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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar ERMA Mon 22nd Nov 2010 5:57pm


I've still not chosen any moderators yet (I am so ridiculously picky and find it hard to trust people; I'm the type who'd take forever to call someone a friend and who only eats like three types of food), but hopefully I'll come to some kind of decision soon.

Seems the reviews are doing okay so far, though. It'll probably take a while for people to get used to writing reviews before any really *good* ones come out. Not that the others are bad, as such - I wouldn't have approved them if they were - but they have generally been very brief so far, more like a fairly long comment than a thorough review, and they often haven't gone too deep into the game (that is, they've not given me a clear enough and interesting to read description of how it feels to play the game).

I've added what's called a 'Quality Stamp' to reviews. These are applied when the review is approved, and they remain there statically unless changed by another moderator. They're meant to show the general interest factor of reviews so then you can pick out which seem most worth reading, and also to perhaps encourage review writers to put in more time, care and effort in order to achieve a higher quality rating.
I've used these instead of the rating system from comments, posts and people just because they're meant to be 'what the site says of this review', rather than what the community thinks.

There are only five levels:

- 'Acceptable' is given to those that are approved, but perhaps they're only approved because the person wrote something at all which wasn't spam or trolling, but which doesn't really have many qualities that would make a good review. This isn't to be seen as a negative rating, but it should suggest that you should put in more time and care in future.

- 'Average' is what many reviews will get. They're of an okay length and say what they're meant to, but perhaps they don't give a good feeling for the game, or maybe the writing style is awkward, clumsy, or somewhat uninteresting to read through. They're the sorts of reviews that may leave you thinking 'okay' rather than 'ooh, I'm really interested in that!'

- 'Good' marks reviews that are above average, but not spectacular. Clearly the person has tried, given the review decent length, and been fair about their judgement, and their language is interesting. Still, there is room for improvement.

- 'Great' is similar to 'Good' but better; fewer mistakes and clumsiness and more interest; less room for improvement, but not much.

- 'Fantastic' is the highest quality rating, awarded to reviews that really hook you in with their use of language; reviews full of charisma that really know how to convince you as well as educate at the same time. They're the sorts of reviews that might make you laugh while developing your interest about playing - or not playing - the game they're reviewing. This should be hard to achieve.

You shouldn't feel discouraged if you get a 'low' rating, like Average or Acceptable, since at least you got accepted at all, and it should just encourage you to do better next time. With practice and experience, your reviews' quality will probably improve, and you could try looking at higher-rated reviews to see what they might have had that yours don't.

Currently only I can give them, but this brings me to my main point...

So far, there are two 'special ranks' on the site - Administrator (me) and Moderator (of which there aren't yet enough).
I mentioned in previous posts what I'd expect moderators to do, but I noticed that a few people showed interest in the review-critiquing-and-approving side of things but didn't think they'd want to be a Moderator just because they didn't want to bother with 'crime'-related stuff.

So, I decided to come add a different 'rank': 'Editor'. People of this rank would be able to approve reviews and read them, offering critiques, before they were approved, but they wouldn't be able to give banpoints or that sort of stuff that moderators can do.
Currently, despite their name, they wouldn't be able to literally edit the reviews' text (to prevent aggressive rewriting to suit the Editor's preferences), but they would be able to comment with suggestions before the review goes public. And, of course, being able to choose the review's Quality Stamp would be important too.

The 'ERMA' thing in the title refers to the hierarchy of ranks, which would go like this:

- 'E' would be the editors. They'd be able to see unapproved reviews and approve them with an appropriate stamp. They would be able to offer comments on the reviews to hopefully improve them before approving them.

- 'R' would be an official Reviewer. Reviews written by these people would end up on the front page (by this I mean that they'd appear in preview form underneath - or maybe above - where the recent blog post is). They'd also have the privileges of the Editor, meaning that they could read unapproved reviews and approve them. To get this rank, they'd need to have written several reviews with high quality stamps.

- 'M' is moderator, of course; they can do everything that Editors do as well as dealing with banpoints and so on.

- 'A' is me, the Administrator.

Now that this is in place, I'll ask again about interest in the moderator positions. I'll be much more lax about the criteria for choosing someone as an Editor than I would be about choosing someone as a Moderator, so if you're interested in being able to critique and approve reviews, but aren't interested in the site management stuff, then mention yourself here and I might brand you with a lovely silver 'E'.


