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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar More about the Miasmon Plot... Thu 4th Aug 2011 10:36pm

Category: Miasmon

I've been spending the last day or two going over the plot again... I said last time that I was going to go with the 'silent rookie custom-sex archaeologist' protagonist, and I still am, but now I've actually decided to have the characters talk.

Both a male and female rookie archaeologist will join a team of other archaeologists at the start of the game, and you'll control the one of the sex of your choosing. Each will have their own backstory and unique personality, though their backstories won't be intertwined with the main plot or anything; they'd just be explored as a side thing at best. Mainly both of them would just be low-ranking grunts who both happen to be part of a group that interesting things happen to. Or something.

Many conversations will involve both of these characters, so whichever one you're controlling, the actual lines being said would be the same... That is, it's not that your character would say the same regardless of their sex, but that if you were male, you and the girl would be present and she'd say stuff in keeping in her personality while he'd say stuff in keeping with his, but if you were the girl, she'd say the same lines as her counterpart in the male game, and so would the male.

There'd be other situations though where the dialogue was different depending on your sex, such as when talking to the character of the other sex (who'd act as a 'plot NPC' and would probably battle you on occasion and stuff).

It's required some rewriting of the plot, but the set-in-stone plot events remain intact; just their detailing is different. Much of the story happened centuries before the game began, you see, and the plot is about your group of archaeologists finding out what DID happen. You are trying to find out what broke the planet apart, after all.
It's why the middle and end were set while the beginning was more malleable, since the beginning focuses on the human characters who investigate the main plot rather than the plot itself... or something.

Anyway, hopefully having these two characters speak and giving them more of a role and distinct personalities will please some of the people who said that they hate silent protagonists...


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Sergito`s Avatar
Rating Orb Sergito 14 Spain MelancholicSanguine 23C 15F
6 years ago | (3)
You make so nice plots... Haven't you thought about writing a book or something? I am sure it would be very nice...
Luca`s Avatar
Rating Orb Luca 15 India MelancholicSanguine 2C 0F
6 years ago | (3)
A very nice idea, but this would surface another problem: These two characters will have to be together at all times. Ofcourse, you would have constructed the plot to suit the need, but I personally feel that a protagonist should have atleast a few dungeons they solve alone rather than in a group. I also hope that you did not have to compromise the story to have the male and female stick together at all times!

But good luck on your game, i wish you a speedy development and a bright future.
AdurnaFricai`s Avatar
Rating Orb AdurnaFricai 15 United States 13C 0F
6 years ago | (0)
As Pseudo said himself, he isn't going to keep them together for the whole game, and is instead making certain lines of dialogue change depending on your choice. Hm, he said it better, so I'll just quote.

"...the dialogue was different depending on your sex, such as when talking to the character of the other sex..."
This way, when there's a line he wants a certain one of them to say, he can have both be there, and generic things that make up most of the plot can be done on solo quests. If something doesn't require a sex-specific line, but what would be said would logically change based on the character's sex, then there will be two different dialogue paths for the two. At least, that's what I got from it.
Jamesclank0`s Avatar
Rating Orb Jamesclank0 12 United States MelancholicSanguine 20C 0F
6 years ago | (10)
i have to say this one good comment that he made for the game,its so like one of the megaman games thats been made.
GameMasterGuy`s Avatar
Rating Orb GameMasterGuy 16 United States 29C 41F
6 years ago | (3)
As long as you can finish up Miasmon and work on Beast Signer again, I'm fine!
aturtledoesbite`s Avatar
Rating Orb aturtledoesbite 15 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 132C 35F
6 years ago | (7)
I would go into a long rant about how I like this idea, but that would take away from the time you work on Miasmon. So instead, I'll just say something like "You can do it!" or some other cheesy motivational line. You did say that all you had left to do was the plot, yes? If so, then that means you're almost done! Woooooooooo!!!
Kobiwan97`s Avatar
Rating Orb Kobiwan97 100 Canada PhlegmaticMelancholic 35C 46F
6 years ago | (6)
I'm totally fine with any idea you use, but I think this is a nice compromise of the other two. But in the last news post, you said that the Miasmon should reflect you, not the character. If you make the character with a certain personality, wouldn't that character choose certain Miasmon to fit their personality? I hope you can make it work, though...

Also, in a previous comment, you said you would be able to name your character and possibly other characters. If you *do* do that, could you give a default name, so that way, people like me don't have to rack their brains for 5 hours thinking of a name that would seem to fit the person? I've always hated naming my character (I always name him Ash and the rival Gary because Gary in the anime was the most memorable rival) and nick-naming my Pokemon.

And since you're having another rookie start with you, will they get a starter? And will they be like a rival?
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
6 years ago | (2)
It does sort of bother me that the character's personality might not be in keeping with the monsters that you get them to train... but oh well, I suppose it would be less annoying than their silence would be to many people.

Yes, there will be default names, especially since each of the characters needs a name in the script (which they all already have; there are no plot NPCs that are 'name provided by the player' or anything).

Your other-gendered counterpart will get a starter when you do - the same one, too - and they'll have friendly battles with you on occasion, but won't be a 'rival' in the sense that you are competing with them. Probably. Maybe.
Abbx901`s Avatar
Rating Orb Abbx901 15 Pakistan SanguineCholeric 149C 20F
6 years ago | (6)
Well, I think that overall its going along pretty smoothly.
And I expect for it to be completed soon, although whether this will actually happen depends on Pseudo.
I really can't wait, and know, for a fact, that it will be as astounding and thrilling as every other game on this site.
You can do it.
SageofDark`s Avatar
Rating Orb SageofDark 13 United States 3C 7F
6 years ago | (6)
I can't wait until the game is finished! How much longer?
Eleanor Rigby`s Avatar
Rating Orb E Eleanor Rigby 15 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 1184C 365F
6 years ago | (9)
Oh, I love games where the main plot is made up of a frame story. I usually find them boring in books, but in games they always seem to have great main plots and side plots, which seem to be usually be a one-or-the-other sort of thing, with the added bonuses of way more cleverly laid background information and foreshadowing than in other games.

I wish the Pokemon games had taken the Mew experiment subplot further, it was really fun piecing together what had happened.

Also, I agree with Varyx - I prefer playing as a male character than as one of those sickeningly cutesy, scantily-clad girls that most games use when they decide the cast is too male. You did an excellent job with making MARDEK's female characters seem really natural and well-written though, so I'm not really worried.
Wiloturtle`s Avatar
Rating Orb Wiloturtle 17 Canada MelancholicSanguine 35C 3F
6 years ago | (10)
This plan seems very similar to Final Fantasy 12, which I am currently close to completing. The main character (Vaan and the young archaeologist) in Miasmon and FF12 both don't have a SIGNIFICANT role in the actual story, but act more as narrators/spectators, watching characters with more of an impact doing things. In a sense, doing it this way makes it seems more like you're watching a movie unfold, whilst also participating in it, which I find quite enjoyable and very fresh to just playing that brawny hero that saves the day against impossible odds, yes!

Very interesting choice, and it will probably make Mr. Marmalade's personality more mysterious and colorful, as you get to see him do interesting things rather than be him. Again to reference FF; as Vaan watches characters such as Balthier or Ashe's live their own stories without actually directly affecting it, which I found very rewarding. As if I were reading a book or something.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
6 years ago | (9)
I was actually thinking of FFXII when writing parts of this idea... I wasn't necessarily using it as direct inspiration, but it came to mind as a good example of a plot where your protagonist is just someone 'along for the ride' rather than the leading man, and it worked for that game, so hopefully it'll work for mine too.
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