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Emma`s Avatar
Rating Orb Emma 20 Australia PhlegmaticSanguine 496C 19F
4 years ago | (2)
I wonder when exactly I made this account... Boy, do I miss those days. Now I'm an adult with all these horrible responsibilities...
Growing up blues aside... Heyo CtG! Let us raise a glass of lukewarm orange juice in celebration!
CtG`s Avatar
Rating Orb E CtG 24 Philippines MelancholicSanguine 1367C 213F
4 years ago | (0)
According to your user page, you made your account on 2nd January, 2009. Right around five years ago. Mine was made a week later, so it's easier for me to remember. I actually remembered my account's birthday just a week after. I threw a big account party for it. I even wrote personalized invitations for the other accounts! But the letters all returned two days later with angry comments from the post office saying they don't deliver to the internet...

Do you rent a house now and pay bills and stuff? That seems like an adult-y responsibility, right? Renting?...

Lukewarm orange juice sounds nice. I'll take two!