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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Sun 5th Dec 2010 2:18pm

Category: Weekly Updates

Work on 'Clarence's Big Chance' - which I described last week - is going well. I've been putting Twitter to more use than I expected I would, and announcing most of my progress, so if you've been keeping up with that, you'd already know I spent the last week making level 3 and now I'm up to making level 4... That's the final level.
Each level's fairly long, I suppose, for a Flash game, but not so long that replaying from the start would be a tedious chore. I'd hope! Maybe there's about two hours of playtime in the game if you do everything, but you could rush through it in maybe as few as ten minutes, getting nothing.

I'd estimate that it'll take about a week to finish level 4, since it's shorter than level 3 and I've already done the tileset and planned it and everything. If all goes well, which it probably won't, I can finish it by Wednesday!

Then there'd just be the final Date bit, the endings, and some various details to see to, and I'd have to do beta testing; maybe that'll come next week or the week after that.
When it comes, I'll ask for volunteers, and I'll probably be relatively lax about it since this isn't a really significant game like MARDEK 3 was.

So yes, finally I am getting close again to releasing another game. I'll probably end up stupidly timing it for Christmas when it's going to get the least attention. Pfft.

Also, I've planned my next project now! It was inspired by a dream, strangely enough.

I don't want to go into detail about the specifics in case I get peoples' hopes up and abandon it, but I'll at least be vague.
It's going to be an RPG, separate to MARDEK, since I've known for a while that I'd 'need' to make an RPG next.
I want to focus on specialising in just RPGs and Platformers, perhaps alternating between the two.

Since I'm still learning AS3, and I'm not used to making RPGs using that, it makes sense to start small on expendable projects instead of doing work on more long-term things like Beast Signer, FHO, or MARDEK, which I'll get to eventually. I will, I swear!1

So, my next project will be a shortish RPG just for the sake of building an engine, then future games will inherit and refine that engine, resulting, I hope, in a nice, clean behind-the-scenes structure for games like FHO and Beast Signer that I'd not constantly want to redo due to sloppiness.

I feel like I've said all this many times before, but oh well. Maybe it's vaguely interesting to hear about again anyway.

Bleh, I've been sleeping really terribly lately - at stupid times - and it's made me feel generally unhealthy and unmotivated, making work go slower than it really should. Hopefully I'll be out of that mess by the end of the week.

I really want to get CBC out of the way so then I can work on this next project. I think that maybe the point at which a project becomes tiresome is after a month of working on it; before that, it's exciting and I'd wake up eager to get work done on it, but after that, it feels like 'agh, I have to do that, don't I?'
So being able to finish projects within a month would be ideal... though I can't see it happening due to the size of the games I tend to work on.

Anyway, yes, this is news. Hooray. It's not very interesting, really, but maybe I'll have more exciting news next week.

Oh, but wait, I remember something I wanted to mention!

It is good that people are still using the Reviews section thing! It seems to be getting the site more hits, and it's good to know that people are involving themselves with the community like that or something. Keep it up, people!
I've added a link to the most recently approved review in the Recent Updates thing to give each review more attention. So your name will be displayed on all pages if you write a review that gets approved; isn't that nice?

Be aware though that we do want a certain *quality* about these reviews... Things that are long and detailed and written as if for someone who has never played the game you're talking about. I've noticed that many of them speak as if they assume the reader HAS played the reviewed game, or maybe they just give boring, insignificant details about the game - like the keys used to control the character - while neglecting to actually give their detailed opinion about the features ("I feel this way about it BECAUSE..." rather than "this bit was good").

I'd also prefer it if people under the age of around 13 or 14 didn't write reviews. If you're under that age, as clever as you may think you are, you just don't have enough mental development to write something really engaging to people significantly older than you. We're not looking for childrens' 'book report' style amateur essays, but serious journalistic endeavours if possible.
I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, but unfortunately we have to gradually earn certain privileges instead of just getting them at whatever time we please, y'know...

So anyway, people who qualify to write reviews at all should keep writing them, for the good of the site! It's a great way to help out if you want to but don't know how to contribute and don't have access to money or anything like that.

How many of you have actually been reading the reviews though? Have you found them worthwhile? Do you appreciate them as a feature?


