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Rating Orb A β Pseudolonewolf, Neutral Good Almighty God-King – joined 11 years ago ..XXX.XXX9 years ago
Apparently there is a Fig Hunter Wiki! It was made a few months ago by a member with a username like Nolan or something, I think, and I meant to make an announcement about it then to encourage people to add to it, but I forgot, it seems... It's only today that I remembered that it existed by finding it via an accidental Google search, so I decided to link to it from the main site (I don't know why I didn't before)...

It's not got much content at all at the moment, so if you're familiar with editing Wikis (or even if you're not, you can learn, like I intend to since I've never edited one before either) and understand things about the Fig Hunter games or universe and want to document them there, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do so!
Hopefully raising awareness of the Wiki like this will cause it to fill with information gradually...

It'll probably be most useful when things like FHO are out, and people can document their worlds and set their Adventures in the worlds of others, tying lore together and referencing things and so on. Currently, it likely won't have much purpose though other than for those people (like me) who love to document and describe details of things for the sake of it...

Anyway, uh, there's a link in the navbar at the top! Have a look! Join! Add articles!
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Rating Orb β Onisuzume, Chaotic Neutral Dark Knight – joined 9 years ago ..XXX.XXX9 years ago
While I am familiar with wikis, I'm not too familiar with most of the things here except the beast signer alpha...
So.... yeah.
I would better wait a couple of months before I can add things of value.
Which would be about the same time it would take for you to get around to working on beast signer again.
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Rating Orb Karikasa, Chaotic Good Elite Gamer – joined 10 years ago 72.78.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Hmm, methinks that we could turn the wiki into an encyclopedia of sorts of the site itself, detailing important members or 'events' (other than Yalortian holidays that is) that occurred in the forums' history. Though, we can also use it to detail the lesser known games to people who have not visited Fig Hunter, such as Beast Signer, Raider, and (possibly) Deliverance. However, the downside to this, is that it would inevitably bring in hordes of new members, which will result in more unintelligent posts and an influx of members lacking the ability to use grammar proficiently. Though, the idea of adding pages about important members may also be a bad idea, as Cholerics may be tempted to alter their own page, should they think that their page does not praise them enough. Hmmm, so many aspects to look at, and so many pages to create... We have much work to do, fellow Fig Hunters, what say we get started on this task?
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Rating Orb Idiotness, Neutral Good Peasant – joined 9 years ago 24.187.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Okay, first off I must exclaim, NICE! It's awesome to see interest in the wiki. I rather gave up last year because there was so little activity and so much to do. Recently, though, I got a slew of email alerts about people making edits and returned here to find this thread (I love you Pseudo!)! It's really exciting to see so many people collaborating in the project. At the moment, however, the priority seems to be filling it out (which is a very big project indeed. We have less than ten articles...all about characters and one deity). Even now, I don't have time to fill out articles on Belfan or even the games Pseudo makes, though they need to get done eventually if we want the wiki to be of any worth at all. Admittedly, this gives me no right to complain (since I've basically become a ghost contributor), but I was kinda hoping some others might pick up the slack...not very noble or responsible and quite hypocritical, I know. >_<

*sigh* I'll get back to contributing again, I promise! It'll come after April, though...I have colleges to visit, music to practice, competitions to prepare for...GAH! And it's not like all this stuff is that time-consuming anyway. I KNOW there are others that are able to deal with it. I guess I just am not...productive enough...okay, enough guilt-tripping. In the mean time, I'll try to outline a bit of what stuff just about anyone can do (since Nolan seems to be dead...):

1. Articles to cover the basic info detailed in Pseudo's Encyclopaedia. This includes (1) a rough universe map, (2) articles on locations which Pseudo has actually written stuff about, (3) Pseudo's system of elements (and I suppose the temperaments too, but we can just link to the wikipedia entry on that, I think), (4) the various races in Pseudo's universe, (5) the deities (we have one on Yalort, though it's not very refined yet), and (6) Pseudo's cosmology (soulrealm, figrealm, etc.; the existence link, basically).

2. Someone to troll go through the games and write about the characters (particularly the in-game encyclopaedias), series (Mardek, Raider, Cyber Ortek, Beast Signer), and concepts (mechanics of the games; beasts and signing in Beast Signer, for example. these will likely be on the series pages).

3. Articles about the forum/site. We can't neglect this place, I suppose. It's pretty significant whenever I think of "Fig Hunter". I'm not sure I have an outline of what to write about it, though. Help here would be appreciated (so I or Nolan or someone else can make the templates for the articles).

At the moment, that's all I can think of. I can be a bit overwhelming, I suppose (which is somewhat why I can't motivate myself to take advantage of the recent flurry of contributions), but little steps go a long way. If anyone has any recommendations on how the templates might be changed/constructed, feel free to post them here or pm me (posting might be better, just because I can't promise a prompt response from this end. On the other hand, anyone can respond to posts). If that happens, I'll try to do respond, but again, no promises. The next week especially will be a hell-week, so I won't be contributing for a while.

