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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Sun 23rd Aug 2009 11:49am

Category: Weekly Updates

As those of you keeping track of the Recent Updates thing may have noticed, uh, I haven't done anything much at all for the last three days! I'm already basically ahead of schedule as it is, but I suppose my MANIACAL DEPRESSION, as some people seem convinced I have, seems to reduce me to a fatigued, motivationless state on a sort of cycle... I have to endure a few days where doing anything at all is a tedious chore, then my vim and vigour return and I can get a lot done during that time.
Lifestyle is a big factor in all this, and after NEXT week, I'll probably feel better for reasons I won't bother to go into because they're sort of irrelevant.

Anyway, apart from for the last three days, I have been working exclusively on MARDEK 3, and I am getting tantalisingly close to finishing! Or, rather, getting close to the end of the story work. It'll probably take two more weeks to get to working on the Final Boss and ending, but as I've stated before, this will not be the end of development.
After that, I'll need to go through the game a few times adding sidequests (I want to do one per dungeon, so then there's something mildly interesting about each dungeon) and making fixes and making sure skills work and just generally balancing and debugging. That could take anywhere from between a week to a month, maybe MORE... Then after that, I'll do beta testing and try to get a sponsor, which I feel might take ages too...

And there is, uh, potentially bad news regarding this! Well, good for me, but bad for those who've been so patiently waiting for so long.
As some of you may know, my girlfriend and I have a long-distance relationship, since I'm too sad, miserable, pathetic, unwanted and all that to get a real human being of a girlfriend in the real human being world or something, and we rarely get to actually SEE eachother. We have to plan trips months in advance and they cost a lot of money... so we generally try to arrange them for a month or so.
Our next, uh, time together will go for six weeks, starting at the beginning of October... and during that time, I might not even have access to a computer! Or the internet, at least.
So if it turns out that even though MARDEK 3 is very nearly done but then I have to LEAVE, it'll have to be postponed for another six weeks... and at that rate, by the time I get back (mid-November), I wonder if it'd even be able to be out this year...? >_>

What I hope to do is get it all done before I go, then, uh, perhaps leave it open for sponsors to look over and bid for during my absence? But there are loads of problems with that, so, uh... I don't know what'll happen. Maybe I WILL have access to a computer anyway and will be able to make more progress with its release. We'll see.
I, uh, really need this trip though and feel that it will make me feel far, far better, hopefully relieving some of this 'depression' that I'm still not entirely convinced that I have! o_O

Apart from all THAT, uh, Raider 2 is STILL not out yet and this is frustrating to me. How many weeks now have I said 'sponsorship is still in process'? The first one didn't take this long to get out!
A lot of it is based around just waiting for emails, which is tedious... ugh. The sponsors are busy people, and can take a while to get around to responding... which is the main cause of the delay.
And it's worrying because I sort of need the money I'll get for it for the trip in October!1 o_O;
So it NEEDS to be out either before the end of this month or sometime during the next... or else I'm in trouble!

Also, MERCHANDISE. People have suggested to me before that I should sell some, and based on the poll results, it seems like it might be a wise idea!
If I did, I'd likely use [this site], unless anyone knows of any better ones that do the same thing?
Basically, all I'd have to do is upload graphics, and I don't think I have to PAY anything; the site just gets a percentage of the profits whenever an item sells (probably like 90% of the profits... pfft).

But WHAT should I sell?!?
The only idea I have for a definite item is a black shirt with the Eye of YALORT on it... Even I'D want to buy and wear one of those! (I've been wanting one for years, actually... And if I DID do that, it might encourage me more to re-start that whole Yalortism site at some point when I'm not busy, which I've ALSO been meaning to get around to for years!)
Shirts are basically the best option, though things like mugs, etc, are options... Anything that can have images printed on, basically. But not things like little figurines... Try to think practically about how these things could be MADE...

So, uh, what else might you want to buy on a shirt? Fig Hunter characters, the site's logo, or the logos of games seem sort of unlikely to me... Who'd WANT those?
Other things though come to mind... What would you think of the following:
- Shirts with the Elemental glyphs on (one shirt for each glyph, probably all black if I can even USE black as a colour... Or if I can use ANY colour, then they'd have colours based on their element).
- My own art, like the elemental dragons? I could also technically draw more stuff specifically for shirts, I suppose! Not that I'm the best artist in the world, but maybe... o_O
- Shirts with lines of dialogue from MARDEK or something, particularly humourous ones. If there are any particularly funny, memorable lines that anyone would want to wear on their chest, suggestions are welcome!
- Shirts using other RPG tropes of the same kinds that are referenced in MARDEK, but which haven't been referenced specifically in MARDEK... Things like, uh, typical RPG conventions being commented on somehow? I'm sort of foggy about this one still.

