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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar Alone again... Sat 14th Nov 2009 2:32pm

Category: Plans

I'm now back by myself again; the trip is over... Using this keyboard I haven't used in six weeks is awkward and slow, and the site looks so *different* in colour than it does on my laptop... Strange! It's so much more VIVID here; it feels all 'greyish' on my laptop.

Anyway, now that I'm alone again (SIGH!) and at my work computer, I suppose I should get back to work on games...

I'm not going to describe anything about the trip here, even if you are wondering! There's not much to say anyway, really, though it was great and we'll miss eachother so much until the next trip...
It's sort of a weird arrangement we've got going... We've never really 'dated', but instead basically started living together for a month after we first met...
Anyway, uh, yes. Good, that. I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND.

And it's so strange typing online again! My 'online voice' is different to my in-person voice or something (as it is for us all), so it feels like I'm having to get used to it again.

ANYWAY, I've had six weeks to think about this news article, and what I'll be doing when I get back. I have plans! And I've thought about them thoroughly...
I know that I have often had ideas and then suddenly, spontaneously decided to start a new game and it never worked out, but keep in mind that I HAVE had ages to think about and plan what I'm going to say, so it's not just some spontaneous idea that'll go nowhere.

So, here's what I want to try to do:


First and foremost, I WILL FINISH MARDEK 3. Don't worry about that. It's almost done, so it shouldn't take too much longer anyway, and I can't NOT finish it now because then you'd all kill me!
So I'll focus on that a lot. All I really need to do now is add sidequests and refine things.

Fig Hunter dot com

I want to change aspects of this site... I feel less like this now that I see the site in its true colours rather than its laptop colours, but when the site went down and I lost the index page, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to change the index page significantly...
I may or may not do this; I'm unsure. It could just take a while and be unnecessary...
But I don't seem to have a backup of the index page on this home computer as I thought I might. Hmm.

I'd also want to change aspects of the site's 'mechanics', such as rules, etc...
I'd want to perhaps make the forums less strict, just to attract more traffic really, and I'd also want to perhaps consider moderators, finally...

This is all very much in the early planning stages though, so I'll say more when I've elaborated more on it in my mind (or rather, when I'm feeling less drained and unfamiliar with this computer)...


I might as well get the Raider episodes out of the way...
I'll likely just release the other three either as one game containing them all, or just released them unsponsored on my own site or something? I can't really be bothered waiting for sponsorship, and it feels sort of embarrassing to ask for it anyway since the games weren't particularly well-received and I'm just saying 'hey, can you continue to support my bad idea?! : D' or something...

I'll do these after MARDEK 3, maybe.


I use ActionScript 2 to code my games in Flash, since when I started learning, it was the current language that Flash used. Since I've started learning though, ActionScript 3 has been released, but I've never switched over to it since it's rather different to AS2, and I didn't want to convert over all my current projects because it'd take a while. AS3 is better in basically every way, however, and I've wanted to switch over to it for a while.

So. I want to make a sort of drastic move that may be poorly received, but I'll say it anyway...
I want to learn AS3, and in doing so, I want to scrap all my AS2 projects that I'm currently working on... except MARDEK.
Most of them are at their early stages anyway, so this is a good time to do this. If I don't do it now, I might never do.


I want to start off small with AS3 in order to get used to it... That is, I don't want to just go straight to making RPGs with it.
So, firstly, I'll try to fully make the Figimon with it. It'll (hopefully) be a nice, short, simple project, and if I start and finish it all at once, maybe it'll feel more pleasant than starting it, then having to return to it months later (I keep putting off working on the current version since it's been so long since I started it, and the only reason I didn't finish it soon after starting was because I had to go away a day or three after starting it).

So, uh, yes. Figimon.


I'll continue to work on gradually more complex projects with AS3 in order to get used to it, so after I've done the Figimon, I'll work on another project that I can easily start and finish (rather than one that would have to be updated regularly, like most of my projects).
I'll use Chimaera for this, but I'll start off by doing a really simplistic version of it where you can only use one type of monster (dragon-like?) which you can customise the parts of, rather than having various different monster types... It shouldn't be too difficult, and it'll be a learning experience.

I should try doing this sort of things more often with my games, because I've noticed that other Flash games tend to do it...
They start off with an idea in its simplistic form, with a short, simple game... and then if people like the idea, then a sequel is made with more features and stuff, built on the original engine.
I'll do this with Chimaera... If people like the first one, then I can release a sequel with more monster types, etc.
This way, I can actually FINISH the game without countless delays due to new features.


