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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update: AFR Stuff Mon 31st Jan 2011 12:38am

Category: Weekly Updates

I suppose it would be wise to give my Weekly Updates subtitles for the sake of archiving; it's no use trying to find a specific post when they're all just called 'Weekly Update'!

No word yet about Clarence's Big Chance... It's been ages since I finished that. I knew the sponsorship would take a while, but I hoped it wouldn't take THIS long! I'll have to contact people yet again... and I might have to do things a different way which I was trying to avoid. Sigh.

I've been working a lot on Alora Fane though, which I'm glad about. I've mainly been doing mechanics-related stuff rather than anything plot-related, since I want to have a fully working game before starting any story events, just so I don't need to go back and keep changing things (this is something I've learned from working on MARDEK; with that, I added functionality as I went along making plot events, and ended up regretting it).
I have however written the story in detail (in the form of events rather than dialogue at this point).

Since people do seem to want me to, I'll include a few screenshots here. I'll maybe include others in future updates too, though I won't be strict about it, trying to include one each week out of necessity or anything. I'll only include things that I actually want to show.

Some of you will be delighted to know that I have added a spoiler tag, which means I'll be able to hide all this stuff if you don't want to see it. So here it is:

Spoiler for Alora Fane:

I think I'll leave it at that for now! More next week, probably!
If people have questions they'd like answered, perhaps you can ask them and I can answer some of them in the next update? That would give me something to write about!


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winson5524760`s Avatar
Rating Orb winson5524760 16 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 2C 0F
7 years ago | (3)
The only thing that i didn't like is the world map (i know it's not final), it look "lush" but not overgrown because there aren't a lot of trees,and there are few type of tree or just plants, and since you said that it's for exploring it needs to be more "lively" so there is something for us to explore.
Adrian2`s Avatar
Rating Orb Adrian2 13 Denmark Phlegmatic 16C 2F
7 years ago | (6)
Cool, but it needs... something...Mardek is MUCH better.
Jimmyd33`s Avatar
Rating Orb Jimmyd33 14 United States 5C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
Im just waitin for Mardek 4 to come out. btw i would gladly pay for it since mardek 3 was amazing
rs111`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! rs111 12 Saint Helena Phlegmatic 2171C 94F
7 years ago | (7)
How do you make that pixelated text? I mean, it wouldn't be so hard to do it for the names above the health bars, but what about the numbers and the text that appears on the menu and conversation? Did you make some type of a custom filter for the text which makes it pixelated? Is that a font? It would be very tedious to add all that pixelated text as bitmaps or movie clips.... since you wouldnt be able to dictate directly what a text field should say using actionscript...
Supergnash`s Avatar
Rating Orb Supergnash 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 354C 145F
7 years ago | (3)
I might not be right, and if I'm not I hope someone else will correct me, but I think it would be a font that he created, it would be easier to do stuff with, especially with numbers on the health and stuff, otherwise it would be far too complicated.
rs111`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! rs111 12 Saint Helena Phlegmatic 2171C 94F
7 years ago | (2)
Yeah... thanks for replying....
I checked and it seems that you can import custom fonts to flash, I didnt know that before...
1 Reply
Big Cao`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! Big Cao 17 Heard Island and McDonald Islands Melancholic 17C 0F
7 years ago | (10)
Monocera, just shut the smeg up and get the hell out of here.

Pseudo, the screenshots look pretty good and this project looks like it will be a great success :D. Maybe you could add a feature where there will be more smaller pixels so we can change between the quality depending on our computer speed? I know it might take very long (I'm a programmer too!) and I'm not saying that you have to do it but if you could stop time somehow then........:D?

Another idea is that you could probably have Thymus meet up with Mardek or something.......
OinkyMcPoink`s Avatar
Rating Orb OinkyMcPoink 12 United Kingdom MelancholicCholeric 5C 0F
7 years ago | (11)
I think that this is going to be a good, deep game. Yet I still cannot find the meaning of Alora Fane... *grumbles*
Supergnash`s Avatar
Rating Orb Supergnash 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 354C 145F
7 years ago | (13)
What do you mean, "the meaning" of Alora Fane? It's a game! It's meaning is to entertain us. Even if it's "simpler" than usual, it will likely be just as good, if not better.
OinkyMcPoink`s Avatar
Rating Orb OinkyMcPoink 12 United Kingdom MelancholicCholeric 5C 0F
7 years ago | (10)
Well, actually I meant the meaning of the title... though it is kind of easy to misunderstand. I will try to express myself more clearly in the future.
2 Replies
fieldmarker`s Avatar
Rating Orb fieldmarker 14 Netherlands SanguineCholeric 80C 0F
7 years ago | (16)
Complaints about weapons just getting stronger, grinding, and the rest of those classic RPG elements? I wish there was a RPG that was purely based on your skills as a tactician. Oh wait. That game does exist. It's called chess. Oh, and also Pseudolonewolf, how about some spoilers about the reasons for the name "Alora Fane". You said you didn't have any plot yet, but I guess you have to be that far.

With all due respect, Fieldmarker.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (13)
No I didn't, I said that I'd planned the plot out fully but I haven't worked on actually integrating the plot events into the game yet. That is, the plot exists in a text document (in the form '[character] does this, you go to this dungeon, etc' rather than being specific dialogue), but only in that document so far.

I started writing about the reason for the name/setting, but it seemed too 'spoilery' so I'll leave it for another time. It requires a long explanation in order to make sense.
Duogduogduog`s Avatar
Rating Orb Duogduogduog 16 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 62C 12F
7 years ago | (9)
The guy looks a Red mage with the hat.. and the guy i'm typing about this instance, What is the name of the hat, I need to know the name of the hat's name!
The game is stunning in graphics and you alone with have them i bet, I respect that, Each man or woman has their own unqine art and skill in this.. Even me.
mardekadict`s Avatar
Rating Orb mardekadict 14 United States CholericPhlegmatic 33C 26F
7 years ago | (19)
in my opinion it seems like a new ramped up version of deliverance
doraslayer3`s Avatar
Rating Orb doraslayer3 16 United States SanguineMelancholic 29C 9F
7 years ago | (11)
I'm excited about Alora Fane! I'm sure that with as much time as you put into your games, this will turn out just as well as the Mardek series has! However,
Spoiler for Alora Fane:

However, that is just my opinion, and I'm sure that whatever you decide on doing will be great based on your work that I have seen! Good luck with the project, as well as getting sponsorship for CBC!
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