to help them, but you can only help them if they allow it. You cannot force someone to go to a rehab center, they have to choose too. Why didn't God answer the prayers of the Jews that suffered under Hitler? He did. Hitler had the freewill to do as he pleased and used this to kill Jews, but he still lost the war and his life. God used the horrible regime of Hitler to relocate the Jews. Hitler weakened the British Empire to the point it could not sustain control over the Middle East. The Jews had suffered in Europe for thousands of years and wished to return to the Promised Land. Guess what happened after the Second World War ended. Israel became a nation (the Promised Land) which God ensured would always be returned to his Chosen People (Check the Old Testament).

Now, I already addressed this but does pray alter God's plan? Yes, I suppose it can. As I said before he wishes to help everyone, but you must first admit you need help. Sounds a little circular, but think about. If you do not need God, you follow Satan's plan. Satan is not stronger than God, but God loves him and allows him to do as he pleases just as God allows us to follow our own path. Is God disappointed? Of course, but God will not force you to love him.

Well, I hope that these help answer your questions. However, this is my opinion of such events, but I do have one question for non-believers in general. If my statements were one hundred percent accurate (I'm not saying they are) would you accept them? Anyway, I think I addressed everything. Have a nice day.
IceKiller`s Avatar
Rating Orb IceKiller 13 United States 1C 0F
7 years ago | (3)
....I wish I had thought of this before. I've also found this topic quite interesting. And it seems you've just summed up the exact way I feel about it.... only difference being that I try and, in a sense, "pray he's there" since death is something that has bugged me much in my life. But thats beside my point. I'm intrigued by how you think about this.....
zephyr712`s Avatar
Rating Orb zephyr712 13 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 7C 18F
7 years ago | (2)
Sheez, everybody here is writing a novel each comment!

I am not religious one bit (although I am a tad spiritual), but if I were religious, my say would probably be that praying actually does (sometimes) get you want you want/need, unless god knows that if you get it bad things could happen, and If you do receive them, then god can just change his plan. Doesn't he have infininte time to do it, considering he is in no time? I don't mean to sound like a complete Christian believer, but if I were, that's probably what I would say.
Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (2)
I would like to add one more note I did not think to add before. There was an earlier comment that mentioned "god" being male or female.

I would like to note that I have to agree with what pseudo said about even if there was a god it would not need a gender. But I would also like to add a note.

I cannot speak for the other text, but as for the bible, most copies that are even worth mentioning, are written in Old English. In Old English they did not do this s/he or he/she gender neutral stuff. If they did not care about gender they tended to use the male term.

As such, we cannot assume that god is male just because they use the terms "he", "his", or "him" in reference to god.

(On a side note, I do not know if what I did above counts as "chat speak" or other annoyances that bother pseudo. Please understand that if it does I only did it out of example because it was required in order for you to know what I meant.)
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (3)
In the Bible, terms like 'father' are also used to refer to God, and it was obviously written by a *very* patriarchal culture, so their God character reflected that. There's a morbid fascination with mens' man parts, with virility, strength, battle, and other masculine traits. Women are spoken of as objects to be used or traded or discarded if they were inadequate, and they had minimal rights. There's loads of rules about what women can't do, things like God being above Man, who's above Woman, and so woman has to serve man like man serves God, which suggests that God was some 'alpha male chieftain' character. God also created MAN in his image and then woman FROM man, and this comes up a few times; particularly in the 'woman must obey man' thing, since Man is closer to God, etc.
The book doesn't describe some airy-fairy 'gender-neutral' spirit, but a distinct being with human traits which was male. Only a male could serve that (fictitious) position in that culture's hierarchy.
(I wonder if God's beard is ever mentioned? Hmm...)

So anyway, the God of the Bible is very, VERY clearly male if you look at the text; it's most certainly not merely a matter of the English 'gender neutral he' that he's thought of as such.
Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (2)
Ok fair enough, but I thought it still a valid point to bring about, since it is a little-thought-of detail.

