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Rating Orb SManDMan, Lawful Good Paladin – joined 9 years ago 24.215.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Sounds like a good idea, but would there be ways to raise the amount of aura points though an item you can equip or an item you feed to the beast to make them restore faster? Maybe through breeding a beast would gain one aura point to be added to the normal total, which element depending on the two beasts you combined. I think you might have started something bigger then you thought, and it's going to grow a lot bigger.
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Rating Orb J.E.T2, Neutral Good Wizard – joined 10 years ago 64.185.XXX.XXX9 years ago
Hmm. It's an interesting theory...I think I'd enjoy something like this, as I prefer pokemon-style games to be slightly more strategic than "Use Big move until the other guy falls over," which might be why I'm not fond of Pokemon itself (Types almost always win against the types they are dominant too...So it quickly devolves into a game of one-upsmanship..) This aura thing seems to suggest that even a weaker type might be able to beat a stronger type if you know what you're doing. (Fire beating Water or something similar.)
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Rating Orb Tritous, Lawful Neutral Politician – joined 9 years ago 95.113.XXX.XXX9 years ago
I think more a case of a weaker type can beat a stronger type if you outnumber it and just pummel away, or a weaker type may beat a stronger type who has just been tired itself out against someone else. Both are something pokemon hugely lacks (it's 1v1 and apart from counting hp there is nothing stopping you using big moves over and over, the move limits only really affects multiple battles, rarely a single one) and are something desirable in some form.
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Rating Orb Cabineer, Chaotic Neutral Elite Gamer – joined 9 years ago 98.255.XXX.XXX9 years ago
I think the whole aura system to me sounds like a great idea, but I'm not completely sure exactly how it works. To me it seems like there was a problem, that merging elements was creating problems. So the two solutions I saw come from it was merely to bypass dual elements and classify them in the other method used or, instead of having the elements merged instead having them be separate and able to be drawn on individually. Although It is confusing to me exactly how it works, I have some ideas.

Perhaps, a unit is constantly creating a mass of auras as one singular element and actually merging, and that the primary is producing more prominent ones. Now, suppose the two elements are created together, almost like they were in harmony. While then elements that are very bad against each other such as fire and water, since water is stronger however, it will lower the amount you get from fire, and since fire is prominent it also burns most away from water, so you would get barely any water and having a weakened amount of fire. That way, because they are separated they would be weakened, but still usable. So, a fire going up against you would have many difficulties because not only could you absorb the fire but the water could absorb it as well, and you could unleash some water to defeat them. However your fire would be less effective. Also, in the case where You have fire and air, you could have the fire burn away part of the air and either get stronger from it or remain the same. The air is weakened, because it is neither prominent nor stronger and is actually weaker. That way the elements aren't as conflicting but have more of a victor in the element department.

Perhaps damage for spells and abilities could not drain the aura, or at least not be meant to. Normal spells that you would use all the time would be less than the gained amount of aura. Or perhaps slightly more. Or, a spell caster would gain more aura so that a physical enemy would gain less.

Another idea that I thought of while reading through this. Perhaps there could be a specific item, or an essence which one can merge with beasts, instead of merely merging beasts with only other beasts. In that way you could, by combining beasts and essence, create a dual element beast. And if you really didn't want to do much more work the element couldn't be conflicting with the beasts, and what would normally be a single element physical beast, becomes a magic beast. After the whole egg process getting back though. This would entirely remove the aspect of being balanced in the growth charts however, and massively lower the scale. However a dual element beast may also have growth charts. This is a lot of if you think about it, because it adds 8 growth trees per the beast type system. So one would have to make this compatible somehow.

Again, some clarification on what exactly the aura system is would be pretty helpful. To me at least.
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