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Review: Santhworld: Text-based RPG at its best.  
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7 years ago | (10)
Hey folks!

Just discovered accidentally that you've made a review of Santhworld, which is the game I've actually developed - so that's nice to see, especially as you seem to like it :) If you're looking for a challenge make sure to play the dramatically expanded Mysteries of Nepris module, it's pretty huge and offers a lot for RPG and adventure fans. If you get through, let me know what you think - if you're stuck, you can post at the Santharian Forum.

One little suggestion: Your link "" actually doesn't link to that URL, but to the Santhworld game directly. You might consider to change that a bit to something like: Enter through and then click on the Santhworld book on the top right of the main page. Because there are links to detailed instructions (which you should read if you set out on a huge RPG like Nepris), a teaser movie, plus you learn where to post questions and suggestions etc. Otherwise you'd miss all that, and I think these things are quite essential!