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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Sun 21st Jun 2009 7:41pm

Category: Weekly Updates

I forgot to write this earlier... So, uh, HERE IT IS.

I've been working on Raider: Episode 2. It's almost done, because it was almost done before I released episode 1...
The level and boss and so on are finished, but what I'm doing at the moment is changing the menus a bit. Unnecessary, some people might say, but... well. I'm changing all the vector things (like fonts in the How to Play section and title screen) to pixels, to keep the pixelated style throughout. I also want to improve things like the Game Over menu, which was hastily added after release last time.
I'm also adding a Tutorial level (I'll probably end up updating episode 1 to use these new changes, including the tutorial), which you can play through to get used to the controls and learn the movements and things in a safe environment. HOPEFULLY this would reduce the complaints about difficulty or the controls.

I re-read through all the comments on Kongregate and Newgrounds and also read what people said on that last article, but it still feels like there's loads of minor things that I should fix that haven't been obviously mentioned or something. Hmm...

Either way though, this should be finished soon and then I'll contact sponsors; I don't know how long that'd take. I'd likely wait for episode 1 to be removed from the front page of Newgrounds first before releasing it anyway.

Before that though, I will need to do some kind of beta test... I'm unsure how to go about it. I might do an open beta, but for a limited time; I might upload a version to this site for a single day or something, and listen to comments on that. I don't want it to get too much exposure though since that affects what I can get from the sponsorship... I might even ask for a limited number of beta testers... I'm still not sure.

So, uh... I'll probably comment in the comment section of this thing if I have anything else to mention.


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isacc0909`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! isacc0909 15 Canada PhlegmaticSanguine 21C 10F
9 years ago | (0)
If you decide to do this me and any fan of the elder scrolls surely would play it
isacc0909`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! isacc0909 15 Canada PhlegmaticSanguine 21C 10F
9 years ago | (0)
1 last thing I've been playing morrowind game of the year edition lately I noticed the length of time taken to lvl up makes it difficult plus you lvl up diffrent attributes like light armor ,heavy armor, long blade,etc try making a game like that 2 reasons. Reason 1 harder 2 lvl up. Reason 2 get to pick your own major and minor skills plus harder 2 stay alive.
isacc0909`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! isacc0909 15 Canada PhlegmaticSanguine 21C 10F
9 years ago | (0)
I know you never work on beast signer but I was playing digimon world for my ds emulator the 2 games are similar in battle styles but mabye like digimon makeit so your 3 active beasts follow you (it was awsome playing digimon having omnimon and the final form of terriermon following me). On another matter I haven't been on lately so im suprised to see your progress and how your almost 2/5 done with the raider games.
Wiz Zumwalt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Wiz Zumwalt 32 Hungary SanguineMelancholic 247C 40F
9 years ago | (0)
Argh! First two links still broken. Just remove the parts starting with "br" from both, then they'll work...
Wiz Zumwalt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Wiz Zumwalt 32 Hungary SanguineMelancholic 247C 40F
9 years ago | (0)
Argh... links don't seem to work here. What I really said was:
You can still come by disk images of
IM 1: [LINK]
IM 2: [LINK]
which you can play with
a good Commodore emulator: [LINK]
Wiz Zumwalt`s Avatar
Rating Orb Wiz Zumwalt 32 Hungary SanguineMelancholic 247C 40F
9 years ago | (0)
My favourite platformer, back when I was a child, was Impossible Mission on the C-64. (You can still come by disk images of [IM 1] and [IM 2], playable with [a good Commodore emulator] if you're interested.) Both had enemies that would react to you. I liked the ones best that always followed you but never fired a shot until you tried to jump over them, at which point they turned around and shot you mercilessly...

