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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Clarification of the last news post... Mon 2nd May 2011 12:38pm

Category: Games (FH)

I've been looking through the comments on the last post with the intention of replying to them, but I've realised that I'll end up saying the same thing multiple times, so I'm writing this instead to respond to them all at once.

I don't think that I made it clear anywhere that I've already planned the whole plot; I know what happens at the end of the third chapter and how you get to that point, what the 'conflict' in the story is, who all the characters are, etc. As such, I'm certainly not looking for plot suggestions.

You play as an elderly scientist, as I mentioned, who is responsible for 'inventing' the whole concept of capturing and training monsters by discovering, while working as an archaeologist, the technology of an ancient race and adapting it. He was a trainer at first, but never really much of one; he worked on making the machines to clone monsters rather than focusing on ever battling. He's retired now, and when he retired, he gave away all his monsters to people who might want them, since he had no need for them any more as he'd retired as a trainer too. Or maybe he'd just 'dissipated' them, since monsters are merely illusions with no minds or souls and as such are entirely expendable. Maybe they even dissipate by themselves over time?

When the game begins, he's been occupying himself for years with a project as a hobby, which is attempting to make artificial monsters...

Monsters are formed of miasma, and 'miasma' is this left-over residue that comes into being when a deity forms a world using magic. Miasma works in the same sort of way that the Dreamrealm does; it's shaped by thoughts, and this causes monsters to appear out of nowhere when thinking minds have violent or fearful thoughts. Or something.

Certain species of monsters form though because the miasma tends to assemble itself into repeating patterns. If you think of the miasma as normally being a cloud of particles (it isn't that, but it can be thought of as that for the sake of explaining it), in its natural state it's invisible, but when the particles form into a pattern, like DNA, a specific monster type forms. (Magic plays heavily in this, of course, since it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.)

You don't really capture monsters at all; instead you just record their patterns, their 'DNA', sort of like a code, and when you have this code, you can input it into a machine which then causes the miamsma - which is everywhere that air is - to form into that pattern, creating a 'clone' of that monster species.

Synthetic monsters, then, are basically just codes that have been written from scratch rather than acquired from nature. These 'codes' are incredibly complex and require a lot of expertise to create, however, which is why it's never really been done before. It's sort of the equivalent of authoring a genome.

The ancient race that originally caught and trained monsters before they were wiped out may have been able to make their own monsters, or at least they may have been able to alter existing codes with special artefacts. The NPCs that appear at the start of the game to give you a starter or an 'evolution stone' are archaeologists (they've come to you because they want your help as a legendary archaeologist), and they've dug up these 'evolution stones' which the ancients designed and used. They'd work on a synthetic monster just because of how malleable the miasma is... or something. I suppose it doesn't have to make perfect sense.

Oh, and there's no 'rival' character as such, though the two archaeologists who appear at the start are plot characters and they may want to battle at some point. I don't think that I'll give them Starter monsters though; they'll just use normal monsters that are commonly found in the wild.

I think I've decided now to use a synthetic starter, and I've already added it to the game.
It's the only monster that the scientist starts with, and nobody gives it to you (you can give it a nickname when naming your character instead, before the game begins).
You're given one of three evolution 'stones' (or ancient relics or whatever), each of which will make it evolve once, and then later on that evolved form would evolve once again.
There's no reason you'd HAVE to evolve the starter, but in its basic form, it would be weak and wouldn't learn many moves at all.

As for the name, I may go with Miasmon after all...

I've been wondering how many people are familiar with the word 'miasma' at all, or whether they know how to pronounce it... I think that at least one commenter misread it as something like 'maze-ma', or something... I pronounce it as 'my-AZ-muh', and I think it has an intriguing, mystical sound about it.

The 'miasma theory of disease' is an outdated idea which tried to explain that disease was spread by 'bad air', and that things like perfumes would ward off disease because they stopped things from smelling bad.
Miasma in my universe is an unpleasant remnant of the creation process (a sort of 'waste product' or 'pollution', in a sense) which is found everywhere in the air and which is fairly 'bad' or 'evil' or whatever, since it causes monsters to appear, in the same way that the miasma theory said that diseases came from bad air. I thought it was an appropriate word to use, especially considering its obscure sound.