As I increase more in the complexity of relatively short games using AS3, I would next try to make a platformer, perhaps... 'BE-a-St'.
As with Chimaera, I'd start off with it in a very basic form, with short, simple levels and few features, which I could then expand in a sequel. (I get more money that way anyway!)


Then, I'd get to RPGs... But before starting one of the longer projects that'd be added to regularly, like FHO or Beast Signer, I'd try to just make a basic RPG engine with maybe a simple, shallow plot and I'd make it into a game in itself... maybe. I'll think more about this when I get to it.

Star Trekkin'

My girlfriend and I watched a lot of television while we were together (I don't usually watch it at all), and we saw a lot of Star Trek (not for the first time or anything; I used to like it in a sort of casual rather than fanatical way in the past so I'm already familiar with it all and everything... Oh, and we saw Voyager, TNG, DS9 and Enterprise), which gave me an idea...

Programmes like that - as well as many webcomics and various other forms of media - have a basic premise, a setting, and then episodes based on the setting and characters, perhaps with some overarching plot, but not necessarily.

I've tried the 'episodic' approach to games with Raider and MARDEK, but I've done those as chapters as part of some large, pre-planned story...
But then I thought... why not make an RPG which has some setting introduced to the characters, but then a bunch of stand-alone 'episodes' with the same cast and setting, but without some unifying plot?
That is, a series, like a television series, but done with games...

It's almost certainly been done with games before, but I can't think of many examples, and it might be interesting to try. It'd mean that I could just make the engine, the setting and the characters, then make an 'episode' quickly without worrying too much about later parts of the plot, whenever an idea strikes me... Or I could do one monthly or something?

I don't know... it's just an idea. But it might be interesting to try as an experiment, even if it doesn't really go anywhere. I'd just build on the engine I'd make for the 'practice RPG' in AS3 if I did this.


FHO is still in its earliest stages at the moment, but it uses AS2 and is frankly rather poorly-built in a technical sense, like MARDEK was, and that poor design was what led to me redoing MARDEK from scratch...
I'll do FHO from scratch again too, but in AS3 this time, and I'll also simplify it using the same way of thinking as with Chimaera and BE-a-St as mentioned above. If the simple, low-on-features version was successful, I could do a 'sequel' with more features or something.

I want to do away with the tactical battle style, and most of the planned character classes. I know that this would be poorly received by some people, but I don't want the game to be bloated with features so I never actually get around to finishing it, and I want a more... accessible combat style. Probably just some generic turn-based battles like in MARDEK and the Final Fantasies (before XII)...
That'll make it more appealing to more players and designers, even if it would be more generic and less original.

I'd try to make it simple and available quickly; that'd be the main focus of the project.

Beast Signer

Beast Signer, too, would be redone... I could use the graphics and stuff from the 'remake' I was working on recently; I'd just need to convert the code to AS3, which shouldn't take too long.
I'll delay this for a while though because I want to get used to AS3 first.


MARDEK 4 will come in here somewhere... But where depends on a lot of factors. We'll see what happens after I release the third one.


I repeat, I've had six weeks to think about these things. If I've not mentioned a project that I've already been working on (7H9H and CARDECK come to mind), then I've no immediate plans for them... I may or may not return to them at some point. We'll see.

I'll also be tackling some of these projects concurrently, rather than doing them one-by-one...

Flash Reviews?

I make Flash games, but I barely ever play games at all... I should around to playing more Flash games, for the sake of research if not necessarily pure enjoyment.
To motivate me to do this, I've been considering whether to make this site into a sort of Flash portal... But then I'd be competing with the other portals and they'd be unlikely to sponsor my games. Hmm. I'm unsure...

OR I could do what that JayIsGames site does and merely have Flash Game Reviews as a section of this site?
That could work, possibly... I could get some of you fans - whoever's willing and competent enough - to something write lengthy reviews of Flash games and post them in a special Reviews section (so that they'd be listed like the news articles), which would be good for the site in many ways. It'd get more hits, it'd have more involvement or something, it'd make me more aware of good Flash games, it'd make this site better-known amongst Flash Developers...


Before the trip, I spent basically all of my time in front of this computer... all day every day. Sad, I know, and it took its toll on me. I feel very refreshed, emotionally, by the six weeks with my dear beloved partner person, but I don't want to just get back into the same old lifestyle again...

