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Comment #49339

Game: Raider - Episode 2  
kalo`s Avatar
Rating Orb kalo 10 Bulgaria CholericMelancholic 3C 2F
7 years ago | (2)
This game is so hard. I think that there should be a better dificulty select.
Spiritlord`s Avatar
Rating Orb Spiritlord 15 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic 71C 6F
7 years ago | (2)
That's the point of the game. You can't seriously mean to say that you enjoy games which are really easy and you can complete without game over on your first playthrough and without dying on your second playthrough?
I certainly don't. This game's difficulty is the best thing about it. I hate the way that most new games are never as hard as they used to (and should) be.
Jamesclank0`s Avatar
Rating Orb Jamesclank0 12 United States MelancholicSanguine 20C 0F
7 years ago | (2)
so tis must be a game for challenge players huh or just hard core players
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