I guess there are platformers and platformers, so that's not saying you should definitely add intelligence to the enemies in Raider. This is just to point out that this kind of thing existed already in the 1980s.
oddysen`s Avatar
Rating Orb oddysen 17 Norway 159C 8F
9 years ago | (0)
If you make a lvl editor, consider makingit a seperate game, migth get you more sponsoring money, and since you won't change the physiks anyway you wo't need to fix it for each "episode".
Iceburg116`s Avatar
Rating Orb Iceburg116 18 United States CholericMelancholic 7C 7F
9 years ago | (0)
Games are hard to die in nowadays.. Having no save feature would make this one smile.
Admittingly, I've never played the Raider game(s), but I'm trying to pick up on it with what I've read thus far.
But! Level designer sounds like something I wouldn't bug with... Pixel Fonts? Meh, fine with me. I read what I can, where I can. As long as it isn't Wingdings.
"Bell whistle whistle angel dog hoof print!!" Doesn't do anything for me.
Aaaannndd... Dial-Up users. I am one. Have you ever wondered what might happen to them if they tried playing this kind of game with such a poor connection? Part of the reason I rarely try to play larger games is just that. My connection. But I'd be willing to put the loadtime into this if it'd help you out.
Just putting my name forward for Beta candidacy, ja? =P
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
9 years ago | (0)
Oh, also, I was fiddling around the fonts and such and have changed the whole look of the game to use ONLY pixel fonts... And actual pixel fonts this time, which I made myself. Before, the 'pixel fonts' were actually a normal font in 'pixel font' mode, which makes Flash try to render them as pixels as well as it can, but since they're not designed as pixel fonts in the first place, it ends up difficult to read.

The new fonts may STILL be difficult to read, but I find them appealing, and... well, we'll see what people think.
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
9 years ago | (0)
I've actually been spending the last day or two or three basically sprucing up the 'How to Play' section so now it's full of fancy features (and completely different; more than simply an instructions page, so I need to rename it).
These include:
- A 'cast' section, which will contain information on the characters and baddies like the MARDEK Encyclopaedia.
- A 'Stats' page, which records things like total time played, total number of jumps, shots, etc, and 'bests', like best rank, best time, best number of deaths (that is, the lowest), etc.
- A Relics page which shows which of the relics you've collected (at least once) over the course of ALL episodes.
- ACHIEVEMENTS. There are 21 of these, earned in various different ways. All of them are matters of skill though, and most of them require finishing the level in order to get them at all... There are no silly 'do a dance while holding down all the keys and dancing on top of a windmill' sorts of things, since they don't show SKILL as such... Instead, there are things like... one for each rank, one for each difficulty, and other feats of skill like beating the boss without getting hit, beating the level without dying, finishing under the 'ideal time', pacifist or genocide (the opposite) runs, and using only the blaster or sword. Things like that.
I meant to add these last time but wanted to get the game out quickly so I rushed. This time, I had little to actually do on level 2 so I can spend more time messing around with such relatively 'minor' features.
- MUSIC PLAYER. There's one of these now. Yay.

I'm also having a sort of save system, probably. The sort where if you quit the game accidentally or out of boredom then return to it later, you're asked 'would you like to continue from where you left off?', but then as soon as you do load temporary save, it's deleted.
Due to how easy this would make cheating, the rank at the end if you loaded at all would be either E or 'unranked'. Otherwise people could get S rank with basically no effort at all.

A Level Editor seems to be requested, but there are several reasons why it would not work (or at least not be easy).
As you may have noticed, Raider doesn't use distinct, single-area 'levels' like basically every other Flash platformer; instead, each episode has one single level made up of ROOMS. It COULD be possible for players to create a single room for others to play, but it would be far too awkward for them to make any more than just one. This means there could be no area transitions; no doors or going off the screen to end up elsewhere.
Secondly, uh, I'd have to write a load of new code to handle exporting and importing user-made content... hmm. The current engine wouldn't support that kind of thing, due to how the existing maps are written...

So I'll CONSIDER a Level Editor, but if I added one at all, it'd necessarily be so severely limited that I can't see it being all that appealing.
But then again, I don't find the simplistic Level Editors of other Flash games appealing either... so maybe it's just me, and other people would find it highly entertaining for some reason...

The bosses do AIM at Arkus during parts of their pattern...
But it's rare to see old games - like what Raider is trying to emulate - where the enemies actually have AI that RESPONDS to the player. This is a relatively new concept, and before, all enemies were simply 'on rails', going about simplistic patterns with no heed for the player or their own wellbeing.
It'd be a lot more effort to create enemies with at least half a brain, which is another reason why I only used simple ones (I am not fond of making enemies, which is why the focus isn't on those... something many people have commented about as if platformers SHOULD be full of things to kill more than jumps), but maybe I'll try that at some point. Since levels 2 and 3 are basically already made though, it might have to wait...

Though I suppose I could perhaps modify the behaviour of some existing baddies to do simple things like speed up or turn around, etc... Hmm.
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