So, since I was watching a lot of television while with my girlfriend, I think I'm going to try to get one of those for my room, since I don't have the luxury of already having one in here (like I'm sure a lot of young people already do).

I mention this partly because it's a way of saying I might be made more reliable in my productivity by not spending all my time doing the same wearying thing and getting tired of it, but also because I'm considering playing games on it too, with some console...

Currently the latest console I have is a PS2... It's been ages since I've been interested in console games, ever since I had to actually start buying them myself rather than having them bought for me by my parents...
But I'm considering finally getting into the current generation of consoles, and I'm wondering which one to get, and which games to get too. So, uh, any ideas for games or consoles I'd like? Any suggestions are better than being in the dark.

I know I should do some other more exciting stuff and should go OUT more, but... eh. Just doing something other than computer-using is enough for now. One step at a time!!1

Since it seems that most people are replying to this bit specifically, I should be more clear about it. I am only asking about the LATEST GENERATION of consoles, specifically the ones that plug into a television (I assumed this'd be assumed by people since I mentioned getting one of those mere paragraphs ago). That is, the Wii, PS3 and XBox 360.
I've heard things about them, but what I'm really interested in is suggestions of SPECIFIC GAMES. 'Oh, the Wii is good for this and the XBox 360 is bad for that' isn't much help, especially if you mention technical details of the consoles (which are irrelevant; all I care about is which games are on them).
I already have basically all consoles from the previous generations (that is, PS2, Gamecube, PSX, N64, etc), and frequently play 'retro' games on emulators. I'm not looking for any games for old consoles.
Similarly, I have no desire to get games for handheld consoles... I have a DS, but I can't spend long playing it due to the little screen(s) and awkward sitting angles. What I want is something that I can play while lying on my bed, relaxed, or something, while *getting away from the PC* (so suggesting PC games is against the point entirely).
So, uh, yes... I should have said this in the first place, really.

Another thing I shouldn't have assumed is that people would know what sort of games I'd even LIKE... Basically, I like the same sort of games that I make. RPGs... Story-based games, and platformers to a degree too. Nothing brutal or gory, and no SHOOTERS. Definitely no sport-based games either.

In Conclusion...

I think this covers most of it...
It's been a long post because I HAVE been thinking about it for a month and a half, and I feel inspired! Let's hope this lasts...

Your thoughts about anything I've mentioned would be appreciated... as long as they're relatively detailed or something, I suppose!


