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Rating Orb E β Varyx 19 Australia MelancholicCholeric 210C 28F
7 years ago | (1)
I'm glad you ended up deciding against the "aura" system, because I'd rather the temperaments were still characterised in a similar way as here, but one of the good things about the auras (in visual terms- without the current facial expressions that they mimic) is that they wouldn't lead to people misusing them as "emoticons" or whatever, or saying "I'm feeling really today!! >:(" which is kind of irritating for me personally...

However, I think rating your own posts is something which won't really catch on. I guess if you made it *optional* I wouldn't actively oppose it, but anything that is just one more thing to do before I publish my thoughts makes me more likely to say "Uh... On second thoughts, this isn't a very good post -- I should probably not even bother pressing Submit." and wander off to go do something which doesn't force me to be judged in every single way. Or something.