I think that due to that, the word 'Miasmon' has a darker feel to it than words like 'Pokemon' or 'Digimon'...
I do want to use the '-mon' suffix though to explicitly label the game as part of the monster catching genre, and since I am basically copying Pokemon in many fairly obvious ways.

So I will probably start calling it 'Miasmon' from now on, then...

Hopefully I've covered everything here that people were commenting about, but if there are other things I've not explained very well, I'd be willing to do so!


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Abbx901`s Avatar
Rating Orb Abbx901 15 Pakistan SanguineCholeric 149C 20F
7 years ago | (2)
Well, um, I hope i dont repeat what someone else might have spoken about before, but what i was wondering about was, what'll be the final objective of the game, like in MARDEK, you have to beat the gdm and then probably, i'm not sure, Rohoph. Will you quest for some ancient relic and miasmon are the key, and stuff. Or do you suddenly decide that being a trainer is your new thing and despite what other people about your broken bones, you say you 'wanna catch them all.(I took that from Pokemon)' Or maybe its that some danger lurks somewhere and you're instigated as the last hope for mankind. Whatever it is, it'll probably not be revealed in the 1st chapter. The suspense is what keeps half your players going.
I look forward to playing it. Keep it up and i hope you're all better now.
Leetskillz`s Avatar
Rating Orb Leetskillz 14 United States MelancholicCholeric 7C 4F
7 years ago | (0)
I don't check this often enough. Well despite being 3 days after everyone else, I'd like to say that I personally think miasmon is a great name. It just sounds awesome if you pronounce miasma with the long e sound for the i (I've always pronounced it the same way you say you have).

I actually at first thought the old man main character wouldn't go well with people (and in fact already typed it out) but later considered that it might actually work out (mainly after looking over the pictures again, I imagined him looking different, even after I had just seen the pictures). As long as he's not crotchety or really weird than it'd actually be a good and creative main character. Rather than something like a teenager whose voice has the inability to deepen.