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8008man2`s Avatar
Rating Orb 8008man2 16 United States MelancholicSanguine 43C 0F
7 years ago | (9)
i dont know im just waiting for mardek :P but since that comment was to short i had to add this sentence in effort to "elaborate" because saying im just waiting for mardek is apparently to short of a comment.
Oak`s Avatar
Rating Orb Oak 15 United States 26C 35F
7 years ago | (4)
I'm excited for the new game, as silly as it may or may not be, I love Pseudo's story lines. I mean honestly, we've all seen multi-billionaire corporations spin out the most horrible games in the world, and obviously Pseudo isn't a multi-billion corporation, and the quality of his work is amazing. How many internet game makers put that much effort and devotion to their games? Not many, and being in practically the main demographic of video game consumers, I say some of the people who are bothering to sell their work in large franchise stores could pick up a few tips from Pseudo.
jondalar19`s Avatar
Rating Orb jondalar19 19 Argentina MelancholicCholeric 72C 48F
7 years ago | (3)
I really like the review system, so far I have rediscovered a old saga, but learned the ending, replay three or four games of a strange developer with strange games with messages. I have read most of them, and I tried to do one, but I am still too bad in English to do a really decent review. But I will try again with a different game, perhaps this time it will work.

I think that the most good think this review system have is that there are still no reviews, so every jewelry of the gaming will come here as the players kept in theirs hearth and want to share it with the rest of us. Thats why it might appear games that have been created years ago.
ghotiboy`s Avatar
Rating Orb ghotiboy 20 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 31C 13F
7 years ago | (1)
Thus far, I've found the reviews to be interesting, if not particularly "useful." I say that mostly because most of the games that have been reviewed up to now have been out for a while, and many people (including myself) have already played them. That said, it is still interesting to see what other people think of a game, whether or not I've already played it, and if it helps you become a better developer, then I'm all for having reviews.

And to all the people getting uppity over the age thing: A line needs to be drawn somewhere, and 13-14 is perfectly reasonable.
Celso`s Avatar
Rating Orb Celso 20 Brazil MelancholicPhlegmatic 23C 18F
7 years ago | (4)
Hello Pseudo,
Don't know if it's meddling, if so I take it back pronto.
Could you give us some plot teaser about MARDEK 4, so we could feel less "cloudy" about it and wait for it more eagerly?
By the way, anxious for CBC, sounds like rich game; I like how you are "sleeves up" about your games and the site :)
chobale`s Avatar
Rating Orb chobale 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 55C 31F
7 years ago | (3)
I've read a few reviews, but I generally ignore them for the most part. That's what JayisGames is for. Sorry.
But anyway, I like how you're making decent progress on CBC. It's much more faster than what I've seen (M3), and I hope it will turn out alright.
Anyway, don't kill yourself, we won't be able to enjoy good, fun games from you if you do!
zelkyrie__`s Avatar
Rating Orb zelkyrie__ 16 Philippines 3C 1F
7 years ago | (9)
I think what Pseudolonewolf meant by 13-14 yr old review writers is not really the age of the writer.
He meant by 13-14yr old is the level of your critical analysis in the review.

If you are 12 and your critical analysis skills are for 20-year-olds, then make reviews as much as you like! :D

:D/ <- I like that smiley.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (13)
No, I meant the literal age. There is no way of measuring one's 'mental age' and in my experience, every 12-year-old thinks they're mature and intelligent for their age, even on the same mental level as those significantly older than them, but this is because they're as old as they've ever been and simply don't truly understand how far they've got left to develop. I remember when I was 12 or 13 and thought I was clever; it's only by looking back now with years more development that I can look back and see exactly how clever I * wasn't*.

Five-year-olds also tend to throw a tantrum if you suggest they are incapable of or not allowed to do something; have you ever noticed that?
And since said five-year-olds think that they can do anything, should we let them drive or become politicians?
No, we shouldn't, because essentially no five-year-old is mentally ready for something like driving or politics.

No 12-year-old has the 'critical analysis skills of a 20-year-old'. There are stupid 20-year-olds and bright 12-year-olds, but the bright 12-year-old is not 'equivalent to' any 20-year-old since it's not purely a matter of raw intelligence, but of life experience, brain development, and so on. The 12-year-old lacks 'wisdom' and they need to *earn* it by ageing.
DetroitLionsFan`s Avatar
Rating Orb DetroitLionsFan 16 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 188C 99F
7 years ago | (0)
True, but some 13-year-old might have the "critical analysis skills" of a 15 or 16 year old, couldn't they? I mean, I've met some incredibly intelligent 13 year olds before, who have an exceeding command of the English language. To write a review, all you need are insight and English skills, not life experience or 'wisdom', and some 12-14 year olds have those skills. I mean, the common 12 year old is sophomoric and falsely intelligent, but the more intelligent 12-14 year old is insightful and somewhat mature, and which one of those two is more likely to stay on this site? I would guess the more mature one, as this site is geared to more mature people.

We're not talking about being able to drive or participate in politics, we're talking about writing a game review for a website.

