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Blog: Rating your own posts  
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Rating Orb hlbeta 22 United States CholericMelancholic 144C 131F
7 years ago | (4)
I just don't see self rating adding much to the site. It'd add an extra step to posting while tacking on some meaningless, unsubstantiated number to each and every post. It's kind of like having a little prompt pop up to ask you if your post is actually worth anybody's time. Problem users won't stop because of it and decent users may end up agonizing over the value of their post. It's silly and only serves to hamper the kind of user we want to encourage.

As for the temperaments, though they may be directly tied to a school of medical thought that took exsanguination for a cure-all, I'd rather see them remain in their current form. In order to ensure that they are used more appropriately, you may want to have the stat editing page explain each one a little better. Right now it's just a block of text explaining what a temperament is with a link to the temperament page and "[TEMPERAMENT] DESCRIPTION" tacked on at the end. Having it explain individual temperaments instead should help to increase understanding and thereby reduce misuses of the system. Besides, if they're changed than the temperament poles from M3 are going to make a whole lot less sense.