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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Weekly Update Sun 13th Sep 2009 12:49pm

Category: Weekly Updates

I've been working on MARDEK 3 all week, and I'm going to continue to do so for the rest of the month, until my trip thing...

I'm going away at the start of October, and I'll be gone for six weeks. After that, I'll seek out sponsorship for MARDEK 3, probably!

I've basically ALMOST FINISHED the game now, apparently! I've been working on the last bits of the plot, like the Final Battle(s) and stuff... There's just one more 'dungeon' of sorts to go (which is considerably smaller than the others and I've already done things like tileset, music, etc; all I need to do is areas now), some plot dialogue, another battle, and then the Epilogue bit that ends the story.
Balancing battles is so annoying! Is a battle that goes on for ten minutes too long, even if it's the 'Final Battle' of sorts? o_O

So anyway, this is really promising and it's making me very motivated about the game! It's so strange to think that after all the time I've worked on it, I'm actually doing the ENDING now...

Unfortunately, though, after the Main Plot of the game is done, there are still a lot of things I need to fix or add. Like:
- Particle effects for some spells and things (shouldn't take too long, but wasn't important enough to focus on yet)
- Animations for some characters that are missing
- The effects of some unusual skills (perhaps)
- General cleaning up of dialogue to improve flow and reduce plot holes
- Some details in areas, like bookcases (I foolishly decided to have two large Libraries in two towns, with like two or three dozen bookshelves in each, so I'll need to fill those up with Lore...)
- Some Optional Events, like one which I've got planned which is a short, silly play! o_O

And most importantly:
- An additional piece of music for a character's Theme (to add to an already long list of character themes in this chapter...)
- The DREAM CIRCLES that I mentioned a while ago. These are special things that, if stepped on, basically transport you into a memory or previous event; basically they're flashbacks. There are some which actually transport you into the figrealm so then you can walk around, but others just transport you to a scene of only dialogue (you can't see WHO is talking and have to figure it out yourself! Mysterious!). I've done the ones that you step into to move to different areas, since they were necessary for the plot, but the 'flashback' ones will be optional and hidden and will provide backstory information for characters (maybe they'd be added to the encyclopaedia when watched?)
- I want to add a lot of SIDE QUESTS. There are probably about a dozen or so dungeons, and I want to have some additional story to each one, where you help out some NPCs or something (optionally). These may take a while... or not, depending on how complex I make the sidequests.
- I want to do another chapter-spanning sidequest equivalent to the Trilobite Keys from Chapter 2, and another Arena Challenge in Cambria (basically the same as Chapter 2's but with different monsters and a different prize).

I should have the main plot finished today or tomorrow, since there's so little left to do, then the game will be 'done'... But I'll focus on it for the next 20 days, making those other adjustments that need to be made to it. I don't know if 20 days is long enough to finish them all, but, uh, let's hope!
I'll not focus on any other projects until I get back from my trip... which should put me into a much better state of mind afterwards anyway.

Also, uh... I'm completely rewriting MARDEK's overarching plot thing!
I've had all eight chapters planned from the start, but they were sort of planned only in a single draft with nothing in the way of refining, and I was basically just making up events as I went along without really thinking of any significance or coherent flow... I'm not exactly a good Writer and would make no claims to be anything of the sort...
While working on Chapter 3, I've decided that the original plot for it just wasn't good enough, since it wasn't interesting, so I've been making significant changes to it, even if I've kept the actual areas that you need to go to the same...
The last four or five chapters are planned sketchily, and lead to a conclusion that wouldn't be very dramatic at all... So instead, I'm trying to change them so that they DO lead to something dramatic and hopefully memorable that hasn't been overdone to death in other RPGs!

I am very disappointed at the reception of Raider 2 in all the places I've seen comments on it... Casual players are morons and give short, useless comments about things they couldn't be bothered to take the time to understand, or complaining about their own ineptitude...
As such, I'm considering the Raider series a lost cause... I might not get the other three sponsored, but I'll try to finish them at least, and perhaps just release them exclusively to this site or something. I'll contact my sponsor and see what their opinion is about this... at some point.
I don't know when I'll work on the next episode, since I'm really sick of Raider at this point.
I just want to finish the series and move onto a game to fill the 'short, easy project' hole that would be more likely to be successful...

So, uh, yes! That's that.
Isn't it exciting that MARDEK 3 is almost finished now?! : D


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slaix223`s Avatar
Rating Orb slaix223 19 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 5C 5F
8 years ago | (1)
*sighs* It seems that no matter what it is, if I like something it's doomed to fail. I found this site because of Raider, and I'd be heartbroken if you stopped working on it. Raider is definitely one of my favorite flash games, cause you don't treat us like little children in terms of difficulty. We actually need to be "good" at gaming, unlike most coddled gamers today. The art style also looks superb, and I really love it; although the text can be a little hard to read at times.