I'll stand corrected on that detail. But it is still an important detail to think about when people cite stuff from it.
ChapterXIII`s Avatar
Rating Orb ChapterXIII 17 Malaysia Phlegmatic 18C 5F
7 years ago | (0)
Well its true that man is the image of God but women and men are equal,but of course only one can lead and God determined it to be man since he came first and women were never meant to be traded or discarded its like slavery and if you look in the Bible there are quite a few women like Esther who played a key role in Jewish history cause the king at the time had an advisor who wanted to kill all the jews in the land(sounds familliar?yes this was supposed to be the first holocaust) but the king married Esther and the jews were saved
Women must obey men, because men are given the mantle of leadership but men must respect women for they are also Gods creation In my opinion God brought women into the picture to help and support man but this by no means says they are inferior
And truth be told no prophet has ever seen the true face of God, if im not mistaken the closest a prophet got to seeing Gods face was when Moses got the commandments but even then God only showed his back to him perhaps its so that Moses wouldnt try to make a statue that tried to imitate is apperance...
Tama Yoshi`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tama Yoshi 18 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric 68C 33F
7 years ago | (2)
I'm not perfectly sure, but I've heard that our "Earth" life is some sort of judgement thing, where God puts us in a certain amount of trials, which tests our 'will to be good'. Hence, if something very bad happens to you and it can be solved by killing someone, then your will is tested. Though it's a bad example, because one can do actual Good by killing, in some very rare occasions, even though it's better to "incapacitate" someone instead of killing. I suppose that if God exists, it's the kind of thing he should understand. But the idea of the Judgement makes sense considering that some things are not so fair in life.

I doubt that the whole 'Predestined' thing is in effect at all on 'Earth', because if it WAS, then "4. He gave us *free will*, and evil exists because some people 'choose to be evil'.", is absolutely wrong. It's simple, if everything has to happen and cannot be changed, then we are but will-less machines and TIME is master over everything, as it will happen and it will not change! If God decides what our future will be, then we have no 'will'. And will-less machines cannot DECIDE to be good or evil, because they already are in a certain way. But then again, if one does not discover backward time-travel, then one shall not know wether TIME is truly master of our will, or not.

As of the intervening of 'God'... One once said that 'God' cannot risk to bask into certainty, therefore, he acts only in doubt. Logically, the only reason for 'God' to 'intervene' is to actually prevent the 'world' from absolute destruction. If the 'land of trials' is destroyed, then, nothing is left for humanity to be tested... The question would more be to know if 'God' intervenes with singular persons, for their own sakes. The answer to this question seems to resume itself to 'luck', which can incidentally be referred as 'doubt'. Though why would one decide to make the pre-given 'trial' easier for the sake of it? ...And what about those with lives worse than the others? Are they promised to a higher rank in 'Mahanon' err... I mean 'Heavens'?

Eh, I've played too many Xenogears.
artrost`s Avatar
Rating Orb artrost 24 Canada 5C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
Being an atheist, I've often wondered where religious beliefs come from. The most obvious answer is fear of the unknown. God or gods are always meant to fill the gaps in human knowledge to make us feel more safe. When humans didn't understand the plants and animals around them, they would create gods connected to nature. Once they understood nature, the sky became the biggest mystery, so they put their deities there. Now that we know that there are no cities in the clouds, the gods have retreated to even further depths, to the beginning of the universe, the origin of mankind and to quantum physics. They now have to be invisible and seemingly avoid us on purpose.

While some knowledge is simply not there yet, other knowledge is consciously or subconsciously repressed. Despite the best scientific evidence of humans being only physical entities, people believe in souls. Despite evidence about the physical finality of death, people believe in the afterlife. Despite evidence that there is no great purpose to the existence of mankind, people want to believe in a divine plan or at least a divine creator. Despite the fact that "evil" is everywhere, people want to believe in the final judgment after death or at the end of time. We sometimes fear what we know as much as we fear the unknown. Because of this, we sometimes strive to substitute well-established knowledge with implausible theories.

The goal of science is not to discover absolute truth, but to establish theories with the highest probability of being true. Although scientific theories can be refuted over time, science overall is moving closer and closer to discovering facts (at least we're doing our best). But for science to discover all truth is like for x to approach infinity: we will get closer and closer but we will never actually know everything. Because of this, there will always be room for religion.

