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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Sun 7th Jun 2009 12:49pm

Category: Weekly Updates

I'm still disappointed by how Raider turned out, and this isn't just because 'oh dear, the scores were not 5/5! D:', but because my sponsorship deal was based primarily on the game's PERFORMANCE. The more clicks referring back to the sponsor's site, the more money I get.
The fact that the game has mostly faded into obscurity rather than, say, getting Kongregate badges or front page on Newgrounds or anything means that I can get significantly less than what I calculated and expected.
There was one sponsorship deal which likely could have got me FAR more money had I gone with it (but it didn't allow MochiAds or performance-based earnings) instead of this one (which did), but I assumed that this one would get me more money because the game would do better than it has...
So since it DIDN'T do that well, the game was probably a financial loss for me.
I'll know better for next time, at least.

I'm trying to put the game out of my mind for now though as I focus on other projects.

I've still been working on MARDEK 3, but I've been lagging behind on my schedule by like half a day. This is fine though, since the weekend is 'catch-up days' for me, as set on my schedule, so I'll get back on track by the end of the day. (The reason I lagged behind and didn't finish the daily tasks that I needed to was because of things related to my girlfriend and I, which is more important than working on Flash games...)
I'll increase the progress by another 1% later today once I've finished the tasks that I need to do.

I'm surprised that I'm mainly keeping to the schedule at all though! It's still working extremely well, and motivates me a lot. I really do honestly think that my estimate completion date of mid-to-late September will be met this time! Maybe I'll even finish sooner, since I've been nudging back the dates even more as I finish tasks earlier than expected!

I've been trying to decide on how I'll go about the complete overhaul of Beast Signer, which there are forum threads about... I've got the next three days (Monday-Wednesday) assigned to working on Beast Signer, so I'll try to start something on it in that time.
I'll likely go with the new Type-based growth charts thing, which I like... and I'll redraw all the beasts from scratch since I need to go about doing that in a different way for this new engine anyway.
I have no idea how long it will take for Beast Signer to be done.

When I wrote the schedule thing I'm using now - the one with daily tasks - it originally had all my projects on it, like 7H9H, FHO, the Figimon, etc, but I've been removing everything except MARDEK 3 and a small number of days for Beast Signer for the sake of variety, since I really want to just finish MARDEK 3 and really feel motivated to do so now.
Oh, and there are also days assigned to the Raider episodes... I'll start the next episode the week after next and it should be finished in a week, though I don't know how long it'll take to RELEASE since the sponsorship stuff takes ages...

I'll work on other projects like FHO and 7H9H once MARDEK 3 is finally done with.

So anyway. I feel like I'm rambling, so in summary:
- I'm mainly working on MARDEK 3. Finish date of mid-to-late September still seems likely. Making good progress.
- Beast Signer is being redesigned, and I'll work on that in the next few days.
- Raider episodes will be worked on probably once a month.
- I'm not working on any other projects in the meantime.

On a note not directly related to working on games, I've added something new to the Music section.
I use a sheet music notation program called Sibelius to compose my music, and this program has an associated browser plugin called 'Scorch' which allows you to view the sheet music in your browser as it plays.
I've added some of these 'sib files' for some pieces of my music (currently only the MARDEK and Raider soundtracks, though I'll likely upload more when I have the time), so if you're morbidly curious about what the notes of my music looks like, you can, uh, watch them now! Hooray.

Now, to resume work on MARDEK 3...!

(I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot in these weekly updates, but really, there's not all that much to report other than 'business as usual'...)


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Tathar`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tathar 20 United States 53C 20F
9 years ago | (0)
"Problem is, people are used to being spoonfed by flash games, so they EXPECT to be able to finish them in one go. If that doesn't happen, they just move on to another game."

That nailed it on the head. Players should at least have the option to do this, and a difficulty select should scale as if each successive step up was a continuation of the one before it. Having a boss that's several times tougher than the rest of the game is a good way to get people to not play a second time.
Tathar`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tathar 20 United States 53C 20F
9 years ago | (0)
Bong: I'm not speaking for myself, I'm speaking in terms of what is more popular. Having a learning curve more akin to stairsteps meant for 50-foot giants will not get you a good payout from a performance-based sponsorship.
SManDMan`s Avatar
Rating Orb SManDMan 0 Canada 21C 27F
9 years ago | (0)
It may pick itself up on its own soon, and it did get rated well on newgrounds. That could set you up for more sponsors...
vulparo81`s Avatar
Rating Orb vulparo81 12 Canada PhlegmaticMelancholic 74C 10F
9 years ago | (0)
I'm not such a big fan of Raider, but when it comes to MARDEK then I go crazy. You've done a little more on it!? YAY!!
Arickeg`s Avatar
Rating Orb Arickeg 18 United States 2C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
Hey you made the weekly top five on NewGrounds.
monkeylemur`s Avatar
Rating Orb monkeylemur 18 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic 132C 7F
9 years ago | (0)
At least Mardek 3 will be pretty awesome.
TheMangaLover`s Avatar
Rating Orb TheMangaLover 16 Melancholic 1C 0F
9 years ago | (0)
I thought that Raider was actually quite good and has some replay value(for the relics) and good luck on completing Mardek 3 and the other projects!!!
Tathar`s Avatar
Rating Orb Tathar 20 United States 53C 20F
9 years ago | (0)
I have to say, Raider could have been a lot better without the staircase of a learning curve and brutal death punishment. Casual gamers can only take so much hard before they move on. Since they haven't dumped any money into your game, you can't really do much to get them to stick around if the game has major issues with its learning curve.

I think that if the game was remade to be the same level of difficulty as Raider Zero, it would have been more well received.
Sunkist`s Avatar
Rating Orb β Sunkist 23 Germany PhlegmaticSanguine 39C 14F
9 years ago | (0)
I very much like garbl's suggestion to add a 'stats feature' to Raider. It would probably prevent many of the "nothing new: 1/5" votes and add a great deal to replayability without changing Raider's concept in principle. Another very good suggestion I'd like to see implemented in Raider is the possibility to "unlock" the more difficult modes. It seems very natural to combine these two by making achieving certain high scores in the stats the prerequisite for the higher modes.
whiteanger`s Avatar
Rating Orb whiteanger 17 Canada CholericPhlegmatic 119C 7F
9 years ago | (0)
I'm happy your continuing your work on Mardek 3 and even happier your working on Beast Signer. I liked the idea for Beast Signer and also liked the demo very much. I can't wait until its finished (even though it could be like years until its done..). And I also checked oout some of your music and alot of it is pretty cool. Keep working on whatever your working on these days!
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