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3 years ago | (0)

I suppose I haven't considered that such things take courage to do. Maybe *confidence* to broadcast your thoughts is something one needs, but I suppose such attitude has always been innate for me. It's not always a good thing though. Sometimes I'm *too* confident and I end up embarrassing myself by saying something I realize two seconds later is stupid. Also, I just Googled what "spunk" means, since it's not a common word to use where I live. Hooray~

You can always leave messages or PMs if you want to talk. I usually reply at some point; it's just that I take a bit of time sometimes because work usually takes so much of my time that I barely have the energy to craft my reply. I'm not sure if it's obvious, but I do a lot of editing before I submit things like comments and PMs. For example, what appears as a casual sentence you're reading now actually took me a bit of time to write out since I keep stopping and thinking of what to say next. Obviously, an advantage of communicating online is that people don't see your awkward pauses and "uh"s. Both of these are quite common when I speak verbally, yet there's barely a trace on my writing.

A top ten villain list might be interesting. I would suggest that you stick to a particular genre instead of going all out, since you're bound to miss out on some, despite all your efforts.