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Rating Orb Ewolf 16 United Kingdom SanguineCholeric 88C 2F
7 years ago | (2)
I've not been contributing so much, well, because I'm quite busy. I'm taking maths, further maths, biology, chemistry and physics for A-level, so I'm not able to do much with my life these days. In evidence of this, 'm still trudging my way through the optional parts of mardek 3. It's hard, but amazingly rewarding, stuff. The reason I fealt I needed to say this, it bacause I want a position as a moderator of the reviews. I would feel bad trying to get the position and then hving no explanation to a lack of work. (I would still contribute alot, I have the time, but only just enough.)

So, anyways, this is me, submitting (in a most formal way) my application.
I would like to know though, a few things about the post itself. Would I disapprove some reviews, or just approve the good ones? can I approve my own reviews? how many should we read per week? ect, ect.. I realise that you might still be panning out the finer details, but I'd like to know as much as possible about this before I join in!

thanks, Ewolf.