So to me, the question of religion is not about knowledge and belief, it's about courage and fear. Should we allow our fear of the unknown and fear of uncomfortable truth to guide us in life, or should we have the courage to face the fact that our existence is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short?

And being an atheist doesn't mean having no principles. If we just look a little closer, we can find plenty of inspiration and beauty in the real world.

Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (2)
I'm not going to say what my religious beliefs are, exactly, I'm leaving that out. But I think I will comment on this post.

First and foremost, I'm going to say something that is not intended in a harmful way in any way, this relates to how most, but not all, people basically are when it comes to religion:

"Religion has frequently been used by humans as an excuse to rationalize that which they do not understand." Not sure if anyone has ever actually said this before, so I can not cite a source. But my point is, that's the basic point here.

Now, I'm not trying to say this is always the case. So those of you out there who are religious, do not think that I am bashing you or saying that you cannot possibly have any better reason behind your beliefs. That is not what I mean.

I agree, some people believe in a religion only out of fear of the unknown, or because of fear of what they do know. Some people are ignorant on purpose. Some people might actually have a more legitimate reason for their beliefs. (Again, I am not bashing religion. I'm not actually against religion, I'm only against those who abuse it.)

We frequently see people do this, and not just with religion. Any time they cannot explain something, we are often told to just believe it. "It just is. No reason."

That is what we call following a dogma blindly. I do not feel that blindly following a dogma is the best way to go. Even if you do believe what you do, this is just my personal opinion mind you, but I think you should do so with an open mind and the expectation to do a lot of deep thinking for yourself to sort the facts out.
Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (7)
Uh, guys. I think you are all missing a piece of very important information.

I don't mean this to insult anyone, or to call anyone negligent, as you may simply just not have thought of this.

But as a race, we have observed evolution ourselves, on many levels.

Let me give you a few examples.

We have observed evolution in many small species over time, whenever groups of a specific type of a specific species ended up in two completely different environments and were able to survive and grow there, they adapted to their respective environments differently due to their different environments. One such example that is actually taught in grade-school is an example with squirrels.

Another point I wish to show you, is with us humans. We are larger now than we were, say, a few centuries ago. Also, due to "natural selection" and the way most males in society now days depict "the perfect girl", look how the female side of our species has evolved over the years. Girls are starting to "develop" at earlier ages than they used to. It's getting to the point girls in their very early teens now, look much like full-grown women did way back when. Even though we have newer rules giving the label of adulthood at a later age than they used to, we are reaching physical adulthood at an earlier age than we used to. Also, trying not to say anything crude on this site, but to make the point. Look at the "chest" size of girls now days. You can see more and more girls that are overly huge now days than you would way back when. Why? Because for some reason that I cannot possibly fathom, not all, but a lot of males in society today seem to think bigger is better. Add natural selection. Enough said.

I would also like to make a note about intelligence. We humans are not as much "more" intelligent than other species as people seem to like to think. A lot of our apparent "intelligence" comes from education and preservation of knowledge by one generation, then teaching it to the next. In this way we are cheating so that we appear more intelligent than we actually are by cutting corners in learning and bypassing having to experience things ourselves in order to learn them.

When you add this note in, I will return to the main point and clarify. What I am saying is not that we are not more intelligent than the other species on this planet, else we would have rivals. But what I am saying is, we are not "as" much more intelligent as we like to believe. We only appear "this" much more intelligent because we sort of cheat and bypass the normal learning process.

You take a human away from society immediately at birth and do not teach them anything, and if you can raise them the same way they would in the wild. Do this to many humans, and develop a group that way. The chances of survival of that group would be minimal. The reason for this is two fold, and plays directly into both of my points.

First, their bodies would not be hardy enough to handle the harsh environment. This is due to the same facts that evolution is based on. Over the years we have pampered ourselves, always being sheltered in some way. Those who do not find shelter in some way shape or form, whether it be a cave or a building, do not survive. Out in an open forest with no caves or rocks to hide under or in, without breaking branches or somehow making a shelter themselves, or using a fire or something to keep warm at night, they would get sick a lot, and the survival ratio would be incredibly low.

