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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Apps Thu 23rd Jun 2011 12:02pm

Category: Miscellaneous

For ages now, people have been suggesting that I make my games available on those various phone things as 'apps', and I've always responded by saying that I can't because I don't know the right programming languages, I'd need to remake the games from scratch, I don't even HAVE any of those mobile devices to test my games on, and so on and so forth...

But I've been thinking about it more recently and wondering whether it'd be possible.

It might be easier for me to make money, anyway, if I could release games and charge a small amount for them without bothering about sponsorship, or memberships here, or payment systems that people wouldn't trust or anything. It seems that people would be more willing to pay for an 'app' than a Flash game on a website, and maybe people would even buy apps for social reasons, like the ability to show off to their friends or just to own something that their friends already own...

It seems like it's the way that I should be going as a developer, but, well, I don't actually know the first thing about any of this. I don't have a phone, I've never owned or played an 'app' of any kind, and I don't know if I'd be able to use my existing skills to make 'apps' or whether I'd have to learn new languages or new development methods...

I know that some of the people on this site do already know this sort of stuff, so I suppose that I'm asking here for information about this kind of thing. I'm not particularly interested in hearing teenagers talk about what they 'think' might be the case; rather, I'm interested in hearing from people who have experience and do research into this kind of thing and who can provide useful information rather than just vague snippets of facts or experiences as a consumer.

I'll do my own research too, but I thought that I'd make this a part of it. After all, some clever and knowledgeable people visit this site, so it's probably reasonable to use it as a resource.

From what little I've seen already - which isn't much - I think that there's this thing called Adobe AIR, which I only partly understand, but which my version of Flash may be able to export my games as... Then these AIR formatted files can be run and sold on those phones, or something? But obviously I need to do a lot more reading.

If I were to make and sell games like this, what platform(s) should I target? I've heard of things like iPhones and 'Android' but don't really understand too well what they are... From what little I've seen, the apps for Apple products have to go through an application process and be accepted before they appear in some official app shop sort of thing, and that's the only place you can get apps for those things... But you have to have a Mac as a developer to be able to produce apps for Apple products?
Android, on the other hand, doesn't have a single unified shop or an application process; anyone can sell their Android apps from anywhere... But is this true? I just don't know! Would that make it less simple to make and receive payments?

Anyway, if I do go down this route, I wonder whether to release Miasmon as my first attempt at an App thing. I need some technical details though; what kind of resolution should I aim for? Do they use touchscreens? How would Flash handle such input?!

Oh, I've got so much research still to do!


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SpiffyJenkens`s Avatar
Rating Orb SpiffyJenkens 18 United States CholericSanguine 1C 0F
6 years ago | (2)
Not quite sure why people are saying size is an issue, after playing games like Final Fantasy and Chaos Rings (which has 4 different story lines and amazing graphics for an app) just guessing here but im pretty sure any app you make, if you decide to do so, will fit perfectly fine.
Ham1000`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ham1000 18 United Kingdom MelancholicCholeric 19C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
I am without question a lurker on this site, but I think this might be an appropriate time to speak up. I would love to see your games on the iPhone or iPad, and would personally be far more willing to pay for your games through my iTunes account than some other online system.
Although I don't personally have much programming knowledge, I know several people that develop various iPhone/iPad/Android apps, so perhaps I have at least some anecdotal knowledge.

Developers statistically make far more money on iOS (although there are the inevitable exceptions to every rule). As you said, people like to pay through a central, trusted payment mechanism, and iTunes has more accounts with active credit cards than any other online service.

The approval process on the App Store isn't really anything to be concerned about, my developer friends tell me that it took about 2 weeks for their app to get through approval, which is probably comparable to the time it takes for you to negotiate with sponsors. The approval system is there to find things like malware, porn and copyright infringement, so you won't have a problem with that.

Another important thing to consider is Android "fragmentation". There are a wide variety of phone models available, which while being quite good for a consumer, can be very irritating for a developer. Variations in screen resolution, screen size, processor power etc can mean great performance on your testing device, but a laggy, stretched experience on other devices. The potential cost in time and money to do extensive testing on multiple devices could be an issue.

As for coding, all the developers I know code directly in C++ for iOS, I've heard of Adobe AIR, but I probably know as much about it as you do, sorry...

