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Rating Orb GFGGamer, Neutral Good Mediator – joined 9 years ago 212.45.XXX.XXX9 years ago
To vladandrei1996: Do you have found the archaic passage? It's right under the area where you start but for so far i know it only haves 3 rooms and there is nothing after the passage. (I did not found anything other.)
And if it's small, check out all the classes! Because it should be handy if you already know all of the classes.
And experimenting is fun.
If you give me a illateracy warning i'ts pretty unfair because i don't am from U.S. or Great-Britain.<br />
<br />
In my opinion people shouldn't write anti-religion-thingys in they sig, because in my opinion it's a little offending and not needed!

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Rating Orb fishead, True Neutral Fig Hunter – joined 9 years ago 69.228.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Oh yes, I forgot all about the Archaic passage. It is only 3 rooms and they're filled with skeletons. They shouldn't be too hard though. When you get to the last room, you find a shirt that does nothing. I suppose that ends the demo right there because we can't do anything else. It was a pretty good game and I hope the real version comes out soon!

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Rating Orb ! Senanone, Neutral Good Fig Hunter – joined 9 years ago 70.134.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Um I have a Question wher can I(or any body else)wher can I play it.

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Rating Orb Qazerowl, Chaotic Neutral Mathemagician – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX9 years ago
Marksmen con only hit things with there bows.

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Rating Orb Cakescream, Chaotic Good Dark Knight – joined 9 years ago 82.147.XXX.XXX9 years ago
I cant wait until the new Fig Hunter Online game is coming to!
It looks cool though, and I think it can be fun to play something new, right?
So.. Pseudolonewolf? Please hurry up finishing this game, I think all of the users
wanna play the original game right now.

;; Cakescream, the only clubbbkid from Norway who is using! =]]
I love all of the cute creatures, like me. ^__^

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Rating Orb Spiritlord, Neutral Good Dark Knight – joined 7 years ago 86.128.XXX.XXX6 years ago
I got about 30ish FPS, although sometimes, it went a lot higher than it should have.

After that little note, can I just say that this fight system is epic. A lot better (and more realistic, if you're the type to care about that) than MARDEK's. I would be willing to pay you good money to use this system, not the MARDEK one (although that isn't relevant, as I almost certainly wouldn't be allowed to. Damn my age!)
I am a lord of spirits...called Spiritlord. How imaginative of me!

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Rating Orb Tyki7125, Lawful Neutral Black Mage – joined 7 years ago 98.248.XXX.XXX6 years ago
So far I'm loving the game.

I basically chose what I am for my profile. I like the battle system, though I found a bit of a glitch.
I call it "Tree Sniping" where I just cast bubble on everything!

Also, I can walk on those trees when I beat the battle...
When life gives you lemons– You make beef stew

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