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Rating Orb Corelis 21 Finland PhlegmaticMelancholic 101C 68F
7 years ago | (4)
Hmm. I suppose it won't hurt anyone if I volunteered, even though, as I have already said, there are a lot of people more suited for the job and probably much better at the it. Nevertheless, should it happen that for some inexplicable reason you can't get enough moderators, I would accept the job. I was a beta-tester once, so that might give you some idea about my performance, though I was a lot more active back then. I haven't been very active lately, and being active is one of the most important qualities of a moderator... If I were a moderator, I might become more active, but... well. Good luck for choosing moderators; I hope that now that you are, after all this time, ready to make moderators, having them will be worth it.