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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Apps 4 Tue 28th Jun 2011 10:18am

Category: Apps

Well, I've still not decided what to do...

The idea of getting a Mac laptop appeals to me in a few ways. I spend most of my time in my room using this computer that I'm using now, using it for both 'work' and 'play', and it's easy to get distracted from working or stressed when I should be relaxing due to this. It'd be nice to have a different computer that I could use for work, and I could limit this one to 'play'; that way, my mind would be in a different state when using each one, especially since they'd have different operating systems.

It being a laptop would be convenient because I could move it from my room if I needed a change of scenery to refresh my motivation... I'm also going to be going to visit my girlfriend in Canada in a while (usually she visits here, but I should really visit there every so often), and I don't currently have a computer to take with me, so I would if I got a Mac laptop thing.

It's also nice how the iPhone and iPod Touch have a consistent resolution and speed and things like that... It's easier to make applications for them than it would be for Android because with Android, I'd have to develop for all kinds of different screen sizes and speeds and with my pixelated games, that might be difficult. Or annoying, anyway.

The thought of learning a new programming language seems mildly exciting rather than off-putting, because it'd be a change of pace, a new thing to try rather than the same old stuff I've been doing for years now. A new challenge. It's object-oriented and I've become familiar with how to do OOP from AS3, so the change should be mainly a matter of learning new syntax rather than new concepts.

If I DID do this, then I'd try to make apps on the Mac for 'work', but I could still do Flash games as a 'hobby', perhaps. Yes, making games in Flash would be an easier thing that I could do casually in my free time, while I'd be more disciplined about making apps or something.

It sounds alright in theory, in my mind, but I wonder how it'd work in reality... Maybe the stress would just build up too much. I mean, I've planned all kinds of things before that *sounded* doable in my mind, but I could never bring them to fruition because I underestimated the work involved... I couldn't afford to 'get bored' with something that'd require a huge investment like this, though, but maybe the thought that it WAS a huge investment would motivate me forwards? I don't know.

Android still is a possibility, but it seems off-putting to me because of the inconsistency of the devices and the lack of a single marketplace that apps can be bought from... It's perhaps more off-putting than the huge costs involved with targeting Apple devices, which may seem odd.

Anyway, I'm still thinking about it, and I probably will be for a while. I'll probably resume work on Miasmon when I get back home on Friday, but I'll keep thinking about these kinds of things for the long term, or something.


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nerosro`s Avatar
Rating Orb nerosro 24 Belgium PhlegmaticMelancholic 22C 11F
6 years ago | (0)
You could download VMware player or VMware Workstation (which is better) and have a virtual Mac on your Windows computer, My dad did this today (and it works well for as much as we tested it)
so I thought you could use this as well.
All you need is the ISO for a Mac (snow leopard or OS X lion) and a good computer for a good speed.
These ISO are well found on the Internet and there are tutorials on how to create your own virtual Mac computer on YouTube (My dad really needed one of these and he works with computers every day but VMware was something complete new for him, so I recommend you to also use the video tutorial).
I also use VMware for school (Windows and Linux though) but it works fine with Mac as well, so you could save some money.
About this being illegal, I think it's not, because a lot of people use this (VMware). Also a lot of people downloads illegal stuff (everybody knows, but a small group of people cares).
It appears that you don't need a verification code like in windows to see if your Mac is legal. (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but my dad didn't need one on his Virtual Mac)
And if it doesn't work out with the App store you still can buy a real Mac but you would already have the knowledge and the coding for your App. You can see it as a test trial or something
Good luck and I hope my comment can help you decide.
wester`s Avatar
Rating Orb wester 19 Sweden MelancholicPhlegmatic 63C 12F
6 years ago | (1)
I´m not to sure...
Took an look at the wiki [LINK]
and by the look of how to do an hello world that's the shortest input one can make in any given languish.
and to my, not that big off surprise C or C++ by the look of it an bit tricky but as AS3 looks like jury rigging for some reason I can´t tell if this will be easy/hard at all.
I just drop this.
DetroitLionsFan`s Avatar
Rating Orb DetroitLionsFan 16 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 188C 99F
6 years ago | (1)
Just a note: would a Mac Mini be usable? It seems like a Mac Mini [LINK] would run OSX and only cost $699 instead of $999, so you could save a bit of money if you got a Mini instead.
Dorra`s Avatar
Rating Orb Dorra 16 Tunisia PhlegmaticMelancholic 157C 36F
6 years ago | (5)
You are great Pseudolonewolf, I know that you'll do anything great. Keep uo the great work !
Jamesclank0`s Avatar
Rating Orb Jamesclank0 12 United States MelancholicSanguine 20C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
Even if you are alone you could get help from other people that you trust plus that way you can do things a lot faster. Any body knows if they read your bio they know your not a person who like to talk to people but if you really think about it it can give you sometime and peace about your self plus you could get a laptop but you have to save your money and the trip to Canada to, it is also expensive to travel to different places. Think about the economy for instance, there is a fight for the right faith and the middle east plus freedom in Egypt so really you have to be careful on what you spend, where you go, you don't have to be sad all the time just cheer up and every thing will go alright OK. (This is just a advise so you can feel a lot better.)
gnome`s Avatar
Rating Orb gnome 19 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 386C 81F
6 years ago | (9)
For those of you offering alternatives to a Mac, it would be nearly impossible for him to develop (using the Apple Dev software), and it certainly wouldn't be legal. OSX is necessary to run the software / test apps / publish apps, and it's ridiculously hard to install it on a PC, let alone illegal..
A cheaper alternative to the $1800 17" Macbook Pro with i7 processor and the $700 iPhone 4 would be to get a Mac Mini (or the less expensive 13" Macbook) and an iPod Touch--probably 3G (not 3GS or 4G) so you can make sure your things run smoothly (without eating the entire battery) on the oldest supported device. I think Apple has emulators for the various iOS devices though, so your call. You might like the sleekness and features of a 4G.