Second, humans are intelligent enough to use tools to our advantage while most other species would never think of it, sure. And we might do a better job of it than those species who actually demonstrated some ability with it. But if you take a human away from society and birth and never allow it any form of education from said humans, (and yes that includes tribes like in Africa, [for one such example,] I'm counting those as civilization, of at least some sort, who pass down knowledge,) then they would not be intelligent enough to apply it very well. Short of the occasional absolute genius, most will not do a very good job with it, and it would not provide enough of an advantage to survive. Especially now that humans have had time to rely on other things and not require their intelligence as much.

Sorry, this is not intended to burn anyone. But its the honest truth, and a detail I think was left out.
Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (1)
I see that I was given a negative rating for this posting, but nobody has bothered to take the time to argue against it. I would like to know why I was given a negative rating.

Was it because I did not agree with what you believed, or was it because I actually did something wrong in this post? I was very careful to abide by the rules of this site in that post. So I would like to know what it is that I was given a negative rating for. If it is because you disagree, then you should simply post your counter-point against mine.
Tama Yoshi`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tama Yoshi 18 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric 68C 33F
7 years ago | (2)
I'm going to say this about your rating: You should not care. I hate the rating system on this site because it's quite unforgiving, you'll get bad ratings... sometimes. Sometimes you'll get awesome ratings for things you don't know of. I'd rather have a linear rating system like on youtube, it's a lot friendlier or something.

More precisely, it might be less noob-friendly or troll-friendly or guy-with-bad-grammar-and/or-linear-thoughts-friendly O_o ...I knoew I shouldn't care so much, and for sure, you shouldn't care either. But in the end, maybe we do for some reasons. We feel obliged to have a good rating, especially if we've written more than the average. Hmm... Though it is quite possible that someone had something against, but instinctively, one would say that one writing a lot deserves a good rating. Or maybe one believes tl:dr, or whatever. Eh.
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darkvolt`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkvolt 15 United States CholericSanguine 60C 5F
7 years ago | (2)
Just so you know, in the all might rules thing, it says "since this is not america, there is no "freedom of speech"" and "If people do not like your opinion, you are most likely not welcome here"? Something like that. I agree with that freedom of speech thing but I do not agree with opinions. I believe all opinions should be judges by pseudolonewolf's since this is his blog website. If the opinion was made by the people, I think he should atleast hate that his name is not green ad is teal, you'll notice a somewhat 600 or something red ratings on his profile.
Golbez`s Avatar
Rating Orb Golbez 25 Netherlands MelancholicPhlegmatic 17C 0F
7 years ago | (1)
While the message and tone of your message is nice, i'd like to point out a vew misconceptions about evolution. The fact that humans are larger the last vew hundred years ago is due to a healthier lifestyle with plenty of food. And while having good looks may help slightly, it is not like only the good looking girsl get babys. So changes that make people more attractive will go really slowly.
As for not being able to survive in the wilds, humans originated in Africa, and were not built for cold weather in the first place.

A better example of recent evolution is that so many people need glasses. In the past days of hunting and gathering, bad eyesight would be funest for the tribe. But nowadays with the invention of glasses, nothing really selects against it.
Another fun example is the spreading of the genetic Sickle cell disease. It is a heritable mutation that causes your blood cells to change chape. If you have this mutation on both alleles your life expectancy will be reduced drasticly. But if you have it on one allele, you become more resistant to malaria, so you actually have more chance to survive then people without the mutation. Due to that, sickle cell disease is spread mostly in areas where malaria roams.
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Actually, we do not have a healthier lifestyle. If you want to get technical, a lot of our foods do not provide much of what we actually need. Most times, we are feeding our dogs and cats better than we are feeding ourselves. "Junk food" does not make you larger. Not without giving you a bulging belly that will get you ridiculed. (Not saying I support the behavior, but people do that sort of thing. Its fact. Its not right, but its fact.)

As for the looks thing, actually, it is more likely to get them babies. Because more guys are apt to go for them. And having "good looks" does not automatically give you some sort of biological deformity that prevents pregnancy. So if you still disagree here, I would like to hear your explanation as to why you think they would not.

I do believe Africa, along with many other parts of the world, still have the same kind of climate for this explanation. As such, I would kindly ask that you not put words in my mouth. I never once mentioned the snow or cold places.

