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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update: After CBC Sun 27th Feb 2011 12:17pm

Category: Weekly Updates

Clarence's Big Chance: Performance Review
Well, finally, Clarence's Big Chance is done and released, which is a relief. I've just got to add some little things to it now and I need to wait a few days, then I'll upload it to other sites like Newgrounds, and here.

It's interesting looking at the comments; I didn't realise how stupidly cruel the whole game was until I saw them. o_O
It's a peculiar effect, that; Mario jumps around on koopas and goombas and such without any hint of mercy or remorse, yet he's a hero; Clarence, however, in jumping in the same way on the heads of pet dogs and cats and his own parents, makes him an utter, heartless monster!!1
It's one of the things I wanted to do with the game; show how amusingly absurd platformers tend to be, by putting one in a real-world setting.

The game hasn't done as well as I might have hoped, but I suppose it's done better than I *expected*. I expected fewer people to 'get it', and I expected more negative comments than I got on Kongregate.
However, its score wasn't high enough to place it highly in any contests, and it may never get badges due to lack of interest. Oh well.
Now that it's no longer on the front page of Kongregate, it's unlikely to get many more views there.

Clarence's Big Chance: A Look Back
As a project, I think that it went fairly well. I finished it in around two to three months, which is faster than many other projects I've done in the past, and fairly good considering that it was my first proper AS3 project (after giving up on Chimaera).
Since it was my first AS3 project, though, there were some technical aspects of it that I'd do differently if I were to make another platformer. I made it with the intention of making its engine reusable for other games, but chances are I'll do another platformer engine based on what I've learned at some point, as I do intend to make more platformers.

It was interesting doing a completely silly idea for a change, without worrying about some kind of deep, emotional plot. But as a result, my interest in the game was less than it could have been; I didn't have some emotional bond with it and during late development, it felt like the joke was wearing thin and getting old... I don't know if it's something I'd do again - basing a game on a silly idea my girlfriend and I came up with one day - at least not any time soon.

It's interesting how a lot of the comments said that the game was *too long*... This means that I can get away with releasing shorter games, if I get them sponsored anyway.

I've also taken note of the parts that people have had problems with - like the bit in the Internet History bit with disappearing blocks, and not being able to find Clarence's pants - so I'll learn from those comments and know what kind of obstacles not to do in future.

So all in all, I achieved what I wanted to with it, and it performed as well as I felt it should have. I never meant to make loads of money for it or to top the charts; just to play around for my own amusement and get used to learning AS3.

Now, onto other projects...
I've been thinking more about 'fig coins', and 'keys' for my games, and stuff.... Wondering about what exactly would be considered worth paying for, and what wouldn't be. Specifically in regards to Alora Fane.

Alora Fane's Structure
I originally planned it in 'parts', sort of, but never really intended them to be released separately or anything.
There's something I'm doing with the game that I did with MARDEK, too. I seem to like focusing on different points of a protagonist's life, so as to give the feeling that you know them better than you might if you only saw them as an adult.
As such, Alora Fane covers around seven different parts in the early life of the protagonist, Thymus, starting with him as 'a child' and then eventually focusing on different time periods about a year apart, with him eventually being around the age of 20.

The world around him - and the characters he shares his life with - all change as he does, so each time time passes, new dungeons are available and other characters' relationships with him change (in terms of plot events, rather than some kind of sim-like relationship meter).

However, like with MARDEK Chapter 1, I didn't think it'd be too interesting playing as him as a little boy, so the segments that deal with his very early life are short indeed.
The first 'chapter' would introduce him, and the main supporting characters who are the same age as he is, as well as explaining the setting in general terms. He'd go into a single dungeon, then the chapter would end afterwards. It'd probably be about as long as chapter 1 of MARDEK.

In the second chapter, he'd be a year or two older; still a child rather than an adult (though with a somewhat different appearance to show he's going through a transitional stage between child and adult).
In my current plans, this chapter wouldn't be very long either... It only has two dungeons in it.

The third chapter, however, is the first look you get of his adult form; he's about 16 or 17, and has a sprite that he'll continue to have for the next few years/chapters. This is the main 'meat' of the plot, it seems (or at least of the dungeon romps), and as such there are four or five dungeons here.

