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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Late Weekly Update Tue 21st Sep 2010 4:31pm

Category: Weekly Updates

Minicity links: [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK] [LINK]

'Religion' is obviously a topic I'm passionate about, so I've been going on about that probably far too much lately. Sorry about that to those of you who aren't remotely interested (THOUGH YOU SHOULD BE!!1!1 o_O); I am still aware that this is mainly a games-related site even though I haven't actually been in a very games-related state of mind recently.

My girlfriend is visiting for five weeks on Saturday, mere days away now, so, uh, I will be away during that time! These trips are emotionally very useful to me because they give me the drive and inspiration that's required to make games.
Usually, a couple of weeks before the trips, my focus just turns to anticipation and excitement and so on, and that's happening right now, so I've been unable to get all that much work done...

I wanted to get a lot of work done on Chimaera... But I was met with delays due to having to work with a new kind of animation in the new version of Flash I've been using. First, I tried the bone aperture thing, which I wrote a post about, but I've abandoned that idea now. CS4 and CS5 still have a different kind of Motion Tween that works different to what I'm used to though, so trying to adapt to it (without much success) is what caused me to get delayed and lose some motivation to work on the game... (I understand it 'in theory' but still need to practise actually using it.)
I've done enough of the game though for finishing it to seem a better course of action than abandoning it. I'll finish it either once I get back from the trip, or perhaps during it, if I decide to spend my time working on it at all.
But mostly I'll just be trying to 'rest' or something...
Though I'm not exactly working '9 til 5' hours or anything, my lifestyle does tend to lead to a lot of stress build-up so a release will be nice.

I also wanted to finish the 'Piano Collections' thing that I talked about a while ago; piano adaptations of MARDEK music.
I wanted to do eight pieces from Chapter 1 for the first Collection (with plans to release more Collections in future with music from the other two chapters, as I work through it all), and I wanted to have this released before the trip...
So far I've done five of these eight pieces, and I've started but 'got stuck on' the other three (since I'm trying to do elaborate 'adaptations' rather than simply copy-and-paste jobs). I'll keep trying in these next few days to finish and release them, but I'll have my computer and the internet during the trip anyway so maybe I'll get something done then...

I've been learning about music theory stuff I didn't know before recently, to help with this piano composing, and as a result my composing abilities may be gradually improving, but it means that I notice all kinds of horrible unintentional dissonance in my old music... Hmm.
I'm also made aware of how sloppily constructed the MARDEK music is, which is a large cause of the difficulties in adapting it...

I think that's all I want to mention...
I'll write another update just before I leave, I think.


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Oak`s Avatar
Rating Orb Oak 15 United States 26C 35F
7 years ago | (2)
I've recently started studying theory too (what a coincidence), anyhow; don't worry if your songs don't apply to theory. My teacher says that theory is just based off all the old masters, and they didn't have a clue their work would be the basis of study for later musicians. So theory is more or less guidelines; sure they can help your music sound better, and it's good to know the rules before you break them, but that doesn't mean music that doesn't follow the rules can't be good.

You enjoy that time off now.
The Crimson Sun`s Avatar
Rating Orb The Crimson Sun 20 Australia MelancholicPhlegmatic 89C 9F
7 years ago | (2)
Enjoy yourself, Lord Pseudo. Your loyal subjects shall patiently await your return.
EmperorHiccup`s Avatar
Rating Orb EmperorHiccup 16 United States Phlegmatic 27C 32F
7 years ago | (5)
Well I don't have much to say, but I hope you enjoy your time off!
ChapterXIII`s Avatar
Rating Orb ChapterXIII 17 Malaysia Phlegmatic 18C 5F
7 years ago | (6)
Well this certainly is news.....the lord of the castle is going to meet his fair....erm.....princess! Don't worry o lord of the castle we your humble host shall await your return with baited breath and endeavour to uh.....not bring this fair land into anarchy and yeah go have fun man!
Corelis`s Avatar
Rating Orb Corelis 21 Finland PhlegmaticMelancholic 101C 68F
7 years ago | (11)
This issue might be adressed already in the chat, but I wonder if you are planning to make moderators before you leave? They might be needed if everyone with administrative powers is away for an extended period. Then again, maybe you can moderate the site when you are away? But that would be a waste of a vacation...

Perhaps this could be a test of the moderator system. You could appoint moderators for the vacation and set up a thread where people can give their opinions about how the moderators have done so far, or perhaps have an alternate method of getting feedback, preferably something that the moderators themselves can't see. Getting feedback from the perspective of an ordinary member would be useful, I believe. Then you can remove the moderator-powers when you return (or during the test) if it seems the moderators are inefficient/annoying/abusive etc. You could moderate the moderators while you are away (if you have intenet-access), but you wouldn't have to moderate the entire site, giving you more time for actually being on a vacation.

Making moderators might take some time, though... if you are leaving on Saturday, would you have enough time?
david s`s Avatar
Rating Orb david s 19 United States MelancholicCholeric 1823C 898F
7 years ago | (5)
I agree that it would be very wise for Pseudo to appoint moderators before he leaves on his trip, but it probably would be hard...

i don't know the first thing about computer programming stuff, but I'd imagine that if Pseudo hasn't set up moderators yet, it's going to be for two reasons: 1. He doesn't trust people, which I know is true for some of the members, but he might trust some members to be good moderators, like Eleanor Rigby, or DeNovo, or CtG. 2. it must be hard. I'm sure pseudo is debating what powers to give moderators, and how he would be able to govern them. Let alone the fact that it must be hard to program.

Still, I know that Pseudo is capable of doing a lot more than he thinks he is, and it would be more than possible for him to create moderators before he leaves, or he could create them towards the beginning of his trip.