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FigDerek`s Avatar
Rating Orb FigDerek 10 United States PhlegmaticSanguine 8C 7F
8 years ago | (0)
Hey,you hate handheld games,i guess i cant tell you about the Star Ocean Series(First Departure and Second Evolution)for PSP,but i can tell you there is SO3(Star Ocean:Till The End of Time)for PS2 and SO4(Star Ocean:The Last Hope)for X360.Thats not all i got(im a SUPER fan of rpgs).There is Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 for PS2 which are pretty cool.Exept the part that Disney characters are there.There is Fable for Xbox Original and Fable 2 for Xbox 360.Also there is Blinx The Time Sweeper and Blinx 2:Masters of Time and Space(both need xbox live gs and needed to be accesed from pc to download)Sly:Thevious Racconus for PS2 and Sly 2:Band of Thieves for PS2 and Sly 3 for PS3.There is FFX for PS2.There is Megaman X:Mission Command(Megaman RPG in videogame form) for PS2 and GC(It is reccommended for Megaman X:Mission Command in GC since it has better graphics and faster loading time).FFCC(Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles)for GC(Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles),Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:Echoes of Time for Wii/DS,and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:Crystal Bearers(Wii)and TMNT:Smash Up for Wii and PS2,but if you want to play with your friends online in wifi you need the wii type of game.There is Super Smash Bros Brawl for Wii,and its prequal,Super Smash Bros Melee for GC.Tales of Vesperia for X360/PS2,Star Ocean:The Last Hope International(PS3,simular to X360 version but more features and better graphics)TMNT Arcade Version for X360(Is in the Arcade games selection with having to have Gs to upgrade it to full,in full game you get to play with other people in Xbox Live)TMNT:Turtles in Time Reshelled for X360(Xbox Live is included for playing with other people in XLive).FFXII or FFXIII for Wii(Create character with races and classes)Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door for GC,and its sequal,Super Paper Mario for Wii.New Super Mario Bros for Wii or DS(But wii is better since you can play with 4 friends,unlike the DS that doesnt have that)Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for PS2/PC,Tales of Symphonia for GC,and its sequal,Tales of Symphonia 2:Dawn of the New World for Wii.Tales of Legendia for PS2.Tales of the Abyss for PS2.Chrono Cross for PS1.There is Chrono Trigger for SNES if you dont like Chrono Trigger for DS.Nicktoons Unite for PS2.Nicktoons Unite:Globs of Doom for Wii.Nicktoons Unite:Attack of the Toybots for Wii.Thats all i can think of,and ill make a post of the other games if i ever think them up.
Figureout`s Avatar
Rating Orb Figureout 10 United States MelancholicCholeric 2C 0F
8 years ago | (1)
I really want FHO and Mardek 3 to come out and i forgot when you went on a 6 week trip tho
kodyjay`s Avatar
Rating Orb kodyjay 16 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 16C 0F
8 years ago | (6)
I think you shud get an X-box 360 so you can play the halo seres. thay are my favoret games and are an insperaton.
rudeboi001`s Avatar
Rating Orb rudeboi001 17 United Kingdom 2C 0F
8 years ago | (3)
i personlly think your better off getting a 360 because it has more rpgs and such so may help inspire you and you may enjoy it more but whatever you get if not the wii get dragon age origins by bioware amazing game and i feel youll apprecitte excuse my spelling the great story telling in it being you write your storys also and it goes on for ages which is nice lol
link2mm`s Avatar
Rating Orb link2mm 15 United States MelancholicCholeric 20C 3F
8 years ago | (1)
For the xbox360 there's Oblivion:the elder scrolls VI there's blood but it's not VERY gory and the story line is pretty good and it also has Bioshock and the 2nd one is coming out too, to me Bioshock has orgasmic gameplay and story it's also a single player game but, it also has guns in it too, look I'm not a big fan of halo nor gears nor CoD, but Bioshock is awesome you get powers during the game which make it intensely awesome. but, if you cant stand the sight of some blood or guns don't buy it
xXscythXx`s Avatar
Rating Orb xXscythXx 13 CholericSanguine 1C 1F
8 years ago | (3)
In Terms of consoles I would get a PS3 for one major reason. YOu don't have to pay for online multiplayer like you do on the 360.
Fireman3521`s Avatar
Rating Orb Fireman3521 15 Canada 3C 0F
8 years ago | (3)
Welcome back ! Cant wait to see your next projects and AS3, I think it's a little harder than AS2.
And mardek 3 would be a nice gift for christmas huh ? :P

As for your console choice :

PS3 or XBOX360

The wii do not have much good games. Except few RPG, most game just suck.

Between XBOX and PS3, the only differences are exclusive games.

The most notable exclusive for XBOX are Halo and Gears of war ( both shooters )
The most notable exclusive for PS3 are Uncharted 1&2 ( the second one is the best game ive ever played yet ) , ratchet and Clank and Metal gear solid 4. ( adventure, action and shooter )

Anyway, make your choice :)

Bodock`s Avatar
Rating Orb Bodock 14 United States MelancholicSanguine 1C 0F
8 years ago | (8)
feel free to hold off the posts for a few months you earned it O___o (considering this is a few months worth of post!)
Deathlordjaffar`s Avatar
Rating Orb Deathlordjaffar 17 Phlegmatic 10C 2F
8 years ago | (8)
If RPG's are your thing, I recommend a Wii. Good games: Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (actually Gamecube, but whatever), followed by it's sequel, Radiant Dawn (this one's actually for the Wii). There are lots of other great RPGs for the Wii, but the FE series is my favorite.
I really liked the tactical battle setup, I'm kinda sad you're getting rid of it... But you're the game developer here, so I suppose you know best. I'll still play it and love it!
I just realized I've been playing your games for like a year. I come and check on the site like every day, even though I'm waiting to start another one of your games until the fully released versions are out :)
Julius`s Avatar
Rating Orb Julius 21 Canada MelancholicPhlegmatic 33C 9F
8 years ago | (4)
Unfortunately, I can't say I've gotten my hands on any outstanding console games this year, and because of that, any good game I might suggest would be one most likely mentioned in previous comments. (ToS2 for Wii is quite nice, but I can't say it's truly exceptional, as was the case with its predecessor.)

As per your issue with the small size of the screens of the DS, you may be interested in the new DSi XL coming out sometime early next year.


Sure, there's the whole issue with it being yet another reiteration of the DS, but personally, I've stuck with the original for all these years, and it looks like it's the first that might be worth getting to replace my old one.
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