Chapter four would have two dungeons, then an event which would end up 'splitting the game in half', so to speak.

Chapter five would have two dungeons again, but you'd have been to one of these in chapter two and you'd be doing it again for plot-related reasons...

Chapter six is as big as chapter three since the game has a sort of 'symmetry' to it; it would have four or five dungeons.

There were originally going to be two further chapters, or another chapter and an epilogue, but each is short enough that I could probably just combine them.
There'd be one dungeon, another optional dungeon, the 'final confrontation' (there's always one of those), and another bit which would be an epilogue of sorts, where you can walk around and talk to people and find out some answers about various plot stuff that'd happened up until that point.

Seven isn't a nice number to me... I like even numbers. However, I suppose it's a lucky, magical number, and the number of colours in a rainbow, so hmm...

But now we come to money!
Since I've been talking about the fig coins system, I've been wanting to charge a number of coins for each chapter of Alora Fane.
But as you can see, perhaps, from my brief descriptions there, I'm not sure whether some chapters would be worth charging money for, since they aren't very long (dungeons might take maybe half an hour), and I certainly couldn't charge the same amount for them all since they're so variable in size.

I could split the game into two instead, since there definitely is that event in the middle that would make this easy. I'd make the first chapter free to play so then you could see what the game's like, then I'd have the other two big chapters, each of which would include more than one year of Thymus's life...
That'd give you more value for money - each chapter might be between MARDEK 2 and 3 in length, approximately - but it would also mean considerably longer times between releases of each part... probably.

OR I suppose I could release 'key packs'; two for the game. So I'd release each of the short chapters one-by-one, but charge only twice as if there were only two. It's a combination of the two ideas, and it'd mean faster releases, but it'd mean less money for me, and it'd mean that you'd have to buy the keys while trusting that I'd release what I said I would at some point, since you wouldn't be able to play all of your purchase immediately... So hmm.

A part of me would love to milk as much money as I could out of it, but I'd never feel right selling something that I didn't feel was worth selling...
As for prices, maybe I'd go as low as 100 coins per chapter if I released each one individually, or something like 300 or 500 for each 'key pack' or big chapter... I'm not sure.

Another project that I've been thinking about and feeling surprisingly eager to work on is Raider!!1
Oh, how people love Raider. People keep begging me to work on it since they love it so much... instead of complaining whenever I even bring it up, and surely groaning and wondering why on Earth I stick with it!

I'm not sure why I keep coming back to Raider in all its forms, like a dog returning to its vomit.
Maybe I just have some kind of connection to the flat character of Arkus Zei, the setting of it all... Maybe I just don't like feeling that the five-part plot of the pixelated versions was never finished.

I did start working on a new version of Raider recently, and released some early prototypes where you could wall jump, run, and that sort of stuff which made the game largely more fun to play. There was another version, too, where you could fly around in your ship in this big grid of space, between worlds, and each world had a 'node map' with five or six small, distinct levels.

I'd like to return to Raider as a paid game, possibly, and I have ideas for how I'd want to do it. I'd essentially make it a cross between a platformer and an RPG, or something like Zelda maybe.

Originally I meant for there to be a huge grid of space where you flew around in a top-down view in your ship; each grid square was a screen in size, and the whole grid was something like 8x8 or 10x10 of these screens... Rather large.
I had hopes also of having 'ship battles' and stuff; buying ship parts to fight off enemy pirates or the 'space police'.
Each of the five 'zones' with their main levels would be a distinct entity that you'd fly towards and then enter, but you'd also be able to fly around to find shops, places to talk with NPCs, hidden treasure, or individual levels that took place on planetoids, moons or asteroids.

I'd still want to retain some of these features, but not necessarily all of them.

Instead, I'd have each of the five episodes - and I'd like to do five, sticking with the same plot of Arkus and Echelle and stuff, but starting again from the beginning and improving plot and characterisation stuff while perhaps adding other characters and just generally trying to make it more interesting - set in its own region of space; there'd still be the flying around on a grid, but instead the whole region of space might be 3x3 or 4x4 screens.
You'd have the main 'zone' somewhere in the middle, and when entering it you'd be able to move between the five or six levels it had to offer, but at some points, you might find that a level has an impassable obstacle for which you need a special key or tool to bypass.