P.S. Pseudo, when you were younger, were many of the people you saw of the temperament?
jondalar19`s Avatar
Rating Orb jondalar19 19 Argentina MelancholicCholeric 72C 48F
7 years ago | (1)
It happen exactly the same way to me... When I discovered how immature I was, I felt very embarrassed, and preventing that "I know a lot more for my age and I am totally mature" thinking, now I believe that there is always something new to learn and a lot more to mature. Arg... Even remembering that past make me feel strange.
Juncboks`s Avatar
Rating Orb Juncboks 20 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 30C 9F
7 years ago | (1)
Please understand, I doubt that Pseudo is looking to bash little kiddywinks. I fully understand the age limits and fully expected younger people to be up in arms about it, which they are. When I was in fourth grade I had the reading and writing comprehension of a standard twelfth grade curriculum. Does that mean I was capable of writing at that level? Maybe. Does that mean it would be to the par of an 18 year old's taste? Not in any fathomable way. What Pseudo says is correct, "'s not purely a matter of raw intelligence, but of life experience, brain development, and so on." A genius 14 year old doesn't hold the same social or mental functions as a twenty year old, it's the simple facts. The 14 year old may *know* that he shouldn't drink alcohol to an extent, but the 21 year old *understands* that knowledge. While we would like to say that we grasp things well beyond our years, that actually happening is few and far between. He's not saying that you are all incompetent, he is making a solid line to keep 'trash' to a minimum. I admit that there are things 25 year old's understand, that I only think to grasp; even more-so as age increases. A wise man is wise enough to know how little he knows. I really do think that this is a good thing. To all of you "younglings" actually taking the time to read through this comment, this is simply giving you something to strive towards, work for; a purpose for growth. I hope that you don't let your youth discourage you; Pseudo is making a wise move that you'll understand when you get older.
DetroitLionsFan`s Avatar
Rating Orb DetroitLionsFan 16 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 188C 99F
7 years ago | (1)
But what extent of "wisdom" is needed to write a game review? I understand that twenty year olds have undergone greater mental development than the average twelve year old has (except in extenuating circumstances, but those can be left out for the sake of argument), but how much maturity is needed? Again, I refer you to my statement above saying that all you need to write a game review are insight and English skills. It's obvious that older person are more "mature" in the traditional sense, and that they (the twenty year olds) can grasp concepts that the genius twelve year old cannot grasp, but how does that equate to writing reviews? Some degree of maturity is needed to write a review, but that degree of maturity is small.

A ten year old does not understand as much as me, I don't understand as much as you, you don't understand as much as Pseudo, and Pseudo doesn't understand as much as a 25 year old. Those are "the simple facts". But if the insight and English skills are there, why should maturity disqualify someone from reviewing a game?
amelt`s Avatar
Rating Orb amelt 15 United States SanguineMelancholic 69C 0F
7 years ago | (0)
You have to remember, though, that each person's level of "life experience" is different. One 14-year-old may have gone through a lot in his life and be considered quite wise, while another could be sheltered and considered naive and ignorant. I also agree with DetroitLionsFan that one doesn't necessarily need so much of said "life experience" as long as one can write in an interesting and informative matter without needing to be proofread for spelling/grammar mistakes.
Tyki7125`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tyki7125 14 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 38C 85F
7 years ago | (4)
Why did I have the feeling the 13-14 year old reviewing was directed towards me even though I haven't made one yet?

Technically in my english class we are writing many long analytical essays not children's book reviews (seriously I out dated those YEARS ago).

I read the reviews and I feel like they are mostly great!

Psuedo I just recommend that you don't stereotype all of use "young people" and you respect us for who we are, not how old we are.
DeNovo`s Avatar
Rating Orb E β DeNovo 24 United States MelancholicSanguine 244C 201F
7 years ago | (4)
Given the fledgling state of the reviews section, most of the people who are writing reviews are still in the process of learning what a good review is and how to improve their own reviews. I imagine that, with time, our reviewers will start being able to provide meaningful analysis of the games they play, and the official reviewers will make for interesting opinions on the recent developments in the flash community. I wasn't expecting this to become some sort of hub--people come here to read about you and, as of now, contributing to the site through reviews has more value than the reviews that are contributed, I guess. Give it some time. :)
amelt`s Avatar
Rating Orb amelt 15 United States SanguineMelancholic 69C 0F
7 years ago | (11)
"I'd also prefer it if people under the age of around 13 or 14 didn't write reviews." Since you said "under" the age of 13 or 14, and I am over 14 years old (14.7, really) am I correct in the assumption that I would be able to submit reviews? Because, Gosh darn it, Mr. Pseudo, you saying someone my age can't do something like that well makes me want to do it all the more!
DetroitLionsFan`s Avatar
Rating Orb DetroitLionsFan 16 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 188C 99F
7 years ago | (1)
I don't think he meant strictly "to-the-minute" 14 years old...I mean, I doubt Pseudo would reject your review simply because you're 14 years old. That would be close-minded and arrogant, and Pseudo isn't either of those (I think), so I wouldn't get too discouraged.
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