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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar 7 Heavens 9 Hells Mon 4th May 2009 1:54pm

Category: Ideas

I've decided to write a news article thing about this new game that I'm working on, since I have actually started it now and it seems like it'll be relatively easy (and even 'fun') to make...
It's not a plot-driven game (though there is plot, it's not the main focus, unlike in MARDEK), so I might consider uploading in-progress versions regularly and building the game around user feedback... That might motivate me to make it even faster.
Anyway, the premise and the mechanics of it are as follows!

You play as a single character, who probably looks like a generic human male, who finds himself awakening in what is apparently a void. A bright light shines, and a voice calls out to him that he is 'saved', that 'God has forgiven you' and that He wants to see you.
It turns out that you are the soul of a being that was sentenced to nonexistence, to Oblivion, the lowest level of the Nine Hells, and you'd almost entirely faded away. The voice and the light were an angel, sent down to guide you, and save you, but due to being almost erased from existence, you lost all of your memories and skills from whatever existence came before, so now you're just an 'empty shell'. You have to ascend up through the nine levels of Hell, through Purgatory, and up through the Seven levels of Heaven, in order to meet your maker and achieve enlightenment.
There'd be more to the premise than that, but you'd discover it along the way and it'd be spoilers to reveal it here, so soon.

The game would be a top-down RPG like MARDEK, with random battles that you get into, but, as I said, you'd play only as a single character (this would make it much easier for me to make), who always starts off the same, but who you customise along the way. He has no 'class' or specific skills and his stats are all average, but you'd choose when levelling up what stats to increase, and what feats to get (like in FHO), and you'd learn spells from monsters (I'll get to this later).

The main focus of the game would be PROCEDURAL GENERATION. For those of you who don't know what this means, it means that much of the content of the game would be built by algorithms in the code, rather than manually. I'd write code to generate a random dungeon map, for example, and with that code I could instantly create infinite numbers of different floors to explore.
Essentially, it'd be sort of a Roguelike, but with enough differences to set it apart from the rest (I'd hope)...
There would be the Nine levels of Hell, the Seven levels of Heaven, and Purgatory in between them, and each of these floors wouldn't merely be a single dungeon map, but a whole WORLD. It'd have a randomly-generated world map, with dungeons and towns placed randomly on it. Each town would have its layout procedurally generated, a random number of houses made, and their interiors, randomly-generated NPCs which would have dialogue based around the other randomly-generated content of the world... The dungeons would each have random numbers of randomly-generated floors with random loot and monsters and so on. NPCs would give you quests - procedurally generated quests, of course - which would usually require you going into one of the procedurally-generated dungeons in order to find an item that the code had placed there, or for some other reason...
So, uh, it'd be all procedurally generated!

Each level would have its own look and feel, with each of the Hells and Heavens being unique. I'm using things like Dante's Divine Comedy and Baator/Celestia from Dungeons and Dragons as inspiration, and would have Hells like the generic fire and brimstone thing from Christianity, or a place where everything's a desolate snowy wasteland, or a place made of bones or another made of eyes, forever watching you...
I might ask people to suggest their ideas for possible Hells later on, but not yet.

Combat would be one-on-one and relatively simple, just so then I could make the game as fast as possible, but also strategic enough to be of continuing appeal (perhaps something like Pokemon?).
Something I'm planning is magic, gained from monsters, which I mentioned earlier... Most monsters wouldn't have an element, but sometimes you'd come across some that DID have an element, and if you defeated them in a special way, you'd 'absorb' them into your 'spell list'... It could be that you might only be able to absorb a certain number and would have to get rid of some if you wanted more, so you'd have to plan which ones to keep based on your strategy...
Casting monsters as spells could either summon them as a single attack on the enemy, like the Summons from the early Final Fantasy games, or you could transform into the monster, and be given a choice of three or four skills that it can use, which you could use one of before transforming back... That'd give each 'spell' multiple uses.
The combat system is still largely in the planning stages though.

Items would be similar to Deliverance... sort of. Rather than having a set number of items like in MARDEK, items would be also procedurally generated, given certain appearances and sets of skills. I'd probably make it so that you could find ingredients (gems or something) which you could use to modify armour and weapons or build your own...
I'd probably try to make it so that weapons were similar to those in D&D, with weapon types having a certain attack power despite how magical they were or weren't, so that it wasn't as obvious about whether one weapon was BETTER than another of its type like it is in JRPGs... (So instead of using a sword with 30 attack over one with 25 attack, both might have 10 attack and you'd have to choose between one that causes poison, one that causes silence, and one that is air elemental...)

There's probably more to say about this game, but I can't think of anything else right now, so I'll leave it at this.

So far, I've planned most of the game and started it; I make a random dungeon map generating algorithm and it took like two hours. Two hours! And that's most of the dungeon maps done now...
With a game like this which is based on procedurally-generated content, I can make it huge and infinitely replayable (different every time) without actually having to put in all that much effort, so I'd be able to make it MUCH faster than I would other projects like MARDEK or Beast Signer, where I have to make the maps myself (which takes hours for each one, sometimes)...
That's why I'm starting this project right now, because it'll be something quick and fresh for me to work on and finish, which people could hopefully play a lot and enjoy for a long time...

What do people think? Would you play a game like this?
Suggestions are appreciated, if they're fair, feasible and sensible and wouldn't be a massive change of concept or anything.


