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Rating Orb Chocobo_Fan, Neutral Good Healer – joined 10 years ago 209.150.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Well yes, obviously the names need to be better... Why "Kindness", though? I thought the reason you disliked violations were because they made the forum too negative? "Kindness", or something similar, should be the very last one you kick off, if anything. Hm. Perhaps making them the opposite of violations isn't the best idea, but... Well, we'll have to see.

And yes, so many people could abuse it... Violations can easily get abused too, though, can't they? And yet most of the violations I've seen are perfectly fine in my eyes... Though it's true that people might abuse them... This goes back to the whole "moderators" thing... -_- Sigh... An idea someone had in the HP thread that I liked is the change HP into "EXP", and make level actually mean something. Perhaps only high-level people can give violations/"virtues".

But hm. It's definitely a good idea, the only problem is that people would abuse it... If there was just a way to fix that... :/

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Rating Orb β Sunkist, Lawful Good Thief – joined 9 years ago 77.6.XXX.XXX9 years ago
I would not want a 'kindness-flag', because I take a certain level of politeness for granted. It is not worth mentioning when somebody is kind to a newbie by e.g. providing a link to the thread where the newbie can find what he asked for, instead of just saying "Dude, you're so stupid, you should've looked before posting this question!". Reacting kindly to "stupid" questions, saying "please" and "thank you" and actually making an effort to advance a topic in a way the thread starter intended to are all things that I think go without saying. I find it difficult to imagine a situation where somebody is "exceptionally kind". Does it mean that instead of just saying "thanks" you praise the guy that helped you out in 10 sentences? Or that you spend three hours of your time researching a question somebody else wants to have answered? Or is it that you just don't flip out when somebody insults you? Again, the latter is sth. I'd expect of anyone.

As for the abuse I already stated why I don't think that it's a big issue. I would suggest implementing the positive flags with the same mechanics that underlie the violations. If it turns out that they're abused, the system can still be adapted. Not implementing the positive flags at all, because you're afraid of abuse doesn't make sense to me. Just try it out.

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