I am sorry, I am not trying to simply argue with you here. I am not ignorant to facts displayed to me. But you do not provide a convincing argument. You just stated a few things as matter-of-fact with no backing or explanation. And putting words in my mouth does not help make your rebuttal right.

If my response seems hostile, sorry, I do not mean it to sound that way. I just can not think of a better way to put it. You will all find that I am brutally honest and I will state the facts as they are. I never actually intend anyone harm.

I do, however, have to agree with your second paragraph, and that has worked both to our advantage and to our disadvantage.
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Sorry for the double post, but it appears that I am not allowed to edit my previous post. I double checked your post repeatedly yet still managed to misread something, so part of my post was written with a misunderstanding, which I will clarify now. I apologize, I somehow misread a couple words repeatedly. O_o

"it is not like only the"

I misread that part, somehow missing the first four words of that part.

Let me correct my post on that matter then. Yes, others have children to, sure. But they still have an easier time, and generally happen more often due to the interest to perform the required acts it causes. Evolution does not happen by "only this one group can possibly reproduce" but rather by "this group is able to reproduce more often".
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"Religion has actually convinced people that there's an invisible man in the sky. Who watches everything you do every minute of every day. And the invisible man has a list of 10 things he does not want you to do. And if you do any of these things, he has a special place full of fire and smoke and burning and torture and anguish. Where he will send you to burn and choke and suffer and scream and cry, forever and ever till the end of time! But he loves you." -George Carlin
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Alright. So because this has basically become the hub for talking about faith I'll put this here instead of on the poll even though its directed at alot of the comments on that discussion. Also this is not meant to offend anyone.

Alot of people have been saying that there is "scientifical evidence" that supports the existance of God. What is it?! I'm just curious. The majority of the "facts" people have been stating that "support theology" are simply things they THINK disprove evolution. Well guess what? If you disprove evolution, it doesn't prove that there is a God! That makes absolutely no sense at all. Also if you prove evolution (and yes you can prove it!) then that certainly doesn't disprove that God exists! GASP!!! ( I believe in both)

And just to reply to some of the things said about my earlier comment ( its in the poll discussion). Just because carbon dating doesn't date some fossils correctly DOES NOT mean that the estimated dates of most fossils is completely wrong. THERE ARE OTHER WAYS TO DATE FOSSILS! Namely relative dating.

And onto the big bang theory. The universe is expanding. This is fact. You can't argue it. Logicaly speaking then, if its expanding now, then that means at some point it was smaller than it is today. Its not irrational then to think that at some point it was super small. Also the name BIG BANG is kinda misleading. Most scientists (that I know of) would agree that there wasn't really an explosion.

I feel like I'm forgetting something that I wanted to rant about but I can't remember it. But please answer my little question because I would absolutely love to know if there is any scientifical evidence to show God exists (that has nothing to do with evolution please). Thank you for your time.
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<quote>The universe is expanding. This is fact. You can't argue it.</quote>
Oh, can't I? I have a theory that there is a huge object in the middle of the universe. Like black holes, it cannot be seen in direct methods because of its enormous gravitational pull. Matter mostly just bypasses it because of the gravitational slingshot phenomenom. Matter can, however, escape it through the quantum physical phenomenom called Hawking radiation. Hawking radiation wouldn't itself be enough to keep the universe's size constant so this theory requires something that accelerates Hawking radiating. Could there be such a thing? Quantum physics is still in its early state so it's hard to tell. But my theory is that the universe's size is constant because the gravitational pull and Hawking radiating of the object in the middle of the universe are in a balance. To us in the middle it looks like the universe is expanding. And keep in mind that there is no direct evidence for the size of the universe, only calculations.
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The evidence that the universe is expanding is pretty direct, since the speed at which stars move relative to us can be measured, since their colour changes depending on the speed compared to us (like a fire trucks siren changes depending on if its moving towards us or away). This itself does not prove the existance of a big bang, since the speed and expected age of the universe do not add up exactly, and we seem to be actually speeding up. (Something about dark energy or so, scientist are not sure, i highly doubt it Hawking radiation)
There are better, but more complicated proves tho.
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