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bibadeebob333`s Avatar
Rating Orb bibadeebob333 12 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 4C 4F
7 years ago | (3)
I can also go on every day almost maybe like three days tops I won't be on in a month
bibadeebob333`s Avatar
Rating Orb bibadeebob333 12 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 4C 4F
7 years ago | (5)
actually I wouldn't care, but i would rather be a moderator
bibadeebob333`s Avatar
Rating Orb bibadeebob333 12 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 4C 4F
7 years ago | (4)
I would love to be a moderator I think it would be cool, but I pretty much just started so I probaly won't get it, but I think it would be cool and I'm on everyday I can be.
The Crimson Sun`s Avatar
Rating Orb The Crimson Sun 20 Australia MelancholicPhlegmatic 89C 9F
7 years ago | (1)
Well, I figure I may as well put my name forward to be an Editor. I understand if I haven't been here long enough, or if you simply don't know me well enough, but there's no harm in applying, so here I am. I'm pretty good when it comes to reading and writing and such, if it helps.
Also, I'd much rather be an Editor than a Moderator, for the oft-stated reason that I wouldn't want to have to deal with the extra layers of responsibility. Perhaps I'll write a review or two in the future, to show my credentials. We'll see, I guess.
ThePuma765`s Avatar
Rating Orb ThePuma765 13 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 67C 0F
7 years ago | (3)
I would Like to Apply for an editor Because I love reviewing peoples work and I don't like Having a lot of power over people and a editor doesn't have a lot of power over them.Also I have plenty of time after 4:30Pm Central Time.

P.S I may be twelve but I have a very high vocabulary level and I rewrite so many of my friends reviews for his site that I think I would be suited for the job.
Icythefox`s Avatar
Rating Orb Icythefox 14 Canada CholericSanguine 2C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
I'd want to be an editor, but honestly, I really haven't been here very long at all. And I'm pretty sure there are more people here who know more about this website, and are therefore better fit for being an editor than I am. Oh well.
Matrigan`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β Matrigan 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 89C 165F
7 years ago | (2)
I'd like to apply as an editor. I definitely have enough time for the job, and given the number of editors, it's not like I'd be handling too large of a workload for myself. I think it's about time I gave something back to this site anyway, and I can be as harsh a judge as you want me to be. Well uh, you've seen enough of me around the chat, so I doubt anything I say here will determine whether I do or do not get editor status. Thanks for consideration.
Clouter`s Avatar
Rating Orb Clouter 16 Brazil CholericSanguine 15C 8F
7 years ago | (3)
Finnaly I have the opportunity to help. I'm tired of visiting this site and doing nothing to help this community. As an editor I would be able to help not only the site but the reviewers as well! I don't think I would fit the role of a moderator (I can't deal properly with to much responsability, and despite the fact that I'm an old member we've only talked a couple of times) but I believe I could help a lot as an editor. So, I would really appreciate if you made me an editor.
danielns13`s Avatar
Rating Orb danielns13 15 Canada CholericPhlegmatic 56C 12F
7 years ago | (2)
I'd love to be an editor, but I haven't really been around the site enough to really push for it. I thought I'd put my name up and explain why.

Well, I'd mostly like to be an editor because that's just the sort of thing I like to do. I love sifting through files, writings and forums and whatnot and reading them in my spare time. I probably have spent more time than is healthy sifting through old tier debates, webcomics and reviews for games that I have never played and that came out before I was born (I'm looking at you Zelda). Beyond my liking of the work, I mostly want to help out. I'm the kind of person that likes helping people, though I usually don't get much of an opportunity. Anyway, I also thought I should mention that I know I'm not that great a typist and I'm not to good with my words but as badly as I am a writer (even of things like this), I actually am half decent at reading and reviewing. I guess I"m trying to say that just because I'm not good at writing doesn't mean I can't think. :P

Anyway, that's it. I'm sorry if this at all comes across as pushy or braggy. I really didn't mean it that way. I'm just putting my name out to see if I can be of some help. If you don't want me, so be it. I'll be happy to just read whatever reviews are released.
Sillydragon`s Avatar
Rating Orb E Sillydragon 18 United States MelancholicCholeric 98C 41F
7 years ago | (3)
Gasp! This is what I was really waiting for. I don't care so much about being a mod, but being an Editor would be wonderful. As for why I want to be one and stuff like that, I made a comment[/u] about that on the last blog post, when I thought the only way to be an editor was to become a mod.
Sillydragon`s Avatar
Rating Orb E Sillydragon 18 United States MelancholicCholeric 98C 41F
7 years ago | (2)
DX What's this nonsense? My link didn't work very well. Sorry about that. I dunno what I did wrong, but I'm willing to guess it has something to do with my lack of programing ability.
david s`s Avatar
Rating Orb david s 19 United States MelancholicCholeric 1823C 898F
7 years ago | (1)
What happened was you said [/u] in your hyperlink, but all you need to do is [-u-r-l-=-GENERICWEBSITE]generic text that glows![-/-u-r-l-] only, without the -'s, and substituting the "GENERICWEBSITE" with the url. Like this: This website is awesome, ya'll!(If that didn't work, then I gave you bad advice! XP)
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