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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Mon 18th Apr 2011 1:08pm

Category: Weekly Updates

Yet again I'm writing this a day late! Tsk!

I've been ill all week, which has been quite a pain... LITERALLY!! HAHAHHAHHAAhsahdHAhfhsgh
I've still managed to get some work done though. This still-unnamed Pokemon-like game is coming along nicely.

I'd like to talk about the game in some way and show off screenshots, but I'm not sure what to focus on exactly... This week I've mainly just done work on field tiles to build areas with (which took ages to draw; I hate how many people seem to consider choosing pixel graphics a way of minimising effort on the visuals, since it isn't like that at all), adding skills, and setting up a Bestiary thing which acts like a Pokedex of sorts.
It's all necessary stuff, but nothing too exciting just yet.

I'm hoping that in a week or two I'll have all the engine stuff working as it should so then I can get started on making plot events, areas, music and so forth. I'm hoping to be finished with 'Chapter 1' in a month or two, but of course I'll end up going over that, especially with the sponsorship and testing... Sigh!

I mentioned a while ago that I was going to work on a new version of the site, but due to distractions and feeling ill, I have yet to get around to even starting it. I want to start it this week though.
As I mentioned before, it'll probably use a new database, so you'll have to remake your accounts and all the forum threads and comments and stuff will be empty; I'll keep this old version of the site around as an archive so you'll still be able to *see* all the old stuff, but it won't be active anymore.

Since it's going to be the biggest change the site has ever gone through, I'd like to hear suggestions and ideas about what could be added, changed, removed or whatever to make the site better. So if you have anything to mention, then do so here!


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ShiningwingX`s Avatar
Rating Orb ShiningwingX 21 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 2C 3F
7 years ago | (2)
Well, I had planned to post this in the suggestions section of the forums but since you're asking I suppose I may as well say it here as well.

In the rules it is stated that one should not have to create another account but there is one factor which may make this difficult; a password recovery/reset feature. It's something most sites which possess sign up capability have but that this one appears to lack. I did indeed see something of this nature at one point in time on this site, but when it was reverted back to an old format (because of some technical issue that I, in my lack of programing knowledge likely cannot comprehend.) this feature was removed before I could utilize it. Every site update after this continued to lack such a feature and I eventually grew tired of waiting for it to 'possibly' be re-added and was essentially forced to make a new one.

I feel it would be much easier to follow this rule, and more justified to enforce it if there was a feature that would allow you to recover your password should you loose it. For people who use a shared computer, like myself it can be rather risky or confusing to save the passwords somewhere as others may be able to find them. Moreover, even for those without such an issue, the eventuality could occur where they loose the document or browser history containing their passwords due to system recovery, history clearing, or another such possibility and in such cases, password recovery/reset options become very useful. This would also make the rule more 'absolute' as it were because there truly would be no need to create another account as the user could just submit a request to recover their account.

It is a small feature, true enough, but one I feel is rather essential to the site's overall integrity.
Supergnash`s Avatar
Rating Orb Supergnash 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 354C 145F
7 years ago | (2)
I just thought of another thing after reading through Zaknafein's comment, specifically the part about the rating system.
What I'm suggesting is that when we rate someone we also have to give a reason for the rating we gave. A short explanation would be good, but preferably something with a decent minimum character limit e.g 200.
Not only would this slow down rating trolls who go around rating everyone down by making them feel bored and not feel the need for it, it would also help us realise any problems some of us may have and set us on the right path to redemption. I just feel that this would make it easier for us to keep ourselves in-line with the rules and it will stop us (to a certain extent) from getting undeserved bad ratings.
Hubay`s Avatar
Rating Orb Hubay 21 United States MelancholicSanguine 48C 23F
7 years ago | (1)
I can see this making a profile look messy if you keep it on their page, though. I mean, people with over 20-30 ratings already have a pretty crowded space to view who has all rated them. I think it's a good idea – but the best way to inform people why they got that rating would be to set it up so when you rate someone it automatically sends them a pm with the reason you provided. That way you'll notice the rating, the reason for the rating is kept personal, and your profile doesn't get cluttered by dozens of ratings.
Supergnash`s Avatar
Rating Orb Supergnash 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 354C 145F
7 years ago | (1)
That was the way I had in mind, I should probably elaborate on things more. Still, as least you agree with me. A PM would be simple and then others wouldn't be able to see it.
kidupiscean`s Avatar
Rating Orb kidupiscean 31 Hong Kong 5C 0F
7 years ago | (4)
Also don't forget the email hiding thing ;)

Er... can't I modify my comments here if I want to?
kidupiscean`s Avatar
Rating Orb kidupiscean 31 Hong Kong 5C 0F
7 years ago | (4)
I think the navigation mechanism of this website is partially similar to what you described on [LINK] The different menu items can be found in the floating "Jon's world"; some of them cannot be seen until the "world" is dragged around. Perhaps you may take a look?