As for Mardek... I still have yet to play it, but I'm certainly going to find time to play it sometime soon. Anyway, for your final battle, it really doesn't matter what length it is, all that matters is "can you keep it fun?" If you keep changing things up and keep on making it fun, then you can even make it a 30 minute battle. It's not time that's important at all.
supersolrock123`s Avatar
Rating Orb supersolrock123 15 United Kingdom 10C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
i think that a really long and difficult final boss will be great thing. because i think that it will really give the player a good test of how good they really are. to be honest i think 10 mins might actually be a bit short but whatever, its your game you can do what you want.
Death Knight`s Avatar
Rating Orb Death Knight 15 United States SanguineCholeric 680C 26F
8 years ago | (1)
Did the Mardek status bar get updated????????????????????
dogbreath627`s Avatar
Rating Orb dogbreath627 18 PhlegmaticCholeric 26C 2F
8 years ago | (0)
i dont think that a 10 minute battle would be 2 long i personaly would prefer a long battle for the boss battle and by the time i get there i have trianed my characters so much it doesnt matter like in mardek 1 i was level 5 when i left the forest. and in 2 i was 21 when i finnal left the ship so i dont think it would even take that long for me so feel free to make it as long as you like. also weve waited this long i think that you should take your time on sidequests and not put some crappy ones in there cause that ruins the overall effect of the game even if their optional. like in mardek 1 i gained 3 levels in the sewer fighting rats. and i like the ideae of another trillobyte key type quest because that was kinda fun trying to find the trilobyte keys in 2 (i only cheated on one. i just could not find the one in the tainted groto). i could wait till cristmas this year if it takes that long but after that i dont know that i would even bopther checking on your progress because if its not done by then i dont know when it would be (i know earlier i said take your time and do but just not to much time). and thats about all i have to say
Ooneykcall`s Avatar
Rating Orb Ooneykcall 21 Russia CholericMelancholic 145C 61F
8 years ago | (0)
The longer your games would be, the better they'd feel for me! Because, as many people I believe do, I enjoy every second of playing them. I wish every new MARDEK Chapter would be two times bigger than the previous. That'd be great, eh!
eisvogel`s Avatar
Rating Orb eisvogel 21 Argentina 9C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
I will limit myself to only this:
Pseudo... do whatever it best suits for you. If continuing the pursuit of raider series its just a waste of time and you wont be able to profit from it... then... well, just cut them off. Or leave it aside and only get to it if you are feeling like it and motivated to do so only to enjoy yourself. But its not fair that you work is not appreciated... even more, if you think it can jeopardize future opportunities... its clearly not worth it. I am really sorry that game sites are so full of assholes that are able to rate games without even taking the time to see that what they are complaining about is solved and was contemplated from the beginning. I hope you get something to lift up the spirit... good luck
nickcool321`s Avatar
Rating Orb nickcool321 15 SanguineMelancholic 66C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
make me my mardek or i will find you and destroy you by asking you philosophical questions about the origin of the universe and humanity.
death1015`s Avatar
Rating Orb death1015 14 MelancholicCholeric 18C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
its pronounced"su-do(pronounce the o like you say the letter"o") lone-wolf. Also, i really love your games, but um one question... when will you ever get a job/ profession really... or do you work? Also, its better to go out and have some fun, and then work on games etc... it makes it easier to concentrate etc.(not trying to sound like a mother)
Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar
Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf 23 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 2257C 559F
8 years ago | (0)
Technically, making Flash games is a 'profession'... I get money from this.
Also, peoples' idea of what is 'fun' differs. Mine's surely not the same as yours, because I can't do what I find fun by 'going out' in any way; that's more like something to endure than something to enjoy.
dogbreath627`s Avatar
Rating Orb dogbreath627 18 PhlegmaticCholeric 26C 2F
8 years ago | (0)
making flash games is a profession but it isn't a very profitable one when you spend as much time on your games as you do. so i guess what he is trying to ask is do you have a job at an office or something. and having fun he means do whatever it is you like to do for fun. he doesn't mean you have to go out and have drinks with your friends. you can sit at home and stare at a wall if thats what you do for fun. i personally think thats boring but whatever.
darkvolt`s Avatar
Rating Orb darkvolt 15 United States CholericSanguine 60C 5F
8 years ago | (0)
im a fan of all the games you have made pseudolonewolf (how do you pronounce that?), but continuing on from what LeesusFreak has said, though i dont get the megaman or mertoid feeling either cause' you have added a certain style to it. like in moneyseize, they added the kindof "collect" feel to it, or the reason why they want to play it. i think what you have added to mardek 3 which has made it so popular was the 8/16-bit single player RPG, kinda like zelda, only shorter with a better dialouge.ow with raider... the dialouge is raiding/survival in a platform? now with most survivals, people would like constant fighting so that is one thing you might want to add. in the raider series, it seems there are more obstacle in exchnge of enemies. now the raiding part is not bad, infact-that is why some people like the series (like me). now that statement has been said, what if you added "power" to that style? you said you wanted to sort of create a form f megaman in your raider series, so why not? why dont you have an acessable map of what you had explored during the time you have played that only shows for e/a relic you get ( so it shows you 1/4 of the map e/a time you have collected a relic) and there are a few glitches- how do you get the sword achievement? xD? it seems it is impossible to hit the bosses w/ the sword lol!
bellcat`s Avatar
Rating Orb bellcat 19 United States CholericPhlegmatic 11C 0F
8 years ago | (0)
You may want to post a poll on this, but I don't think a 10 min boss battle is too long at all. Especially in a strategy game. I think of each battle like a puzzle of sorts (even if you do have to solve some puzzle multiple times, and there's character leveling. On 2nd thought, maybe the analogy doesn't work very well.)

But my point is that the best puzzles, or chess matches or what have you are the ones that take hours. Now you may have to cut that back since I think most flash gamers are really just looking for games they can put down and pick up again quickly (or they just don't want to pay for their video games). But 10 mins, I don't think is unreasonable at all.
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