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7 years ago | (1)
The games don't *have* to be recent, but what you should be doing is playing a game and then, afterwards, writing about how you thought of it. That is, immediately afterwards, rather than just trying to think of games you've played ages ago just for the sake of writing a review.
Recent games are preferable, though, over games that have already had their moment of interest.

They must be Flash games because this site is about Flash games, and I'd like the reviews to appeal to the audience who plays Flash games on the portals, as well as the developers who made the games. The non-Flash games tend to be part of a different 'scene', so to speak; 'Indie' rather than Flash, and it seems that both attract different groups. There's a lot of overlap at times, but I'd prefer for there not to be any here; at least, not yet.
So yes, the reviews are for 'Flash' rather than 'Indie' games. There are plenty of Flash games out there for reviewing, without having to turn to non-Flash games.