Now, there are a lot more initial costs if you choose iOS development. You'll have to get an Intel Mac, and enrol in the £59 per year iOS developer program. You could probably begin Android development with minimal start-up costs, likely with the same setup you have now.
In my eyes, Android has little to no short term costs, and will likely be easier to begin with, but iOS would be a better long-term.
vakamax`s Avatar
Rating Orb vakamax 17 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 12C 23F
6 years ago | (1)
Judging by the poll, not many of your fans own an app-playing device. Therefore, even if you DO begin creating apps, you CANNOT give the app versions priority over the web versions. If you do, you'll have a situation on your hands. Just sayin'.
hollymarkie`s Avatar
Rating Orb hollymarkie 17 Netherlands SanguinePhlegmatic 1C 4F
6 years ago | (0)
As far as I heard (and that's not much), Android market is easier to put your apps on (they don't have an aproval process, like the Apple App Store), but because of the lack of an aproval process, people don't always trust apps, since they don't know what's in store.
The App Store, on the other hand, does have an aproval process, so people know the apps are safe and working, but it takes longer for developers to see their apps in the App Store, IF they're even approved.

An other problem would be payment. Payments for the Android Market aren't supproted in all country's (although most western country's, which are the biggest markets, are supported).

But before drawing conclusions, I would look up some information about the matter, for instance the Wikipedia articles about Android Market and Apple App Store.
Silk`s Avatar
Rating Orb Silk 17 New Zealand 191C 0F
6 years ago | (0)
If you found somebody who knew about all of this, you could become like the'big game manufacturing companies. I know that many developers create their game for the specific format and then have another person, or group of people, to complete the necessary work to make the game playable on other consoles, in this case Flash to App conversion.

I believe that Apps are played using Java, as the devices either cannot or just donor support Flash. Also, the likelihood of the games using a touchscreen is incredibly high because if you were to market to the iDevice crowd, all they have is a touchscreen and if you were to market to the Android crowd, the majority of those also work using primarily, if not only, a touchscreen. However, you probably already knew most, if not all, of that... Anyway, in case you didn't, I hope it helps!
megabdi`s Avatar
Rating Orb megabdi 14 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric 379C 47F
6 years ago | (2)
Hmmm... Pseudo making his games as apps... Pretty awesome idea.
I can already see it: Clearer music, improved vector graphics(in battle) Downloadable content and probably more which Pseudo could thibk of better than me.
But I can't really say, since I too am in a money tight spot right now. But if Pseudo learned how to program apps for thosee fancy phones, then I would go out there, get a fancy new whatever you call it, and get Mardek in the blink of an eye.

So I think this idea is brilliant in short.
GameMasterGuy`s Avatar
Rating Orb GameMasterGuy 16 United States 29C 41F
6 years ago | (3)
Only do it if you also have a browser version, I don't have a decent phone!
Dreamgawd`s Avatar
Rating Orb Dreamgawd 17 Aruba SanguineCholeric 259C 76F
6 years ago | (4)
I'm not really interested in this sort of thing, despite my friends and peers making fun of the fact that I don't have fancy rich people phones. If it can text and call, it's good enough for me... maybe picture messaging too because that has been useful at times.
I'm in a financially tight situation right now, but if I can get one of these fancy rich people devices in the future, I sure as hell would buy your games as apps if you decide to bother learning another language in order to create these apps.
By the way, is there a way you can put your games up on Facebook in order to increase the number of people who know about your games? This way, there would be even more people who would have magical rich people technologies, which means more money for you if you create apps. I think the language necessary for these apps is Java, which is fairly easy and quick to learn in my opinion.
Friendly Fox`s Avatar
Rating Orb Friendly Fox 15 Brazil MelancholicPhlegmatic 50C 0F
6 years ago | (4)
That's a great idea!! A lot of people buy those 'apps'!!! (Well, I can't buy them, because I am a teenager and my parents won't let me, because I am a teenager. And I depend on them.) And I also don't really know a thing about app development!! Nor flash development... Nor any other kind of game development. But I want to make a game for Nintendo Wii. I won't be able to make it?? Or will I? Darn it!!! I am a stupid teenager!!! Teenagers can't do anything without the approval of their parents!! That sucks!! Which means I suck because I am a teenager!! !! X!! Ex!!!!
DetroitLionsFan`s Avatar
Rating Orb DetroitLionsFan 16 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 188C 99F
6 years ago | (1)
Hmm...I am a teenager who knows nothing about App development! So listen to my seasoned words of wisdom, or something like that...!

I wonder if Raider would be good as an app game. I don't have an Android (which seems like what you would produce on), but it seems like that you would probably use that as your platform. I'm not sure if Miasmon would work well as an app, as from what I've seen (and it's not much that I've seen), simple games like platformers, "arcade" games, and less serious games do better on the App stores. Miasmon is a medium-length RPG, and would seem to do better on Flash or an actual game console (which I know is out of the question). Shorter levels and fast, simple gameplay is what makes Apps fun, and I say that statement with a little more certainty that I have said my previous statements with. And since you said you wanted to make Raider with "worlds" and "levels" and stuff with not a lot of story if I remember correctly, it seems to be a good choice for an App.

However, this post seems to we the definition of what you didn't want "teenager with limited experience...experiences as a consumer", but it would be cool if Fig Hunter moved onto the App Store. I liked Sameth's post, so good luck too!
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