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Pseudolonewolf`s Avatar MARDEK 2 Save Problem Wed 5th Nov 2008 6:02pm

Category: MARDEK

Yes, I am aware that there is a save problem that has suddenly come up in MARDEK 2. It's something to do with Flash Player 10, but I have no idea what. I simply do not know HOW to fix it, and can you imagine what it's like to make a game which works swimmingly for months then all of a sudden some crucial feature becomes crippled by no action of your own, you have no possible way of fixing it, and you get loads of bordering-on-angry demands to fix it or else they'll never play anything you made ever again?!/1/ o_O

I have been looking up things that it could possibly be, and I've found nothing. The old files for chapter 2 are also not even on this new computer that I got recently; all the MARDEK files on this computer contain chapter 3 data. I have the old files on another computer, but that's in a box somewhere in this house (as it has been since I moved country), and I am unsure where.

So, should I spend ages and ages being frustrated trying to find my old computer, trying to work with the poorly-made old code that I've just spent months trying to get away from by rewriting the game's code from scratch, and so on, just so then people will stop complaining, or should I just continue to work on MARDEK 3, which will likely work fine when it comes to saving?

Bah. I hate problems like that that suddenly come up. What did you DO, Adobe?!

Anyway... progress on MARDEK 3 has been going poorly lately. All my motivation was basically removed from me for personal emotional reasons that I'm not going to go into, but the situation that caused those emotions is resolved now so I should be getting back on track... Though I am a few days behind my schedule now. Hmm.
Also, making tilesets is really dull and off-putting for some unknown reason! o_O
I think working all day every day on the same thing is also taking its toll on me... But hopefully this is just a temporary feeling and I can still get things done by Christmas. That's almost two months away, after all!


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Orion Renegade`s Avatar
Rating Orb Orion Renegade 18 Portugal PhlegmaticMelancholic 27C 13F
9 years ago | (0)
Choice 2.
Screw the fangirls wanting for their saves to work again ^_^
Armun Sul`s Avatar
Rating Orb Armun Sul 14 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic 117C 124F
9 years ago | (0)
You could just hope it doesn't happen when you release 3 with the remakes.
yubarta`s Avatar
Rating Orb ! yubarta 12 10C 30F
9 years ago | (0)
i think too that that u still work on mardek 3 , and yay! second coment!! ^_^
ps.if u lose again the motivation try on looking for that computer because u can find some interesting things like an invasion of spiders.....or even the data of mardek 2 that u still have on a cd!
ps of the ps. your games are the best!!!
omega18`s Avatar
Rating Orb omega18 21 Italy MelancholicCholeric 15C 14F
9 years ago | (0)
Mmh, and what sense should saying "first" have, muz?

Anyway, getting to the comment itself, I'm sure Your question is rethoric, Pseudolonewolf: I (but it could be just me) find obvious that You are to keep working on Chapter 3.
I'm pretty sure that nothing and nobody keeps people from using FP9 untill the problem is solved, so I'd say the matter it's not that urgent.

Also, all of us have been waiting eons for Mardek 3, so I hope You can keep Your focus on the game for a while.
We all know how devasting distractions can be for Your game developement times^^
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