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Game: Clarence's Big Chance  
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Rating Orb ! Zalthazor 14 Australia CholericSanguine 7C 18F
6 years ago | (0)
Mmm. It was a great game when I played it. Although a problem was I got every single coin and item, and that included eating the hamburger. I didn't realize that the hamburger gave negative outcomes, and thus I only unlocked 2 out of 4 different endings. Next time I did the same strategy.... except I didn't eat the hamburger. I managed to get the best ending. Next time I flew through the game like a race car, not caring about money and important stuff since I did want to get the worst ending. All the ending were nice, especially the most worst and the best. My favorite 'activity' on Clarence's computer is destroying the virus. It was fun, and I never knew there would be a 1 and a Half floor. Interesting how the skeleton workers still walk and haunt the floor. I don't, however, know how such a big fat greedy boss would fit through that teeny tiny little mouse hole (the hole where you have to squeeze Clarence in the enter Big Boss's headquarters).... anyhow, the game was exciting and, well, fun.