Also, the main difference between an iPhone and an iTouch is the phone cabability, as well as the wireless 3G support. iTouch is slimmer, less expensive and has a much larger hard drive, though. As far as computing power goes, I'd think they're about the same.

Anyway, this is surely a grand occasion, but instead of diving headfirst into an entirely new environment and taking months to master everything, I'd suggest for you to release a few simple Flash things (not any full games of course) on Android or Google's Web Apps to test the waters, and then make the transition to becoming an Apple App Developer (a title you must pay for, of course). As for concerns about how Apple is worse than whatever, I'm pretty sure Apple Apps can be easily ported to other platforms, and investing in Apple is well worth the potential payoff. If the 2000GBP is too much of an initial investment, might I suggest buying a used mac mini on eBay or something beforehand?

Also, keep in mind that small, simple periodic releases are much more profitable than something like MARDEK. Angry Birds has been #1 (as well as Angry Birds: Christmas, Halloween, RIO etc) for months, and it's just a recycled Kill the Castle game with regular level pack updates. Conversely, a larger game developed by Square-Enix probably won't hit the Top 50 market in its lifetime. So think wisely before you make the switch, and remember that first-hand experience in the waters is better than anything you might read on the internet.
gnome`s Avatar
Rating Orb gnome 19 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 386C 81F
6 years ago | (4)
Oh, that reminds me, developing in Flash for Apple is still not a bad idea, since it's what you're familiar with, and said games will work fine on other platforms. As an added bonus, instead of spending months learning Objective C, you'll only need a couple weeks to get the hang of touch controls for Flash. I'm pretty sure Angry Birds was developed in Flash as well.

Oh, that reminds me, the other day I was at a larger-scale Arcade/Restaurant place (D&B for those of you in US) and saw Fruit Ninja adapted into an Arcade cabinet game. Weird, huh. Also, both Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds have been referenced numerous times in today's media. Now, I'm not saying everyone can make a game as wildly popular as those, but mobile apps certainly take the cake in today's game market--they have the most publicity and probably the fastest-growing and/or largest market out there.

Wow, I sound like such a mobile fanboy. Guess I am.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
6 years ago | (2)
I doubt that Angry Birds (or the iPhone version at least) was made in Flash, since if it was, it wouldn't have been allowed into the App Store at the date that it was released... I just looked it up, and it seems it was written in something like Objective-C, like most other apps are.
It's not the touch controls in Flash that are a concern; it's the lack of proper, official support for things coded in Flash, so their speed and quality are unpredictable, and they're less likely to be approved for sale, based on what I've read. I don't want to spend ages making something only for it not to run properly or be denied when I submit it to the App Store.
Learning Objective-C wouldn't take *months*; all languages are very similar apart from syntax, so it'd probably take a month or so to get competent enough at it to make apps with it.

Anyway, if I am going to get any Apple stuff, I'd prefer to get the latest models just because I'd not want to be using older technology than some of my customers, and just because I suppose it'd be psychologically more appealing to me; if I got the 3G or whatever it's called, then I'd end up constantly thinking that I probably should have got the 4G instead.
I'd get the iPod Touch rather than the iPhone, though; I already sort of decided on that based on earlier research.

I looked at those Mac Mini things, but they're not the sort of thing that I'd want since they aren't a laptop; one of the main reasons I was seriously considering getting a Mac is because it'd be a laptop and I'll need one of those in months to come due to its portability. If I did get a Mac laptop, again I'd prefer to get a good model rather than a cheap one; I'd get frustrated working on something slow, clunky and/or with a small screen.

I read parts of the Angry Birds article earlier to see what it was developed in, and this bit stood out because it's the sort of thing that's been repelling me from working on Android apps:

Wikipedia said:
When Rovio began writing new versions of the game for other devices, new issues came to light. As the team began working on a version for Android systems, they observed the large number of configurations of device types and versions of the Android software.[11] The number of combinations of software version, processor speed and even user interfaces was significantly larger than that for the earlier Apple iOS version.[17] Ultimately, the team settled on a minimum set of requirements,[11] although that left nearly 30 types of Android phones unable to run the game, including some newly released phones like the Motorola Backflip.[17] One month after the initial release on Android, Rovio Mobile began designing a simpler version of the game for these other devices.[17]

Making sure that a game would run fine with any processor speed or screen resolution would be maddening to me; it's the worst part of programming, for me at least, and it's something I'd want to avoid if I could. Especially since I make pixelated games where the exact screen resolution is extremely important.
The Apple devices have a set resolution, making work so much less frustrating.