But whatever. Basically, YAY! Hurrah for interest in the wiki! Hurrah for the proactive people who have been making edits recently! You guys are awesome!
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Rating Orb β Sunkist, Lawful Good Thief – joined 9 years ago 77.6.XXX.XXX9 years ago
I love Wikis, I love most Fig Hunter games, so yes I love this idea! Actually I have maintained my own Wiki for Beast Signer detailing all the information about beasts and techs (it's in Wikidpad format, if anyone is interested in getting a copy), so I would like to migrate that information to the Fighunter Wiki step by step. This raises already the question of whether including too much information in the Wiki would be considered an unwanted spoiler. In particular a complete Bestiary with all possible beasts and the techs they learn would be really useful for planning the merging process. However this also takes away the fun when people are trying to figure those things out by themselves. I for instance already spend days on Beast Signer, just for that very purpose and I enjoyed the process. I made some example entries for the Flare Beasts in the Wiki, so people can see what kind of information I am talking about.

Concerning Idiotness' points 1. & 2.: That's exactly the kind of information I would definitely expect to be in the Wiki. And people are already including lots of it while we discuss this here.

As for describing the community: Probably I'm the wrong guy to judge this idea, since I don't feel like being part of this community, but I don't see the point in this. On this forum people already have the possibilty to describe themselves in their profiles and I think Pseudolonewolf did a good job with those profiles. I believe a community self-praisal is bound to end up very cryptic and inaccessible to new readers. I'd rather consider the Wiki a good place for people new on Fig Hunter to get help on the games and these community-related information would just be confusing. But maybe, if we don't place community information too prominently, and there is sth. of value to report - that is the community information might actually help people new to Fig Hunter - then I'd say a community section wouldn't be such a bad thing to have.

Now, let's get to the potential I see in this Wiki: Wikis are perfect to collect information in a structured way. So let's take some load off of Pseudolonewolf and bundle important feedback for him in the Wiki. For starters we can make lists of all known bugs, so people can easily find them and are less likely to report known bugs again and again in the forum or in the bugs comments section. Secondly let's maintain FAQ's in the Wiki and answer all those questions that come up in the comments sections that Pseudolonewolf doesn't need to answer since you can easily figure them out just by playing his games a little. Thirdly - that's a suggestion particular to Beast Signer - we can collect suggestions for the games. To my knowledge Pseudolonewolf still has hundreds of beasts to design, that's a huge task and it requires a lot of creativity. In the bestiary you can find in the lower right corner a mentioning of the designer. Until now all beasts have been designed by Pseudolonewolf, but I interpret his intention behind this "designer acknowledgement" as a way of welcoming other people's contributions for beast designs. So, beast designs, tech suggestions and all that sort of stuff can also be bundled in a suggestions section in the Wiki.

Looking at the contributions already made in the few days since this annoucement was made, I believe this Wiki can go a long way and it's not unrealistic for it to become the primary source for detailed information about Fig Hunter Games.

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Rating Orb Paladin, Neutral Evil Black Mage – joined 9 years ago 94.171.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Uhh... I am an admin at Shadowhearts wiki, so I know about MediaWiki messages, and namespaces and all that jazz. It'd be a great idea for a wiki to be made about the site, but I must warn it takes a lot of work to get one set up properly (Which I know cause I'm still working to set up the shadow hearts wiki.) Oh, and, are you an sysop (admin) at the Fig Hunter Wiki pseudolonewolf? You will need to be to be able to access some handy features (Page deletion etc.), so if not you can either ask the current admin to make you an admin, or if he no longer edits, then go to [LINK] and ask to adopt the wiki. When you are an admin, if you need any help or stuff, don't ask me cause I'll probably just go the the help wiki and tell you what's there. So Instead you could go to the help wiki! ( Thats all I've got to say now. Viva la fig hunter wiki!
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Rating Orb ! SaNti545, Chaotic Evil Black Mage – joined 9 years ago 190.139.XXX.XXX9 years ago
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Rating Orb The Doctor, Chaotic Neutral Mathemagician – joined 9 years ago 115.64.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Can't the encyclopaedia be used from the games. You could have an article just about some random monster in beast signer or something. Anyway, if the encyclopaedia were just like...copied... somehow (I'm sure someone could be bothered) it would fill it up. Maybe the link should be more noticeable. I didn't really notice it until I entered chat, when I realised there was an extra link! Maybe put it on the devblog.
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Rating Orb Seridel, Neutral Evil Peasant – joined 9 years ago 68.126.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Pseudo would rather be using his time in a different way, as in making his games. When he's done, he'll update the wiki on this site. Until then, we'll have to rely on Nolan's little compilation of his view on the Fig Hunter World. Perhaps Pseudo could get a word into the whole thing edgeways, so it reflects his view, because he's the creator, though both views should exist for a comparison value in a three way comparison between Pseudo's view, the person's view, and another person's view, which is perfectly fine. And the link is noticeable enough, because it's placed on the toolbar that also houses the forum link, a highly valued link because otherwise we'd have to type in the URL. So it is in a position of fame and notice. I clicked on it myself when I first saw it.

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