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9 years ago | (1)
Hmm.. that WAS an interesting article.

I think you're producing games that could make viable Nintendo DS or PSP games, which sell for $20~$30 USD. Granted, since it's a Flash game, there's this weird baggage that will prevent anyone from being willing to pay that same price. Thankfully, developers don't see the full $30 anyway.Normally retailers and publishers take a nice hearty bite out of it, leaving them with, say, $3~$5 if they're lucky. I think $15 would be a fair price for a full game, but if you're planning premium content then you might be looking at $5, because I don't know how willing most people are to pay for what might be less than half the game (premium sounds like extra stuff, not the meat of the game).

While this would be even more time consuming for you, what's popular is to take, say, some likable character in the game who everyone wants to play as, and offer a full story (recycling monsters and game mechanics, yay!) parallel to the original game. If you plan for something like that I think a lot of people who enjoyed MARDEK would be interested in shelling out money for it.

I'm having trouble thinking of something that seems worthy of payment, given that the main game is free... since you ARE releasing MARDEK 3 in episodes, if I recall correctly, perhaps you could offer "pre-order" of the next episode, in which the people who pre-order get access to site-locked content? Getting to play a sequel earlier sounds like a pretty good incentive, especially if you piled on some added features.

So.. I think that if you packaged it WITH premium content, for purchase, and strategically placed it after a very touching/inspiring moment, a lot of people would think $5 would be a great price to play the next part early, and perhaps $10 would be reasonable. Maybe it starts at $10 and falls as you near the official "free" date?

Triplefox, you give sage advice.