So, uh, yes. These are the sorts of possibilities for merchandise, so maybe I should set up a shop thing soon, before MARDEK 3 is out, so I could link to it from the game and stuff! Maybe it'll be far more profitable than I think... o_O


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Sillydragon`s Avatar
Rating Orb E Sillydragon 18 United States MelancholicCholeric 98C 41F
8 years ago | (0)
I would definitely buy a hat (that's an option, right?) with elemental symbols on it, but a shirt with just a big funny looking circle is kind of awkward. So for elemental glyphs, consider putting them on something besides a shirt. All your other ideas are good, too... I wouldn't mind wearing an elemental dragon around. Though I can't think of any lines from Mardek that would make a good shirt. You could also try illustrating some of the humorous (or just significant/popular) scenes from Mardek. In some cases, a picture or comic-type thing would be better than just the words. Though, that would also require more work on your part.
death1015`s Avatar
Rating Orb death1015 14 MelancholicCholeric 18C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
i would buy them, but make them inexpensive, unlike those merchandises in stores etc
also if you do get t shirts, a word of advice
print out the picture and search online for a place where they print t shirts and take the picture or upload it to them etc.
also, if you do a yalort eye, make it black background and the elements make it the colors that fit like orange fits blue etc(opposites on color wheel fit together)
Radmelon`s Avatar
Rating Orb Radmelon 16 Canada MelancholicPhlegmatic 3C 5F
8 years ago | (0)
I'd buy as much as I could! I love the Idea, and think that you could make a huge amount on money with it. After all, you probably have a larger fanbase than you think, and could recoup expendatures fairly quickly. The elemental symbols would probably do great, seeing as people could wear a shirt with a symbol that matches their own personality.
Xskill`s Avatar
Rating Orb Xskill 17 Ireland PhlegmaticCholeric 145C 43F
8 years ago | (0)
You could have the fig hunter logo, the YALORT eye, a picture of Mardek maybe?

Um also your avatar, some people might just buy that for it's sheer awesomeness. I guess you could also sell little figurines, and key chains...Those seem to be the best sellers for people with limited money, and not really wanting to make a huge commitment towards it...So yea, hope it helps?

I'd buy a YALORT eye, and shirt.
Ryan2950`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ryan2950 11 United States Phlegmatic 1C 1F
8 years ago | (0)
Hey, what about using the two (or more, I dunno how many there are.) Figimon sprites (snake and under-developed rhino-thing) on the front of one and showing them eating or attacking something. It was kind of weird for that blob to have such sharp teeth anyway.

BTW, have you ever heard of JayisGames? They reviewed Raider--->
Anyway, have you seen this?
It ends October on the 4th! With a $1000 reward! That fits right with your going away! Then again, you may have to work on Mardeck ( I've seen some ravings here ) or something. Or I may be an ignorant idiot on this page if I have misread or mistaken something here.......
Mortech`s Avatar
Rating Orb Mortech 18 United States PhlegmaticCholeric 226C 101F
8 years ago | (0)
First of all, it would have to be a game specifically designed for the contest theme to win (therefore, he would be pretty much just letting JayisGames use his game to make profit that he would never see any of unless he won), and secondly, I don't think any of Pseudo's games could be defined as 'casual'.. >_>

Also, it has been mentioned before that these contest-things are generally a bad idea due to legal things in the contract that severely limit any other sponsorship deals or prohibit other things that never make them worth the time to even enter, and I'm sure that this is just the same, since I doubt just making a game and submitting it as a professional work, but also on some game design contest, you wouldn't win due to the fact that type of game isn't what the people hosting the contest are looking for at all... They are much more interesting in new, aspiring game-makers and using $1000 to try and promote that.

Not to mention he ALREADY is working on a non-exclusive license for JayisGames and will likely get the same for any other publicly-released games in the near future, mayhaps.
darkwolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkwolf 13 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 42C 7F
8 years ago | (0)
ye i am a fan of mardek to so i can be a beter tester to if you like.
Sergito`s Avatar
Rating Orb Sergito 14 Spain MelancholicSanguine 23C 15F
8 years ago | (0)
Yeahh!!! take a holyday!! but, please finish mardek 3 before... XD and i think that kongregate would be a good site to put it... and you can win money constantly because people that like the game can donate "kreds" and that... and if you want i can be a beta tester, cuz i im a little fan of mardek, the history events and that are interesting...
darkwolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkwolf 13 United Kingdom CholericSanguine 42C 7F
8 years ago | (0)
Pseudolonewolf makes the best games and deservs a long break
RedThief7`s Avatar
Rating Orb RedThief7 19 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 187C 55F
8 years ago | (0)
You might see Firequill in October then... Sounds like it'd be an exciting time for you. Like I've said in the past (or I at least THINK I've said this before) we have no place to complain about how quickly or slowly you release a game. Contrary to popular belief you aren't a "game slave" and you're the one holding all the cards. You have no obligation to let us play your really great games for absolutely free, but we're all very thankful and appreciative that you do.

And a t-shirt with the eye of Yalort (I'd type it in all caps and lime green if I remembered how to change font color for sure) sounds pretty cool. That's something I'd wouldn't mind buying and wearing. The Beast Signer logo could also be a pretty cool shirt in my opinion. And while they are a tad plain by themselves, the seven elements could also be good designs if you or someone else could think of something to add to them.
darkpaw15`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! darkpaw15 15 United States 86C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
u can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u make the best games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cmon Pseudolonewolf its worths it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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