I'm sure Pseudo wouldn't regret appointing moderators before he goes, but he might be too busy with other stuff, and I'm certain once he's gone, he will be very busy with other stuff... i.e. that game he was saying he was going to make with Firequill maybe, or maybe he will work on Chimaera or CARDECK.

I like your idea of having a forum thread asking how the moderators are doing, but perhaps it would be wise to ask people in a poll as well. I think a poll would be a lot quicker, but there could be a problem with that if, say, a troll finds a way to vote multiple times, then biases the poll.

Still, I think that Pseudo being gone, and Firequill being gone, being that they are the only two with administrator powers, means that this site may have some more trolls, like it did the last time... I suppose this is what it was like in the old west when a town had no sheriff... lawless, pugless, and toothless! XD (Note the toothless grin of the XD person...)

All things considered though, we'll make it through his absence, and he won't be gone entirely, he'll still check up from time to time, but there is still a likelihood that there will be an increase in the number of trolls while he's gone.
darkvolt`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkvolt 15 United States CholericSanguine 60C 5F
7 years ago | (4)
Hmm, I can agree those people are very trustworthy but maybe pseudolonewolf should set up a forum on moderators first so it can be more accurate?
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (3)
No, I haven't done the moderator-related code yet and I probably don't have enough time for that. If I'd thought about this a week ago, I might have got around to doing it, but oh well...
Though I wonder whether I'd have chosen anyone anyway since every time the topic of moderators comes up, I can never think of anyone I'd trust enough to use their powers in the correct sort of way...
Smurfton`s Avatar
Rating Orb Smurfton 22 United States CholericMelancholic 53C 2F
7 years ago | (0)
Maybe if you try (next time you two are gone) giving some of the people who have been rated at least a two very slight powers, and those that do well with them get to keep them, or even, have more powers.
Green Reuben`s Avatar
Rating Orb Green Reuben 16 New Zealand CholericPhlegmatic 167C 2F
7 years ago | (7)
That's what you've been doing up till now and Mardek 1,2 and 3 are amazing so it must be working.
david s`s Avatar
Rating Orb david s 19 United States MelancholicCholeric 1823C 898F
7 years ago | (7)
Well, I'm glad you're going to see your girlfriend! This is good news! Exclamation point!

To be honest, I don't get what you said about your music and how it relates to music theory. I think one of the things I like so much about your games is that they do not fit in to what other people do. Your games are different, in a good way! There's something about the music in your games that makes it better than other games. All this, of course, being said by someone who really doesn't play other games... But still, your games are absolute masterpieces! Every facet of them must work together in the perfect way, and you somehow manage to make it all happen. There are people who can make great art, and there are people who can make good music, and there are people who can make good games, but a true artist needs to make all the parts together, since different artists have a different thought of what the final product will be. You are the artist who makes things on his own. This means that every feature of every one of your games makes it unique, not following protocols.

That's what I love about these games, this music, even the art. You make people feel for characters, which is probably why DELIVERANCE and MARDEK are your most popular games, so this is probably something you should think about while making chimaera...

So anyway, I'm glad you're getting a break. I cannot begin to fathom how stressful the release of MARDEK 3 must have been for you, and how you must feel like you have all these people forcing you to keep working. You really don't need to work around the clock, you know, so this break is really overdue. So have a good time.
Daorack`s Avatar
Rating Orb Daorack 23 United States 26C 27F
7 years ago | (5)
Bravo, I have to agree with this post completely. Pseudo, I know telling you to cut yourself some slack will be pointless, so I will not. Instead, I will tell you this.

I think your work has been very impressive. Look at the following you have. Do you really think that could happen without there being some merit in your work? Obviously people like it. So do not worry, your work is doing just fine.

If you wish to improve it, that is your choice. I am just saying, you did not do a bad job originally. So, you should not feel bad.

Good job Pseudo. Go ahead and enjoy a much needed rest. :)
amelt`s Avatar
Rating Orb amelt 15 United States SanguineMelancholic 69C 0F
7 years ago | (9)
Not to sound pretentious or anything, but I actually know a fiar bit about music. And while it's possible you are right about the quality of earlier MARDEK music, Pseudo, it doesn't actually matter because people are too focused on the game to pay TOO much attention to the music, though I have to say that I quite enjoy listening to the sound test in MARDEK 3 (especially Zach's theme, it reminds me of the Gerudo Desert soundtrack, one of my all-time favorite Zelda songs), so I don't think it's that bad. Have confidence in your abilities!
Ajbcool`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β Ajbcool 23 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 290C 148F
7 years ago | (12)
Good luck on your Inspiration Trip!

Also, M3OST on Yahoo? And remember to link to your MiniCity! It's, like, super popular! And finish that walkthrough! </REMIND>
DetroitLionsFan`s Avatar
Rating Orb DetroitLionsFan 16 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 188C 99F
7 years ago | (14)
Well, it seems Mr. Pseudo is leaving us again! Have fun with Firequill, unless you got some other girlfriend, as I believe you ARE a pimp... (kidding, of course). Sorry to hear about Chimaera going badly, though you'll probably get through it. If you have some free time over the next five weeks, some casual work cannot hurt, right? And those piano adaptations seem to be going well; only three left, seemingly? Well, either way, however your vacation goes I wish you luck. Unless you try to kill yourself. Then I hope you mess up. Bye!
Green Reuben`s Avatar
Rating Orb Green Reuben 16 New Zealand CholericPhlegmatic 167C 2F
7 years ago | (11)
intensely orgasmic for the pimp comment.
The rest doesn't matter.
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