Anyway, I've still not decided for sure yet, but I've been moving towards the choices I've mentioned for reasons like these...
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RockDrake24`s Avatar
Rating Orb RockDrake24 29 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 26C 0F
6 years ago | (1)
Contrary to popular belief, it's actually not illegal to run OSX on windows, gnome. While it does go against Macintosh's EULA, all that means is that if you have a problem, they aren't going to help you fix it.

I agree with you, though, on testing the waters in the Android market. As for porting capability, I'm not so sure. Of course, when I asked my friend, who just started developing apps (though he's been directly involved with Macintosh for a large portion of his career), I only asked about the portability to larger gaming systems (Xbox, PS3, Wii). The only system he said that it would be easy to port to was the Wii (mainly because it utilizes the same pseudo-touch interface). PS3 is the next in line in difficulty. Xbox follows that because it doesn't utilize OpenGL (and from my understanding from my friend is also what the the iProducts untilize), like the other two. Either way, it will still involve rewrites of coding. Mainly because three of things you must consider when deciding to port are 1. The language it uses, 2. The graphics APIs that are available, and 3. The way you interact with the controls.

Either way, testing the reception of the games with the Android users is definitely a good idea before commiting a few grand to buy a new computer and device to test the apps on.
Firestorm65`s Avatar
Rating Orb Firestorm65 21 United States MelancholicCholeric 15C 28F
6 years ago | (2)
Android device variation is really overblown. The hardware is more varied, but it is not a great hurdle to make your application compatible with all of them. You are not writing at the machine level where those differences make or break a game; it is like writing a flash game for all the different computer hardware configurations. Considering your previous posts about hating Apple's marketing strategy, it is surprise to see you have bought into so casually. And so thoroughly as to consider a several thousand dollar purchase (which can at best be considered a markup for the software exclusivity). I am not saying Macs are bad machines. But Apple is a fascinating example of a company that is successful by being the snobbiest, sue-happy, controlling company in electronics, more so than even Sony.

It's not all clouds on the Apple side however. People are looser with their wallets on the Apple App Store. And they do have a big market share, even if it is no longer the biggest. That's about all the pros I can think of. Honestly, I don't think you realize how many hoops developers have to jump through there though. Some change in the patch coming in 2 weeks? Tough, fix it or get removed. Want to offer a trial period? Tough, write a separate app. Want to sell goods in your app? Tough, Apple gets 30% of purchase price AND future revenue they have nothing to do with. Want saved games to move from one app to the other? Only way is to export to a server you host and then import back to the user.

There is only one way to do things with Apple, and that is their way (for only they can be innovative or something). Android can already run flash games. If you could just change the control scheme, you could get all your current free games on the store now in the Kongregate app, and the ad revenue that entails. I would definitely support you if you make android games, wallpapers, widgets, sound sets, icon sets, emoticons, etc. I cannot support you if you start jumping through hoops for Apple.

If you want to test the waters, perhaps convert your dragon art set to a wallpaper group and see how it fares on all the devices' markets? I doubt you would need a mac to get something that simple submitted.
SilverWind`s Avatar
Rating Orb SilverWind 21 Afghanistan MelancholicCholeric 314C 117F
6 years ago | (3)
My suggestion would be to buy a PC and put a linux OS on it (Ubuntu has the most community support, I believe). If you want to use it just as a coding platform, this would be the way to go. Many coding environments are set up on linux boxes because they have far more flexibility that either windows or OSX. Also, developing for android is easier than iPhone simply because of the hassle iPhone puts you through. On the other hand, it is true that iPhone, due to its "approved" marketplace, has a much more consolidated "app economy." Still, you may wish to consider leading into the iPhone market by first trying to right some Android apps.
SilverWind`s Avatar
Rating Orb SilverWind 21 Afghanistan MelancholicCholeric 314C 117F
6 years ago | (2)
Eck, and that is what comes of concentrating on more than one thing at a time. Please mentally replace "right" with "write."
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
6 years ago | (2)
The whole reason I'd need to get a Mac is because you need to use OSX to be able to compile iPhone apps; if it weren't for that, I wouldn't have any compelling reason to get another computer at all.
Tyguy10`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tyguy10 21 Canada 131C 22F
6 years ago | (3)
I think you should really make sure you know about Macs before you decide to buy one. I can't stand using a Mac but if it works for you then go for it.
EricLightscythe`s Avatar
Rating Orb EricLightscythe 15 India MelancholicPhlegmatic 53C 51F
6 years ago | (4)
Good for you,Pseudo.But still consider the PC platform,Your Games are well suited.
Good Luck Again,Pseudo.....
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