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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Work Schedule Thu 22nd Jan 2009 5:33pm

Category: Plans

Currently, I work on whatever game I'm in the mood to work on 'whenever'... I have no 'proper job' at this point in time (I'm hoping to get enough money from Flash games alone eventually; it's very possible), nor do I go to school or university anymore, so I have basically all my time as free time and I can work on things whenever I wish. With this arrangement, though, I tend to just put things off and not get much done, so I need to work on self discipline.
(Also, I bet that society has conditioned most of you to think that anyone who doesn't have a 'standard job' or their own house at my age is a 'loser'... hmm.)

A while ago, I tried making a daily schedule for myself, a timetable of what games I should be working on each day. I've been meaning to do that again for a while, but I haven't yet...

So, I want to come up with one now. Before, I worked on three games at once (MARDEK 3, Beast Signer and FHO), for about two hours each, and it worked great because I got enough done, hurrying instead of dilly-dallying (since two hours is not long), and I got quite a lot done but didn't feel tired and bored by any single game; it generally made me *look forward* to working on each game the next day!

I want to choose three more games to work on now, so, uh, I would be interested in hearing suggestions regarding which three games you'd like me to work on all at once!

Something that I should note though - probably disappointing, again; I'm such a waste of time! D: - is that I've been struggling to work on Chimaera for various reasons, BUT instead I started another game, which is also meant to be quick and easy to finish so then I can get it out fast, before my girlfriend gets here in about a month.
This one's called, at the moment, 'Raider 2', and it's a platformer, starring Arkus Zei, as in the other Raider game, but this time it's less like a 'Metroidvania'-style freeroaming interconnected-areas with RPG elements sort of thing, but more like a traditional 'block-based' platformer, like the early Mario games or something. Oh, and it's pixelated, and won't be as difficult as the other Raider at all. It's also not a sequel or a prequel to what there was of Raider's plot, but rather a 'side-story' of sorts.
Platformers were the first games I played and the first games I loved, and when I was little, before I owned a PC, I used to draw 'levels' for platformers that I made up, which I wished could be real... So I've always wanted to make a platformer, you see.
I've attempted it before in Flash, but my skills were never good enough to get the results that I wanted.
Recently, though, my interest in platformers was sparked again by a few independent games that I played, all pixelated platformers, and I've been having success with this 'Raider 2' thing so far. It makes me glad.
However, I will not be surprised if this sounds unappealing and disgusting to many of you people, because people come here for RPGs, probably, and many of you are likely young and didn't grow up with pixelated platformers like I did, so the nostalgia appeal is lost.

I'll get back to Chimaera soon - it's been in the planning stage for a couple of years now, probably, so it's not like I just came up with the idea and then abandoned it - it's just taking a long time to be realised.

Anyway, this 'Raider 2' thing will be one of the three games I work on, and the other will most likely be MARDEK 3, because I bet most of you will say that.
What about the other, though?

Something else that I wonder is... why don't people like Raider? I've noticed that people definitely don't, but why? Is it because the genre is unappealing to them, or the game itself is poorly made?
If you don't like Raider, why not? Have you ever played it? If not, why didn't you have any interest in doing so?
(I want to know these things so then I can hopefully make 'Raider 2' more appealing...)


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barry20`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! barry20 9 United States 11C 4F
9 years ago | (0)
[usedo i usually log in with my ;laptop and the past few days a whote screen comes up that says go away do u know why that could be?
Armun Sul`s Avatar
Rating Orb Armun Sul 14 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 117C 124F
9 years ago | (0)
If enough people don't want you to finish Raider, does that mean the storyline will never be complete?
Wiz Zumwalt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Wiz Zumwalt 32 Hungary SanguineMelancholic 247C 40F
9 years ago | (0)
I'm all excited about Mardek 3. Also, as it's very close to completion, it only makes sense to finish it if you can.

I've got one more preference, and that's FHO. I liked the (unfinished) Deliverance too, you seem to have put a lot more thought into the storyline than is immediately apparent from the parts that you actually finished. (I'd even be tempted to say it's a shame you aren't finishing it if it wasn't for my obvious lack of proper insight.) On top of that, the idea of user-contributed adventures is just great! (And actually... once the Mardek series is finished - or, more realistically: as finished as it'll ever be - it would probably be a good idea to make the same thing possible in Mardek as well.)

About Raider: Some of my favourite childhood games were platformers, but I never realised you had made one before reading this post! I'll probably play it sometime soon, and it's quite likely that I'll love it. In any case, I'll let you know.
gnome`s Avatar
Rating Orb gnome 19 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 386C 81F
9 years ago | (0)
Wow, a lot of the people on this site are assholes. It's not like you can expect more from little kids, though. Eh.
But uh, I'd like you to work more on FHO, because it'll probably be out before any of the other games, and it's something to keep everyone busy while you work on the rest.. or procrastinate.
But uh, yeah. Good luck with whatever.
Armun Sul`s Avatar
Rating Orb Armun Sul 14 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 117C 124F
9 years ago | (0)
Is Raider really your least loved game? How odd. I loved the storyline! It was awesome!
Tamwyn77`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tamwyn77 14 MelancholicPhlegmatic 13C 6F
9 years ago | (0)
I don't like Raider. I recently found it and tried playing it and well it's just not my type of game. I enjoy your Mardek and Pixilated games much more.
Bonzo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bonzo 16 United States CholericMelancholic 5C 20F
9 years ago | (0)
Eh, Raider just wasn't interesting for me. Nothing about it made me want to keep going on. Nothing excited me. But that's probably because I never really enjoy playing as a pre-made character in a pre-made story, with my experience being the same as everyone else who played the game. Which is why the 3 games I'm most looking forward to are:
2.Beast Signer

All of which have a large customobility factor. The most important factor in games, imo.
silence`s Avatar
Rating Orb silence 20 Australia PhlegmaticCholeric 65C 222F
9 years ago | (0)
Mardek, beast signer and raider 2

Raider was fine. The reason people dislike it is that you need to be quick about it in some of the places (e.g the falling spike ceiling rooms) whereas with your other games you can go as slow as you wish without fear. Raider is excellent and I only wished you finished all the bosses and rooms (I was quite suprised when I came across boss rooms sans the bosses)?
Malfury`s Avatar
Rating Orb Malfury 16 Canada PhlegmaticCholeric 26C 158F
9 years ago | (0)
I vote for: Mardek 3 (sequel to 2 of the greatest games I've ever played), FHO, and Beast Signer (can't see ya doing all 3 at the same time though. Must be a terribly large workload).
Personally, I though Raider was excellent. Maybe a bit too difficult, perhaps some of the levels were poorly designed, but the essence of the game was good enough. Used to pass by hours with my friends trying to see who could get the farthest.
dadog170`s Avatar
Rating Orb dadog170 13 Australia CholericSanguine 64C 20F
9 years ago | (0)
I love your games but the three are.......(drumroll please)

1. Mardek3- You're so close to finishing it, think of the satisfaction of completing a truly marvelous game

2. Beast signer- The classic Pokemon-esque game but with an excting twist.

3. DHO- It would be loved by many people and it will surely be fun.

Raider- Can't say I liked it much Reasons being it was too hard., and the same with Emma's reason...... it was lonely:(

Keep up the great work :) smiley face to you pseudo.!!!
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