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david s`s Avatar
Rating Orb david s 19 United States MelancholicCholeric 1823C 898F
4 years ago | (1)
Other than FH, mno. I don't. That's unfortunate, but thankfully I have no need as of yet to communicate with her! She's a friend, yes, but I trust that she's in good hands.
CtG`s Avatar
Rating Orb E CtG 24 Philippines MelancholicSanguine 1367C 213F
4 years ago | (1)
Hmm... Then why don't you sound like you miss her? And it was odd to bring up something that sounds like you have an option, should you wish to contact her. Does FH really mean Fig Hunter? Because she didn't join the new site *as far as I know*. Could it be some sort of code for a secret website, or maybe she did join the Newfig informing you, but not me? Seems that I now have to question whether you're being completely honest with me...
david s`s Avatar
Rating Orb david s 19 United States MelancholicCholeric 1823C 898F
4 years ago | (0)
I thought she still exists here on OldFig? This is FH, isn't it? It's just archive, it's still existent. I know it isn't reliable to contact her here, but I don't need to reliably contact her. Is there some sort of reason you're pressing this so hard, tiger?

She's a friend, but she and I don't talk much anymore. We've had limited contact for years, but I still consider her a friend because she's never done anything to hurt me, and I don't think I've ever done anything to hurt her. I have no qualm with going for years without talking to someone I consider a friend. Even if I don't talk to her anymore, I'll always consider her a friend.

I'm really not sure why you'd think I would lie to you. Emma's a closer friend to you than to me, so the only one that's going to be keeping any secrets from anyone here is you keeping secrets from other people, or something.

Aside from forum and comment things, I don't think I've had contact with Emma since Archive here was active.


Actually, I just checked and it seems(Literally seems, since I only casually glanced through, so I could be wrong) I haven't even PM'd her since the PM system changed over 3 years ago, I think that was with the M3 change. I don't remember if I PM'd her before then.

I have no contact with her outside of Archive here, nor do I really think I need it. If ever I do need to talk to her, and she's unavailable here, then I'll be sure to contact you first to see if I can contact her that way. I know no one better to ask for help in such a situation.
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