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Review: Villainy is in the Eye of the Beholder  
Sameth`s Avatar
Rating Orb Sameth 18 United Kingdom Melancholic 79C 28F
6 years ago | (1)
A very nice review. I totally agree with you on what you said about this game being a good one, but not totally groundbreaking.
Personally, what you deem to be a good quality of taking away player control once the your troops are sent out I found incredibly annoying. Many a time I found myself bored just waiting for my goblins to die so I could play another stage. Were it not for the extensive upgrade system there would be no reason to play this game, in my view. The core mechanics just aren't strong enough.
I digress however, another brilliant review, Zaknafein. Keep up the good work.
Zaknafein`s Avatar
Rating Orb Zaknafein 16 United States CholericPhlegmatic 111C 41F
6 years ago | (1)
Thanks for the comment.

I see what you mean about it being annoying, but I think that's probably common with most Tower Defense games out there. I suppose I just saw the, uh, strategic side of things as more important than actually doing anything with my troops, since that's standard procedure for most other games of the genre I've played. But, it's obviously all about personal preference, so I don't take issue with the fact that you found it more annoying than I did, or something.

And, uh, thanks for the encouragment/compliment! It means a lot to me. And your reviews are also pretty good! :D