My single criticism so far is that I personally don't like the name modestoat, and the 1-tile height cliffs, non-transition bothers me.
But overall It's just great from what I've seen (and you can probably discard my annoyance of the naming, I'm picky about a lot of unimportant things).
Jim Faindel`s Avatar
Rating Orb Jim Faindel 16 Mexico MelancholicCholeric 7C 2F
7 years ago | (4)
Is this game going to be out for free? Or will you start to aply the figcoins system and the whole idea of the keys with miasmon?
Also, and this is just a personal opinion, the idea of a game called miasmon does not sounds specially atractive. This does not have anything to do with the general idea of miasma you present in your game, but as an spanish speaker, this particular word presents SEVERAL issues, specially considering the huge amount of puns, insults and alike idiomatic functions on my language that have certain resemblance with THIS title.
Oh, and i would like to ad that this little bit of plot you have revealead seems to be quite fascinating. It breaks with many of the pokemon/digimon paradigms on the common monster catching story-lines, and it present a much more realistic and in-depth idea of the whole concept, at least when compared with the others. However, I can just say that I am anxious to see how this will develop, if it will be a particular game or if it will evolve into a in-site feature, wich, by the way, will be a fantastic way to ad some fun and... life to this, while still fantastic, raw page.
Hope you can finish it soon enough so that my brain wont melt because of the acumulated curiosity and fascination.
Zaruman`s Avatar
Rating Orb Zaruman 14 Afghanistan 18C 0F
7 years ago | (6)
Guy I'm also a spanish speaker and I don't think that the name has anything wrong!
FakeKraid`s Avatar
Rating Orb FakeKraid 27 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 40C 1F
7 years ago | (10)
I certainly hope your elderly protagonist is going to be the subject of some off-color old people jokes. :3
Torniquett`s Avatar
Rating Orb Torniquett 17 United Kingdom MelancholicCholeric 3C 0F
7 years ago | (4)
i was a bit curious about the the structure of the game, is this going to be like the revamped version of beast master as it sounds a bit like it. playing as an old person will be an epic mment in gaming history.
Supergnash`s Avatar
Rating Orb Supergnash 18 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 354C 145F
7 years ago | (5)
Thanks for tying up some of those loose ends. It makes it a lot easier to argue with people.
I also noticed that you changed the name officially to Miasmon, so I guess that's it then, I'll add it to the chrome dictionary.
Anyway, it's good to see that progress is STILL running smoothly and I'm hoping you'll at least be Beta testing by the end of the month. Well done on keeping up the good work and good luck maintaining it.
Also, for tomorrow, May the fourth be with you!
allyourfriends`s Avatar
Rating Orb allyourfriends 19 Canada 1C 3F
7 years ago | (4)
I just want to say that this is an excellent idea, and that I love both the "Miasmon" name as well as the concept. It is a ripoff of a great idea in the RPG genre, yet you have given the concept a relatively original storyline, which I think will make the game much more enjoyable. I like the fact that you are getting away from the "gym" idea, it is something that only worked in Pokemon. The idea of a tournament sounds more logical to me. Anyway, you have my full support so far!
Nadrin`s Avatar
Rating Orb Nadrin 15 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 9C 0F
7 years ago | (5)
When it comes to the name I would end up pronouncing it my-z-mon. The game itself doesn't sound bad. I agree with SajbTheSherlock when I say, playing as an old guy will be quite original. Playing as the "old, retired geezer" will be a nice change compared to the usual new trainer, young kid. I wonder if you will eventually (as in future chapters) be able to literally alter or create the code of the monsters yourself and create your own original one.
maxwade97`s Avatar
Rating Orb maxwade97 14 Norway MelancholicCholeric 18C 11F
7 years ago | (5)
Well, thanks for posting this, first of all. These weekly updates are so exciting for me to read, I'm just really looking foreward to the new game.

The only thing that I'm unsure about is having an elderly protagonist. Does he act like a somewhat insane, raving, senile old person as typical to your games? Does he act significantly younger than his age, which makes him seem very strange and difficult to identify with?
But no matter what strange behavior he exhibts, I expect it to be in the same, twisted sense of humor that you always seem to have.

Anyhow, I'm definately liking how well this game is coming along. You've only been working on it for a month or so, yet you sound mostly finished (I only take the progress bar with a grain of salt, seeing how often you update it). If possible, can I get and estimate for when beta testing begins?

Finally, I LIKE the name 'Miasmon.' It has a nice ring to it, you know?
SajbTheSherlock`s Avatar
Rating Orb SajbTheSherlock 21 Serbia CholericSanguine 28C 0F
7 years ago | (7)
An old guy, well this will be interesting and original too
you don't find many games where main character is gramps :D
well there is one thing
in every pokemon game there are 3 starters like Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle and you can pick only one and never be able catch others(or find them) which sux
i really hope in Miasmon ill be able to catch everything :)
Hoolo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Hoolo 17 Netherlands 111C 95F
7 years ago | (4)
Yes, an older character for the PC is pretty unusual... But it also opens up a whole can of possibilities. Think of all the NoodleIncidents he can refer to. :D

As for your question, I do believe Pseudo has said (in chat only, maybe, but I at least read it from his hand) that all Mons are able to be recruited. Not caught, since you have to beat a Mon a number of times to get his full DNA, and then you need the funds to 'assemble' them.
As for your starter, it seems logical to me you have the DNA of the Mon (the price for extracting it is higher than for ComMons, naturally), and since the Plot Characters from the beginning of the game are recurring characters, I think we can say with some certainty that it will be possible to get them all; it will just be more expensive than other Mons.
For the Ancient Relics that induce evolution on the starter, it seems logical that the Plot Characters will give the other ones throughout the game, in other chapters.

But that's just my thought, and I could be absolutely wrong. We'll just have to wait and see, and not nag Pseudo.
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