At this point, you'd need to get back in your ship and fly around a bit, exploring, either looking for what you need in shops (and trying to collect enough money to buy it), or finding small shipwrecks to loot, or small asteroids you could explore to find what you need.

For example, in the first episode, you'd travel around the haunted ship that Arkus had found, but on one level you might find that your way is blocked by ghosts, and the only way to get past without dying is to find a special weapon that can actually harm ghosts.
So you'd fly around in your ship, and hear from some person at a shop or space-bar that there was an ancient ruin at coordinates 2,1,16,5, so then you'd go there and search, discovering an asteroid... which you'd go down to, explore as an individual level, and at the end you'd win your prize; a blaster that could defeat ghosts.
You'd go back to the 'main dungeon' and try the level again, finding that you could progress further.

I personally find this concept appealing, to work on and to play, but I don't know how much appeal it has to anyone else.
Chances are if I charged coins for each chapter, it wouldn't be many; 100 or 200 at something. If I even go through with this at all.

MARDEK Piano Collections!
Though this post is humongous enough as it is, I just want to briefly mention something else I've been working on.

A while ago, I mentioned that I was doing another MARDEK 'Piano Collections' album thing. While the first one's sales didn't exactly make me a millionaire, a few people did indeed buy it, and I still seem to get a sale or two every week. So I think that making more albums is a way to make some money, at least.
I'm also interested in composing the things from an artistic point of view, so it's not all about business.

Rather than focusing on music from chapter 2 (like the first one focused on chapter 1), I'm focusing on 'character themes' from all the chapters combined.
I've come up with two different albums, which I'll make separately. The first will contain the themes of:

1. Emela
2. Solaar
3. Legion
4. Saul
5. Clavis
6. Lone Wolf

While the second will contain:

1. Duet
2. Siren Song
3. Nature's Maiden
4. Saviours
5. Vehrn
6. Zach

I've covered most of the character themes here, but I've omitted a small number of them since either I'm not particularly interested in them myself, or I feel they won't be very easy to adapt for the piano.
Not that any of these are easy to adapt... I knew basically nothing about chord theory, basic harmonics, when composing these pieces originally, but now that I DO know about that stuff, I can see the dissonance in them and it's hard to get around it without changing the tune too much.

I've done Emela's Theme now, so I'll try to do the others in the next few days or weeks.

I always seem to make these news posts much, much longer than they have any real business being! Sorry for rambling so long!
I think I've covered everything that I am working on at the moment, though.
I should try using Twitter more often to report my progress as it happens...


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crocodileman94`s Avatar
Rating Orb crocodileman94 16 Sweden 25C 2F
7 years ago | (1)
random person: can i play this game
shopowner: sure, but you have to pay me 4$ first
random person: what, i can't afford that much money. cant i play it for free?
Dragon smart`s Avatar
Rating Orb Dragon smart 13 India CholericPhlegmatic 7C 0F
7 years ago | (6)
I know its off topic but i found no other place to post it, so please make mardek 4 after this chapter because i am a big fan of mardek
JoRiver`s Avatar
Rating Orb JoRiver 15 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 19C 8F
7 years ago | (2)
Wow, I love long Weekly Updates!

Anyway, I thought that CBC was really successful. The community seemed to really take to it, and the critical response from the players was amazing at Kongregate. I am still waiting for Jayisgames to review it (they loved Raider). But you are better informed as to what to wish for from a platformer, so I defer to you in your judgment that it is not doing as well as you hoped. But I am sure it will continue to grow - it is still a young game. And I think it will do even better in a more adult website such as Newgrounds (though whether or not that results in more cash for you I do not know). By the way, not to be annoying, but did you think of uploading Mardek 3 to the other portals yet. I mean, I only play on Kongregate, so it makes no difference to me, but I have been around, and players on Armor Games and Newgrounds have been clamoring for it for a while. This might bring more awareness of you (how can a 40 hour game not do so?), hence more awareness of this site, and from there more awareness of the Fig Coins idea. The more awareness the better for this thing, and Mardek 3 could serve as as a free and very effective awareness campaign. I just thought of bringing this up again now that you are releasing CBC on other portals. Players will find out who made it, and from there will start bringing this issue up again, I imagine.