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Raider Zero fan`s Avatar
Rating Orb Raider Zero fan 15 United States CholericSanguine 498C 371F
8 years ago | (0)
Drook, Heavenly herbs sound veeeerry nice..... :P
Gargoyle`s Avatar
Rating Orb Gargoyle 17 Australia 10C 3F
8 years ago | (0)
Well if you meet God at the 'highest' level of heaven or whatever I think it makes sense that at the start you escape from Satan(perhaps the angel sacrifices himself to give you time to run away)? Anyway if there's Seven Heavens each one could be guarded by one of the Seven Archangels( Gabriel, Micheal, Uriel, Remiel, Raphael, Raguel and Zerachiel). Fighting your way up through heaven doesn't really make sense seeing as you'd be commiting sin all the way but it's a fighting game and you can't spend the second half prancing around in happiness(i'm sure Pseudo will add a sarcastic remark about this somewhere). Anyway combining these ideas you could make it one of the Archangels came to rescue 'you' for some reason and then have six left as the boss for each level of heaven except the last where you meet The Creator.

Oh an Pseudo, I think as soon as you are finished with Mardek Chapter 3 you should make this your top priority, I like Beast Signer and I enjoyed playing the Alpha version but the infinite playability of this would certainly help to stop those who complain about release dates and the such.

One last thing; Anyone who wonders why it's 7 heavens 9 hells, 7 because that's God's number( he created the world in seven days and such) as for 9 I have no idea, I would have gone with 6 as 666 is Satans number.
flarexeyes`s Avatar
Rating Orb flarexeyes 19 PhlegmaticSanguine 14C 9F
9 years ago | (0)
I'm sorry I pressed the wrong button, anyway where was I? Ah yes, in order to get a "true" ending you have to acquire all of your soul. You will know who you truly are and know exactly what you have to do. anyway switch it up, have fun! This game could have a lot of stuff people can anticipate.

-- flarexeyes
flarexeyes`s Avatar
Rating Orb flarexeyes 19 PhlegmaticSanguine 14C 9F
9 years ago | (0)
In my honest opinion, since it's gonna be a LONG game, you should break it up into several chapters, be it the chapters of hell, purgatory, and heaven. Be sure to put in some puzzles into this game, make the gamers use the head in more the just battling, but problem solving too. It would be neat to have monsters in the game come from like you said "The Divine Comedy"(which I have and am planning on reading) and such. How cool would it be to fight King Minos in Purgatory or one of the huge giants in the levels of Hell? What would be a cool thing is to have certain "books" with quotes from actual literature about Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Include souls that can help the main character along the way. When the character dies, he goes back to the beginning of the level and tries again, with what you had when you got to that level.

Don't put any bonus' on the character when he gains a part of his soul. This is where you can do all sorts of cool stuff with flashbacks and where the gamers can get to know the character. I recommend that when you start out, you have no idea who you are and such and such and have no idea how you died. Now, here's the really cool part! As he gains parts of his soul, he has flashbacks about who he is at first, then how he lived, and then where he was up until his death. Make as cool, creepy, emotional, happy, what have you as you want. It would be cool to put a "flashback" or "memory" tab on the menu to view all of what you have gained. It doesn't need to be beautiful, powerful words are what you need to make this game AMAZING. Certain soul pieces you would have to acquire in order to go into the other levels, but in order to get the "true" ending, you have to get ALL
Bored Dead`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bored Dead 15 PhlegmaticSanguine 27C 15F
9 years ago | (0)


While this has slightly slightly brought up previously, I think you need to add this in somewhere, i.e. a bonus level, perhaps more challenging, comedic, ect. I know how it is difficult to add new content since you would probsbly have to rewrite something, but what i propose is instead of prgramming entirely new coding you could simply (and easily) create a level with one or 2 lines of story line and turning a level green and just code one new boss monster. I would be very surprised if you did not even put one refrence to YALORT.
Ferhargo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ferhargo 14 United States 29C 2F
9 years ago | (0)
oh, and it says randomly generated places, so does that mean that there's a possibility that everything is on the far side of the map and you are in a barren wasteland?
Ferhargo`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ferhargo 14 United States 29C 2F
9 years ago | (0)
I believe I might have spotted a problem. In other games I have played that contain random generation engines, sometimes the game would generate an impossible level, like say a physically impossible jump or an endless wall just in front of the exit. I'd advise finding a way to make sure that this couldn't actually happen. Unfortunently, the only Idea that I have is a "limiter" that makes it impossible for the code to block off the correct route. Of course, I might be completely wrong and have just pointed out a problem that you've fixed. Anyways, it happened vary rarely in said games.
pjben`s Avatar
Rating Orb pjben 13 Choleric 5C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
Good looking game but i would like you to work on other games but still it looks like a good game. So like when your not working on this game maybe you could work on other games. Also id like to ask you to but something in it. You could make the heavens in trouble from the hells attacking them and you have to beat bosses that are in the hells to save the heavens. You dont have to put my idea in if you dont want to there are a lot better ideas then mine so yeah.
noof`s Avatar
Rating Orb noof 15 SanguineCholeric 1C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
that realy sounds like a good game and i was thinking and i thought it would be cool if you could choose your element and your choise would affect the gameplay somehow like let's say im water i would have water abilities or something. and cody i read your comments so... so yeah
shadeclaw`s Avatar
Rating Orb shadeclaw 15 United States MelancholicCholeric 1C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
I would play this game for sure, but, can the save button be on the menu instead of a save point here and there?

I'd appreciate it, keep up the good work Pseudolonewolf!
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