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7 years ago | (4)
The idea of being a moderator is appealing to me, just as it probably is to many other people. The idea of authority and influence, especially on a website with high standards like this one, is tempting. Personally, I'm less excited about the idea of doling out banpoints to trolls and more interested in the idea of passing judgment on reviews. Why? I dunno, I just love editing any piece of writing that crosses my path, and it would be fun to make the reviews be the best they could be - even though mods can't directly edit reviews, they can still make suggestions. I love making suggestions. You should have seen what I did when I had to do peer reviews for my writing class. It was great.

I guess I won't bother saying anything more, since it apparently won't help my case. How mean it is to disregard any artfully crafted advertisements people may have made for themselves. And just when I've finished learning how to advertise myself properly, too. You've deprived me of potential practice. Tsk.