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7 years ago | (0)
When referring to Francis as a hero and powerful individual, I meant it in terms of intellect. The information given seems to indicate that he was at the top of his field in his heyday. His work with cloning (miasmic printing?) revolutionized the relationship between his people and their environment. He's already changed his world once, probably for the better. By entering into his self-imposed exile he effectively denies the world access to his gifts, which are presumably important considering his involvement in the story. I find that kind of personal growth good narrative fodder, but it's pretty clear that he's not going to be the PC anymore.

The whole tutorial fight thing was meant to just be a scripted battle that would show off a few key aspects of the controls. I assumed mechanics identical to Pokemon and ran with it. Probably best for me to avoid such detail in the future. It amused me at the time.