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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Virtual Pets? o_O Wed 11th Feb 2009 6:06pm

Category: Ideas

I have an idea for something that isn't game-related, and yet sort of is!
It's a little project I've had in mind for a long time, which isn't a game as such and won't take ages to make due to its inherent simplicity... but which might take some time to refine. It won't interfere with my other projects or anything, so don't get all annoyed in a "you never finish anything and always start new projects, WORK ON MARDEK 3 OR I'LL SLIT YOUR THROAT" kind of way... o_O

Anyway, my idea is, uh, 'VIRTUAL PETS'.
I was obsessed with Digimon as a young child thing... Not the FRANCHISE, the anime, etc, but the virtual pets that started that, which were a 'sequel' to the original Tamagotchi pets which included a feature for battling two of them together by connecting them...
I collected them and loved raising them in different ways... I made it a goal of mine to get every possible evolution of every version that I owned... I never succeeded, but I got most of them and figured out the methods for getting most forms at will.
Since then, I've always wanted to make a similar thing myself, but I've never done so.
So now I'm going to act on that!

What I'd do is create a sort of... 'small feature' of the site, not any kind of major focus or anything. It'd likely have a tiny 'screen size', small enough to fit in the upper right corner of the screen somewhere so that it wasn't in the way but it was conveniently located so then you could check on it at any time that you were on the site.
It'd be a virtual creature, a monster thing, that would age in real time and would require maintenance such as feeding so then it wouldn't die. It'd sleep at night according to your time, but would likely need to be checked on at least once a day. (Missing two days in a row might lead to it dying of starvation...)
It seems that many people would be disgusted and repelled by something like this, but keep in mind that the average lifespan of each monster would only be about 10 days anyway - a month at the very most - and if one died, all it'd mean is that you'd need to raise another one from an egg.

Digimon had 'Hunger' and 'Strength' which needed to be maintained; each one decreased over time. Hunger was replenished by giving them food, which was in unlimited supply, and Strength was replenished by either feeding them vitamins or playing a short, simple 'training' minigame.
I intend to do things much differently.
Each monster would have two main stats: Health and Hunger, both in numerical form which would be very varied based on the monster's current evolutionary form.
Hunger would go down gradually, and would need food to replenish, but food wouldn't be in free supply. You'd need to FIND it, by going into dungeons!
The virtual pet in this sense would also become sort of like an RPG...
You'd take your pet into (perhaps procedurally generated) dungeons, which would either happen in the tiny box that the pet would be contained in, in the upper right corner, or perhaps in a separate Flash file altogether, the (screen) size of a 'full game', with all the data transferred over...
In the dungeons, you'd fight other monsters in random battles using some kind of typical RPG mechanics... maybe like Pokemon in a 1-on-1 kind of way.
Battles would give you food as a reward - food could also be found in treasure chests - and this food would come in varying qualities and types. The type and quality of food that your monster's diet consists of would affect its evolutionary forms later on.
Health would decrease when hurt in battle, but the only way for it to go back up again would be to WAIT, as it'd regenerate over time. Hours. So you'd not be able to go into a dungeon and do everything at once; it'd be risky going in, and you'd need to only do it every so often until your monster was strong enough to handle things without getting too wounded.
The stronger your monster gets, the more difficult the dungeons it could tackle.

As I've already mentioned, the monsters would have evolutionary forms, in a large growth chart form like in Digimon or Beast Signer. What forms you get would depend on the way you do things.
Getting all of the possible forms could be your main goal, perhaps.

The graphics would be pixelated in the 16x16 style of my games and of Digimon... Simple, stylised, abstract. Colourful, unlike Digimon, though.

I'd ideally want to make it so that you could pit your monster against other members' monsters in battles, with the results being recorded on peoples' userpages. All the forms that you've managed to get could also be shown on peoples' userpages, perhaps. It wouldn't be too hard to do.

It'd be entirely optional for you to have one of these virtual pets on the site - you could remove it if you didn't want one - but I just thought it might be an interesting reason to come here while waiting for me to finish work on my games. I'd never give up making my other games in favour of this; it's just a side thing and nothing more. But I do feel it could potentially be profitable for me because my site would get loads more regular hits...