Eragon`s Avatar
Rating Orb Eragon 14 Italy MelancholicPhlegmatic 142C 31F
7 years ago | (6)
If you want to see many suggestion you can check the forum topic:"dump your site renewal suggestion here." and the update that yoy posted before your anxiety attack,I think that you can find so many suggestion that you can't read them all.
Zaknafein`s Avatar
Rating Orb Zaknafein 16 United States CholericPhlegmatic 111C 41F
7 years ago | (9)
This is a, uh... post thingy. It probably includes suggestions and minor complaints, along with some of the more standard congratulations, etc, etc.

First off, it's nice to hear that you're current project is going well, and that you're beginning to consider anew the idea of renewing the website. On the other hand, it's not so good to hear that you've been sick... so, uh, get well soon. If you haven't already. You might have, I don't know.

Suggestions... most of mine are in the thread that Rating Orb E CtG started, I think. A few things I'd like to elaborate on/reiterate:

-The need for a moderator system. I realize that this issue keeps coming up, but, uh, nothing ever really seems to be done about it. It'd be nice if, when the new site gets put in, we could have a more structured hierarchy of moderators to deal with the inevitable trolls/any-other-problems-known-to-man. Of course, checks and balances are needed, but I'm sure those details can be fleshed out eventually.

-Disallowing members with an orange/red orb from participating in chat. Having to deal with these kinds of people in chat can be very annoying, especially since there is no way to ignore their presence or kick them from the room. Now, it'd probably be wise to implement some kind of restriction on how many ratings a person would need before this restriction would come into effect... something like 5-10 total personal ratings, as a way of preventing victimization of a user by other trolls/members-having-a-bad-day. Alternatively, you could simply install vote-kicking in chat, or chat mods, or something like that. These are only suggestions...

-Editing comments. If this comment has typos in it, somewhere, somehow, it'd be nice if I could edit it after posting. Right now, I can't, so those unfortunate scars stare me in the face, reminding me of my spelling failures every time I glance at them.

-Poll improvements? Similar to editing comments, it'd be nice to be able to switch your vote once having cast it. Just imagine accidentally clicking on option 2 instead of 3... the consequences are simply horrific! This is really just a minor suggestion, though, nothing too pressing.

-Add the Encyclopedia? I vaguely remember it exiting 8 months ago, but it hasn't existed since the last site update, which makes me sad...

-Remove ratings of banned members. This won't be an issue once the site is remade, since all data will essentially be reset, but still... there are a great many of banned users on this site, and several of them have dealt out ratings indiscriminately. It's... vexing... to have to gaze upon trollish ratings of users already banned for being trolls, and kind of perpetuates their memory rather than allowing it too fade into the background. I also don't think this'll go away, unless you institute a new rating system that's radically different in the future, but... I like this one, and I think it works pretty well. It could just use a few minor tweaks to prevent abuse.

That's about all I got for right now... I'm sure there are countless more members waiting to shower you with ideas both sound and silly, so, uh, good luck on this process and any other projects that you decide to take on.
rosate`s Avatar
Rating Orb rosate 13 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 13C 5F
7 years ago | (5)
Improvements for the site I would like to see.
1. A friends system
2. A site search system

Also, I've been sick all week too!

Qazerowl`s Avatar
Rating Orb Qazerowl 15 United States MelancholicCholeric 272C 16F
7 years ago | (4)
I think the site should support RSS feeds. It would be so convenient.
nthieu1995`s Avatar
Rating Orb nthieu1995 16 Viet Nam PhlegmaticSanguine 18C 0F
7 years ago | (6)
Here is something i think there should be in your site:
1.Friend System:It will be good if i can add my friend in this site.
2.Encyclopaedia:I don't think the site need both Wiki and Encyclopaedia but it still good if you add it.
3.Site money system(A special money only use on this page which give to people who donate for this site-use to buy some special think such as special version in some game,art,music...)
I hope you recover your health and their is many people donate in this site so i can see more game of you in the future.
Thanks for reading.
Gravewood`s Avatar
Rating Orb Gravewood 19 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 8C 0F
7 years ago | (6)
I f you need any help on the site I'm sure that some of us could help, XD
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