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Blog: Miasmon's Plot: A follow-up  
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7 years ago | (2)
Personally, I support the rookie idea because of the potential for humorous dialog between the faceless hero and the other characters. Instead of being heroic and confident he could be a " lackey" type character who's forced to undertake tasks that his co-workers don't feel like doing. That could open some narrative potential with side-quests and make fetch quests (a pet peeve of mine) slightly easier on the mind. For example:

Scientist No.1: Oh dear! I seem to have misplaced my researching tools!
Scientist No.1: .....!
Scientist No.1: I didn't see you there [Insert name here]!
Scientist No.1: What? You'll go to the lab for me to find my bag that I could have easily replaced? Good! It's 300 miles that way!

See what I mean?