I'll try not to jump to conclusions, but Alora Fane already sounds really amazing in concept. The short individual episodes make it sound as if you can complete them fairly quickly, though creativity does not run on a set schedule. It almost sounds like a more character-based Mardek series. Not saying Mardek had bad character development - that was as good as a movie (a good movie, not the garbage that they make so often nowadays). But while Mardek jumped in age from Chapter 1 to 2 rather drastically, Alora Fane deals with everything. Oh dear, I hope that paragraph wasn't too confusing, with me switching from using those as titles for the series and as names for the characters! The small episodes will also serve to maximize profit should you decide to upload them on portals as a sponsorship deal.

About the idea with Raider, I actually enjoyed the original series quite a bit. It had a unique feel, with it being unapologetically hard. I mean, I was never able to do the second episode with anything but easy mode, and that was still a challenge. I guess this new idea will be more mainstream, and it sounds great too. Will it be similar to Raider Zero i.e. a platformer with elements of an RPG? Raider Zero would easily be one of the best never-released games in my book (I spent forever trying to kill the Toxi-Kraken). I think that this would be excellent to test the Fig Coins concept with, except for the fact that you are making this after Alora Fane. Because, no offense, but Alora Fane is a much more surefire bet than Raider is, and Raider will probably be the most profitable and easiest through Fig Coins. (I mean, I can imagine a scenario where sponsors would be clamoring for Alora Fane after your Mardek Series).

I see a lot of people are still concerned about the cost of your games. No, I do not think that you should make the prices any lower. I mean, I am one of those people who will by no means be able to pay for your games by any way than begging. It is a fact I sincerely regret, because I would dearly love to contribute to your coffers for the wonderful games you make. I also acknowledge that I don't deserve anything at all from you, and am just fortunate you made the other games of yours available for free. I am hoping that most people would be willing to pay. As for me, I would be willing to wait for a while for your games. The most tragic thing that could possibly happen is for everyone to not pay and wait - of course, if you see a lot of people just waiting to play it for free, I guess you could contact sponsors. I hope I did not sound hypocritical in my post, as I am one of the problems of the system. Oh, and I do think you can charge more for your games. I play a flash game called Quick Hit, which is a football simulation game. There, one SINGLE player (as in, one defensive end or something) could cost up to $50 (and no, the zero at the end is not a mistake)! Of course, the makers of the game received some anger, but I think it is testament that you have a long way to go before you are overpricing your games. But still, I guess you have to make sure to not drive anyone away who is on the fence. Just don't feel as if there is a strict ceiling to your price (especially with the begging option).

Finally, I am ecstatic that you are back to composing. Again, I will not be able to buy it, but it was great to listen to at Bandcamp, and I am sure many will buy it. Elwyen's Theme is one of my favorite musical motifs, period. I quite literally whistle it all the time (up and down the stairs at school, in the train, while doing homework, etc.), and my relatives are always asking what I am whistling. Can't wait to hear it again in Chapter 4!
8008man2`s Avatar
Rating Orb 8008man2 16 United States MelancholicSanguine 43C 0F
7 years ago | (0)
Also, happy birthday. I just turned 16 less than a month ago.
8008man2`s Avatar
Rating Orb 8008man2 16 United States MelancholicSanguine 43C 0F
7 years ago | (0)
Sadly, since for some reason I can not reply to any comment, I am forced to write a new one. This is in response to Pseudolonewolf's comment. I understand that you have to make a living, but I was under the impression that you already had a job as the way you had worded one of your previous weekly updates, you made it seem like you had a paycheck. Since I am only 16, I probably don't really understand the magnitude of bills, paychecks, and what-not, mainly because if I need money, I ask my parents and they usually give me some money. However, I do understand the need for money because I am of the lower middle class, so I know what its like to have to eat emergency food when my parents could not afford to buy groceries, or not be able to buy my girlfriend a gift for valentines day. I'm not saying you don't have to make money, and I can understand the reason behind the idea, but (how do i say this without sounding like a jerk), I guess i would have to say that the reason people pay for MMO's such as Runescape, WOW, and other games is because of the substance. even though they cost a lot of money, they can be played forever, so long as you have the money, and you can interact with other people outside of just a chat room. Another reason i mentioned Runescape is because it is constantly being updated. I stopped playing for a week and they already added tons of new content and changed the format, etc. I am simply saying that I think actual people, not just me, would have trouble paying for a flash game that they beat in one day, when they can go to another site, such as Kongregate or Armorgames, and play games for free, including MMO's. Which leads me to another question. If you start adding site only content, such as keys to unlock certain aspects of your games, wouldn't most sites not want to sponser them, mainly for the fact that wouldn't benefit from the site only content? So in adding special content, you might risk losing sponsorship, and maybe even gain a competator two in making flash games. I wasn't trying to come off as the bad guy, and I'm not trying to now, I am just saying what I think will happen. Please respond, and also my suggest why I can't respond to any comments on this site.

