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Review: In A Galaxy Not Far From Here Parent comment
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Rating Orb Sameth 18 United Kingdom Melancholic 79C 28F
6 years ago | (1)
Thanks a lot for reading the review and I greatly appreciate your feedback.
As I stated in the conclusion, I really did enjoy the game but I felt it was very flawed and tried to show it in the review. I by no means think this is a bad game (hence why I gave it a "Good" rating), and didn't intend for so many of my comments to seem so harsh. I shall bare this in mind when writing future reviews.
As for the things you picked out, I would like to defend the reasons I gave those comments.
The Hub screen: I agree with you that the hub screen is functional which is why I didn't comment on it in the body of the review,as it did exactly as a hub should do - nothing more, nothing less. The particular comment you noted was more to do with the length of the game, referring to how many aspects of the game can seem boring after the many hours of playtime this game asks of you.
The story: I feel your comments about story are valid and that it should be something developers should put more effort into, however when it's supposed to be the defining feature of a game (as in this case) and it doesn't live up to that promise then it should be berated. The way the story is always presented after a mission in the same way over and over again just became monotonous, instead of exciting had there been flashes of what was happening while you were playing a level, for example. I did read all the story segments and there's still inconsistencies, plot holes and just a general lack of polish and coherency with many parts of the overall tale. Finally, the comment about bland conversation was to do with the presentation (as I mentioned in the review) as much as the content. In terms of what the characters actually said, I rarely found it made them believable and instead all the characters' personalities rode between cliched and plain silly, often stopping off at the junction of inconsistency.
Graphics: I don't really see how mentioning pixel graphics is appropriate here, seeing as this game does not use them, and is quite entitled not to either. My problem wasn't so much the choice of graphical style, it was the lack of consistency and how the environments just looked ugly.
Enemy Placement: While there are ways to get around the annoying enemy placement it does limit the number of play styles severely. You must either get all the upgrades that let you shoot in different directions, or a weapon that lets you shoot through walls. I just felt it was a poor design choice, when the game gives you a huge wealth of options, only to limit those which are viable options.
I apologize that you may not have enjoyed my review as much as you could have, but thank you for reading it regardless. In future I will attempt to organise some of my ideas more clearly, owing to some of the issues you raised in your feedback.