I'd also want to make it so that you could have a static image of your current monster that you could put in signatures on other websites and things, so then other people (or yourself) could click that and be directed here... It'd show the current form, Health and Hunger states of your monster so then you wouldn't exactly need to come to the site all the time to check such things...

Anyway, uh, this seems like one of those ideas that many people can't properly realise as just an idea and would either dismiss or just show no interest in, but would be far more interested in if they saw it in working form...
But, uh, what do you think anyway, people? Would it interest you at all?


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FigDerek`s Avatar
Rating Orb FigDerek 10 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 8C 7F
8 years ago | (0)
I LOVE IT, especially with the RPG-Designed battles in dungeons.Just like MARDEK,exept you have 1 character and its a beast.PSUEDOLONEWOLF RULES!!!!!!!!!!!
Gilguy`s Avatar
Rating Orb Gilguy 13 United States SanguineMelancholic 3C 2F
8 years ago | (1)
I think a "pause" button would be good, maybe only acts on the site? or maybe pause button thats okay to use when your gone but if you do so for 10 days he gets a "bored" status and wont eat till you feed him something really fancy or take him in a dungeon for a short walk. @ J then you should keep a "emergency" stack of meat just in case.
fgfrostfyre`s Avatar
Rating Orb fgfrostfyre 15 MelancholicCholeric 5C 39F
9 years ago | (0)
I think it's a really cool idea..... it will certainly bring me back to the site more often, and it sounds very interesting, a neat little thing to add. I can't wait to see all the different pets and people's stats linked in the forums. I do think it would be better if they lived a little longer though.

Also, and I don't expect you to answer this, but will the data for the pets, not just the stats, be stored on the site somehow? Because if it's in my browser's cache, like the mock-up resets when you clear it.
Maiz`s Avatar
Rating Orb Maiz 13 United States Sanguine 47C 5F
9 years ago | (0)
I would love the idea because i allways liked digimon and pokemon and i think you can do better then them.^_^ It shall be EPIC.Like most people say >.>...
AquaPoint`s Avatar
Rating Orb AquaPoint 16 CholericMelancholic 12C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
Good Idea! I'm sure at least 85% of the website will go along with this. However, here's some constructive critism. You have successfully completed three out of eight games. But, you stilll have 5 more to go, and I think you should stop promising new projects and release dates, It'll be done when it gets done.
vanguard`s Avatar
Rating Orb vanguard 12 Canada 1C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
i think its a good idea
weirdguy`s Avatar
Rating Orb weirdguy 20 Madagascar MelancholicPhlegmatic 40C 1F
9 years ago | (0)
Er, I don't see why they're pointless. I mean, they're pets. You feed them, play with them, they grow up, you watch them live and die. That's a pet.
shadow`s Avatar
Rating Orb shadow 15 United States MelancholicCholeric 40C 5F
9 years ago | (0)
it IS a good idea, I'll give you have many good ideas, actually. BUT, I would like you to finish something. and not necessarily Mardek either, but in your games section there are three completed games and five games still in progress. I think finishing ANY of the games would be nice. I like the idea of the 'virtual pet' thing, I like the evolutionary sort of idea you had in Beast Signer, but I think you've got to finish some of your projects before making more.

well, that's all from me. gracias, gracias.
Methuselah`s Avatar
Rating Orb Methuselah 15 United States Phlegmatic 28C 2F
9 years ago | (0)
Dude this is a great idea. And i kinda envy you. I always wanted a digimon pet but my mom thought it was a waste and so naturally the other kids were all in my face about it. Now though, it looks even better because it's made by someone that i can trust to make great games and give me a reason to stay up on the weekends. Oops. Too much info. Whatever. I say you should do it.
gnome`s Avatar
Rating Orb gnome 19 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 386C 81F
9 years ago | (0)
I'm feeding Eric! He's growing on me. Erm, yes, also, I think I might be getting used to the site redesign. Maybe I might even switch to Chrome in the near future!
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