Green Reuben`s Avatar
Rating Orb Green Reuben 16 New Zealand CholericPhlegmatic 167C 2F
7 years ago | (0)
I used to have a problem with replying, everytime I clicked on "reply" it would send me to the top of the page and nothing else. It came right eventually, do you have the same problem?
Green Reuben`s Avatar
Rating Orb Green Reuben 16 New Zealand CholericPhlegmatic 167C 2F
7 years ago | (0)
I say stick with Raider, even though a lot of people (like me) aren't here for platformers. You're good at making them but so are countless amounts others. Your RPG's don't seem to have any contest, others seem to have low quality or just seem unappealing to me, they're easily on par with the best 2D RPG's (including commercial games) and by far better than FF13, you have talent in several aspects of game making but your music and RPG's set you apart from the rest. Keep making the Raider games and other platformer because variance is always good (for you as well because making RPG's can get repetitive).

I'm looking forward to seeing how Alora Fane comes out (so far so good from what I'm hearing from you).

Quick poll if anyone wants to do it:
Did you like the original raider more than the newer version or not? State your reasons.
Personally I preferred the original because I liked how it looked more and the RPG leveling system seemed pretty cool.
Green Reuben`s Avatar
Rating Orb Green Reuben 16 New Zealand CholericPhlegmatic 167C 2F
7 years ago | (1)
I just want to know something about figcoins.
If I had 1500 (or whatever number (losing that many would make me sad))figcoins and then I was somehow banned (fair or unfair reasons it doesn't really matter) what would happen to the fig coins?
AlphaNum3r1c`s Avatar
Rating Orb AlphaNum3r1c 17 China PhlegmaticCholeric 55C 9F
7 years ago | (1)
I suppose that, in the case that they aren't refunded, it would serve as an incentive to adhere to the rules.
Also, it would discourage alt-making, as investing in one account causes making others less desirable (which also helps enforce rules :D)
1 Reply
Tyki7125`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tyki7125 14 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 38C 85F
7 years ago | (0)
Again I would like to say that the chances of the I'd say 16(?) and under crowd paying to play is low. I know that I probably wouldn't knowing that I can barely get my parents to pay for my X-Box live.

On a different note, I am just about to play CBC and I am exited. Your work is amazing; even though much of them are 'demos'.

Also, even though you are sick of it and have others in line, I would appreciate it if you started working on Mardek 4 relatively soon. I have my 3 save file sitting there and I honestly CAN'T WAIT.

Tyki out–
Procyonpi`s Avatar
Rating Orb Procyonpi 19 United States 6C 6F
7 years ago | (4)
Pseudo, there's about a page of comments of the Kongregate badge suggestions thread about Clarence's Big Chance. If it doesn't get badges, it won't be due to lack of interest.
RickyProduction`s Avatar
Rating Orb RickyProduction 15 Australia PhlegmaticCholeric 72C 3F
7 years ago | (5)
From what I heard, CBC did relatively well. But coming from you, it sounds pretty bad. o_O

As I've said time and time again, I can AFFORD Fig Coins and stuff, but I have no way of using said money on the Internet. Massive letdown on my part.

