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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar I AM A SPINE! Sun 15th Mar 2009 2:22pm

Category: Plans

Did you all miss me so much that you fell into deep depression and did nothing for the last month other than just lie in bed moaning 'pesudonwolf? perwolf? Where aaarrree yoooouuuu? D:' and so on?!?
Well, get out of those soiled beds now, O ye fans, for I have returned! Huzzah and et cetera.

I'm not going to go into details here about how the last month was for me, but it was very good for me in an emotional sense and now I'm feeling far more motivated to resume game making.

I have plans, and I'll go into those here.

Oh, but wait. First, uh, I read all the comments on that last news article... Well, sort of. I skimmed over the last two hundred or so since they were irritating, inane drivel, but a comment amongst the earliest ones, by an non-member called 'Dave', and the resulting responses, caught my attention.
Predictably, many people jumped to my defence and basically told the guy off for expecting me to work on games as if I was his 'game slave' and so on, but really, he did sort of have a point. I've not released a game in ages, and I do procrastinate too much and make up excuses to tell not just to you lot, but to myself as well...

I WANT to work on games and I WANT to finish them quickly, you see, and it bothers me more than any of you that I've not released games like MARDEK 3 yet, but it's just... been very emotionally difficult in the last few months. I've been stressed, my lifestyle has been monotonous and I've been miserable much of the time, unable to motivate myself to do ANYTHING, including working on games. It's a shame, and the fact that I wasn't getting anything done just made me worse.
I also spent a lot of time, uh, 'soul searching', if that's the word for that sort of thing; trying to learn things about the world and myself, trying to sort out my thoughts, 'beliefs', etc, and basically just trying to reassure myself in various ways and do something about my many, many fears and anxieties which hold me back in many ways...

But, uh, anyway, this last month with my darling dear darlingy dearest Firequill made me feel so much better, oh yes, and, well, hopefully it will show in terms of my output to you, you loyal fan-type people who've so patiently waited for me to release my silly games for your entertainment. I really, really do appreciate that there are so many people who really WANT to play the things I make and enjoy what I do, really! Those of you who've tried to make your own games likely usually have to basically force your closest friends to play what you've made, which they do reluctantly, and it was like that for me in the beginning too, which is why it's so nice that now I don't have to force anyone to look at what I make and, uh, yes! Ramble, ramble.

Now, my plans!

During the last month, unfortunately I've not made any progress on anything, since I didn't have a computer that had what I needed on it (I just had my rubbish laptop, which was useless; Flash wouldn't even open, tsk).
I've been planning though, and I've decided that it's best at the moment to work on FHO primarily, since I want that the be the 'focus of the site', sort of, and it's relatively easy to get going, but once it's running it has such amazing potential... if it works well enough.
I'll devote much of my time to that, then.

I also want to finish the virtual pet thing in the corner; that should be quick, so I'll give some time to it. It too might bring people back to the site regularly, to check on their pet.

Raider 2 is a relatively quick game, which I've made great progress on in not much time, so I'll try to get that done as well, for those of you who are at all interested.

And now, MARDEK... Hmm.
Something that that Dave person said made me think... MARDEK will have 8 chapters, but they're all really long, so they take ages to finish completely, and the thought that I have to finish them entirely before I can release anything at all is really off-putting. Perhaps it is better to release them in PARTS...
I mean, the game itself is already being released in parts, since that's what the chapters are, but I can break it down into even more parts.
Each chapter could have EPISODES; maybe three or four each, which'd be sort of long but not extremely long. If I did that, I could release one of those very soon, and, if any sponsor would cooperate, I'd release each of them separately across the internet and get paid for each one. More money for me that way.
I'd also be a whole lot more motivated by feedback from each small section, and with a finish line closer in my site, I work faster and harder...
It just might end up being silly, with there being like, uh... 26 MARDEK game things eventually... Hmm.
The chapters are also all designed currently so that the areas in each one are all interconnected, in many ways in no linear fashion when it comes to side quests, so that might lead to difficulties... I suppose I could always make it so that certain side quests are unlocked in certain episodes though, or something...

Even if I did this, it'd still take a while for me to release one since a lot of the unfinished stuff in MARDEK 3 is engine-related - spells and particle effects, monster animations, etc - but it'd be a LOT sooner than if I waited to finish the whole chapter first. So what do you think, people?

My other games can wait for now; I just need to get things finished, so I really need to focus.

So sorry for all the delays and everything, but now that I'm back from that massive break in the monotony that is my life, I'm hoping to make many changes to things and to actually release things soon! Yes!

I, uh, know that I've probably said things like this before, though, but before, I probably hadn't spent a month away, so... hmm.

Anyway, uh, if there's anything else I think I need to add, I'll probably do it in a comment on this article, so check those maybe!


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Infinite`s Avatar
Rating Orb Infinite 15 United States CholericPhlegmatic 5C 3F
9 years ago | (0)
Finish Mardek 3 now!
AquaPoint`s Avatar
Rating Orb AquaPoint 16 CholericMelancholic 12C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
Hurrah, Pseudo-sama is back! He's half-God, so he can take care of the rest of the anarchy people. Anyway, I'm actually gonna go with the "Mardek in 8 chapters" side of this one. In fact, it would be really cool if, at the end, you could put it all up into one big game.
Zeuber`s Avatar
Rating Orb Zeuber 15 United States 5C 0F
9 years ago | (1)
-Breathes heavily-
Yikole`s Avatar
Rating Orb Yikole 14 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 23C 7F
9 years ago | (1)
A 1337 l33t g4m3r d00d would say that.

Don't mind my 1337 speak. Just ignore it with you awesomely awesome eyes, O Lord Pseudo.
Fandorin`s Avatar
Rating Orb Fandorin 13 CholericPhlegmatic 23C 3F
9 years ago | (0)
Guys, real (and good) games take ages to go out so DONT say:
"I cant wait anymore, Mardek 3 sucks now, I dont respect Pseudo anymore so, uh I hope he read this and NEVER release the game, eh Im bad" =3
mclovin`s Avatar
Rating Orb mclovin 20 CholericMelancholic 3C 0F
9 years ago | (1)
so how are all ur games coming along?
yummymelon`s Avatar
Rating Orb yummymelon 14 United Kingdom MelancholicSanguine 27C 3F
9 years ago | (0)
Eh, I do nothing everyday except watch the news and read the daily rounds of the paper... Would that count as depressed? I never go out or anything so.. >.<
Chocobo_Fan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Chocobo_Fan 14 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 399C 539F
9 years ago | (0)
Hm... I think that I really am depressed, as the anti-depressant medicine I'm taking DOES make me feel better, but I don't know...

But yes, I agree. There's a difference between being Melancholic and being depressed.
Yikole`s Avatar
Rating Orb Yikole 14 United States SanguinePhlegmatic 23C 7F
9 years ago | (0)
I agree. Too many doctors go "0mfG U r D3pr3ss3dz0rz!!!" Today. I was ALMOST forced to take those stupid depression pill things, well, actually, I WAS taking them for a while, but my parents figured it out, like, a month or so ago. Now I feel MUCH better.

So.... Hi Psuedo!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back.
Fatalis`s Avatar
Rating Orb Fatalis 16 United States Sanguine 29C 44F
9 years ago | (0)
I just noticed I spelled Pseudo wrong, lol.
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