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Comment #55734

Game: Clarence's Big Chance  
Abbx901`s Avatar
Rating Orb Abbx901 15 Pakistan SanguineCholeric 149C 20F
6 years ago | (4)
Here's Abbx901 trying to show his appreciation.

I am in love with the game. I was inactive here while Pseudolonewolf was working on Clarence's Big Chance. It is a superb game. Simply outstanding.
The entire concept around which it revolves is so cool and breathtaking, myes. I don't know the words with which to describe it. No wait, I do. It's stellar, stupendous and mind-blowing.

The storyline was nice. The dialogues and signs were funny. Which they always are. The music was good too.

The first time I played I got a kinky, atheist stripper! Yowza! This is the kind of girl I've always wanted! Oh, and she liked white chocolate, sea slugs and roses. And she was a Yalortian! I mean seriously, a Yalortian stripper? HAHAHA!

That's all for now.
Excellent game.
P.S. I got all my achievements except the Dashing Demigod one.