I liked playing 'New Raider' as I called it, and all those little extra commands made it seem like it'd be very fun to play. Also, I like the idea of leaving, getting an item or something, then returning. As long as it's not put to the scale of how FF1 was, Going from one side of the world to the other, BY WALKING, to get something, then go back, then go back to the other place again, for about 5 hours of gameplay. -_-
8008man2`s Avatar
Rating Orb 8008man2 16 United States MelancholicSanguine 43C 0F
7 years ago | (4)
Just a few things that have been floating around in my mind about the whole money situation. I really don't think it would be a good idea to make people pay for your games, especially Mardek and Alora Fane, considering how much you hyped us up for it. Its like when i was waiting for a game to be released, than a week before the release, they changed back the release date 3 months because of major technical difficulties in the game, and after that, they hardly got any sales because a different, better game came out and everybody forgot about the first one. All I'm saying is, if you make people pay for your games, your fan base would go from the ten-thousands down to the thousands or maybe lower. Sure you would have those die-hard fans who would gladly pay for your games because they are cheap, but most people would either stop playing your games altogether or they would save up the miniscule amount of fig-coins they got from comments, forum posts, and other what-have-yous. All in all, I'm just saying that people would not pay for a flash game, me included, when there are many other good RPG's that hardly cost anything per month, considering how good they are doing, such as Runescape, Toontown(for kids) or Wizard101. And as for the keys, I think it's a good idea, but instead of paying like 10$ for a key pack, or whatever the price would be, maybe make them unlockable from games by beating the game or doing certain tasks, such as gettting all of the acheivements form CBC or Mardek, or finding everything in Raider. Therefore, people would play the games without having to pay anything, and you would get much more attention for your games because people are drawn to the idea of earning things form games, such as the acheivements on Kongregate, or winning the lottery. These are just some things to think about when making future games.

Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
7 years ago | (4)
I've noticed that some people tend to use the word 'people' to refer to themselves, projected onto the masses; "I don't want to pay for this" becomes "people won't pay for this"...
Yes, I will lose a lot of freeloaders, but - selfish as it sounds - that doesn't really harm me directly since they weren't really contributing anyway. If they're hurt by it because they don't get something that they want for free, then that's their problem, really; if they want something, then they should contribute, since I can't do this as a vagrant and I'm not earning nearly enough from sponsorships.
Your post also seems to include preference as if it's fact; I know that some people would consider my games more worth paying for than Runescape. In fact, I consider the fact that Runescape and Adventure Quest and other such things sell at all as hugely motivating, since I consider those things to be rather low quality products.

I do not want to be the sort of person who drives my supporters away by charging money for things. But I do need to survive. If there was a way of living and making games without having to worry about money, then I'd happily give out my things for free.
But since that's not the case, charging people money for my games - even if it will, uh, 'refine' my fan base - seems like an exciting possibility to me, a chance to actually make a proper living from this.

I do wonder, though: would you ever give away for free something that you'd put loads and loads of time and effort into? How might you feel if you had a job and your boss told you that he just didn't want to pay you one week?
While I'm aware it's *not exactly the same thing* as my situation, the point is it's not nice to be working for nothing and then to be told to keep at it just because it makes ungrateful people mildly satisfied...
Spiritlord`s Avatar
Rating Orb Spiritlord 15 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 71C 6F
7 years ago | (0)
What an inspiring speech. Hehe. I think that you should just go along with the Fig Coins idea. That way you can make money from anyone with a brain. (I know - too few people actually do have a brain nowadays, but never mind that).
Anyway. What I planned to say was that your 'Fig Coins' idea would work. So would your 'Premium Membership' idea. In fact, you could use both of them, and Premium members can buy Fig Coins cheaper, or earn more of them from you 'beg' button, or something like that. Also, your idea of selling 100 Fig Coins at $1 seems far too cheap for me. I'd say at least £3 for 100.
I agree with your point about Adventure Quest. I've played that before, and I think that it's not very good. No good at all. And if they sell, in theory, so could your games. The problem is that they can sell through having a large world with nothing specific to do, so you just have complete freedom. I don't think that kind of 'complete freedom' is a good idea, but never mind. Somehow it sells. So if you made something like that where most of it needs to be paid for, then, in theory, it would make money! Obviously, being made by the great Pseudolonewolf would make it a top-notch game, much better than similar ideas. Fig Hunter Online could become that sort of thing. A product which is brilliant and earns money. It's certainly a different idea to the things I mentioned previously, but it's a better one. If people want freedom, then FHO would be their kind of game.
It's a shame that I can't donate - I'm not allowed to spend money on the internet. I'll tell you as soon as I am, and If you ever want money, tell me how much and I'll try to give it to you through donations.
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